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  1. Wohoo so many interesting discussions going on here. Really appreciate it. I do agree that GH is unintentionally impersonating VP. These are moments I remember (Already deeply analysed by uri fellow eonnie @ktcjdrama): 1. 1st time: GH actually wasn't planning to do it. Once she met DMI, DMI DIRECTLY greeted her as VP. GH also saw the food she really wanted to taste, so she just went with it. The next morning, she planned to admit it but perhaps she wasn't ready yet, so she didn't do it. (Look! Even from the beginning she already planned to admit it.) ------ GH unintentionally took advantage for the food and how to be treated as a lady. 2. 2nd time: DMI asked to meet for returning the umbrella. He also made GH to stay for a while although GH really felt uneasy. In this point, real VP already knew the condition and she asked GH to keep impersonating her ------- GH didn't take any advantages, she just followed what DMI asked that made her stay. 3. 3rd time: Real VP and GH discussed how to end the ties with DMI by saying that VP had got another man. GH went to DMI to cut ties with him but DMI asked her to stay for the last 12 hours. GH wasn't prepared for this so she decided to go for it, thinking that it would be the last. Also, as she had started to like DMI, she wanted to feel how to have a proper date, at least for 12 hours. --------- GH didn't expect it. She unintentionally took advantage for being DMI's girlfriend for 12hours as she also started to like DMI. 4. 4th time: Real VP made a deal with GH for impersonating her for 1 month. She taught GH how to impersonate her correctly. They dressed like twins and VP-GH didn't meet DMI yet. 5. 5th time: DMI suddenly came to the cinema, wanting to meet VP. VP then hurriedly asked GH to impersonate her as she disguised as a secretary. Here, DMI was feeling uneasy and made many excuses to leave as DMI started to figure out whom he liked. GH couldn't admit it yet because of the deal with VP. 6. 6th time: DMI asked VP to meet in the concert hall and to ask her for dating. VP-GH already came but she really felt guilty and couldn't take it anymore. So, in the end she didn't meet DMI but VP instead. The car accident happened. 7. 7th time: They met in the merry-go-round. GH had prepared everything (The note, calling DMI as Director Do, keeping the hand cast) to admit while DMI already figured out everything. GH couldn't do anything other than saying sorry. From those seven times dressed as VP, only in no. 1 and 3 did she take the advantages. It was also unintentional. That's why I don't really agree to put all the blame to GH, even to call her as the bad girl. DMI can also be blamed; there are some moments in which he gave high hopes to GH only to put her down. 1. He grabbed GH's face. GH was so happy to be called pretty although she had no parents, no money, no buildings. But then DMI said that he thought it was VP's. Imagine if we were GH. 2. The fish tank scene. He already leant for kissing GH and GH was ready. But then he broke it! He opened his eyes, pushed GH and didn't say sorry. Once again, imagine if we were GH. 3. In the cinema,(after they already promised not to see each other again) VP-GH asked DMI whether he, perhaps, had liked another woman. But then DMI said that he didn't (He lied! He actually liked GH, too, but he didn't say so!). And then VP-GH ensured again and he said that he didn't like another woman. VP-GH looked very sad. 4. He never told GH the moments he could see people's faces. He also hadn't told GH that he could also see faces when he was with her/the woman he loved, aside from the high blood pressure. Additionally, it is not only DMI who faced problems (love problem, friendship, and the company). GH also did (love problem, Sec. Lee seemed to have an agenda for her, his sister lied to her about the university.) That being said, each of them is flawed and suffered from some problems. They are quite even. Therefore, to say that GH is the bad girl (without considering DMI's side) is a bit harsh and unfair, in my opinion.
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