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  1. I see a lot of flaws in ALML, especially in the writing. But i see much more beautiful things to look for. The leads are perfect for their roles. Myung Soo is not the best actor, but he did a great job as Kim Dan and i can't think of other actor doing this. And honestly, for me, it was her best chemistry so far. Although i loved her cute chemistry with Sejong, with Myung Soo it feels really like magic, it is painfully beautiful, cute, deep and sexy at the same time. The story development has a lot of flaws, but the characters are really good and their development too... Overall, i loved this drama.
  2. my prediction was right for the first time.. LYS did the first act and Nina the second. I just hope my prediction of happy ending was right too.
  3. I thought Nina would do Giselle, but now I think both will do.. It is a 2 act.. The first one finishes with her death, Yeon Seoo will do the first part and then will run to save Dan. Just like Giselle's death was made to save her love. And then Nina would do the second part. I think maybe YS will save Dan and die and return as an angel.
  4. woahh.. the two songs i've been waiting the most! ... they want me to cry out the whole week while waiting for the finale
  5. that stare at his lips... these 2 deserves a make out session asap.. too much restrained desire is bad for health
  6. they are probably running against clock to finish recording. SHS's manager posted on her IG her alarm set at 2:50 am
  7. So beautiful *-* The cinematography is amazing. Can´t wait for the Awards Cerimony.. I hope they snatch a lot of prizes..
  8. It would be beautiful...If they are not done filming we can give this idea to the director
  9. well, the sexual tension between those two is already pretty clear just by the way they look at each other. I hope no one have noticed but us He would be really embarassed because of this. If SHS noticed she would too..
  10. I love Yeon Seo too. It is one of the few female leads that never disappointed me with her actions. I totally love how she can be so cold and scary on the outside and then so soft and sweet with Dan and is not afraid of showing this side to him only. She is bold and unpredictable. Such a tsundere. I love the way she handled JKW all the times he tried to make a move. She was never shaken or allowed him to cross her line. I love the way she treated her evil family, with such class and elegance. One of my favorites characters of all time. And she blends so well with Dani they are the sweetest couple. If the emotional burden of the show wasn't so heavy they could even dethrone the cuteness overload of MinMin and BongBong (SWDBS)
  11. I'm not satisfied with these kisses the angle was so poor so far, i can't make a fair judgement. To be honest, seems like MS did all the job. I know HS can do a good job and with mouth open next time, please. However, the pic is very pleasent. If they don't release the BTS maybe they are trying to protect MS's image for being too much happy. BTW the car kiss was so much better. The whole scene seemed like was not scripted for me... The way YS avoided KD eyes looked like what HS always do. and the kisses... so sweet. For the next one, i hope YS will be the one making the move. It would be nice if happened on the bed, too. Thats it, my wish for next week. Very simple
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