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  1. omg I just heard this song for the first time and immediately thought of Dan and Yeonseo. It makes me think of how Yeonseo feels towards Dan haha I so wish that I could make a FMV of them using this song but I don’t know how to ;-;
  2. I ship Myungsoo and Hyesun so incredibly hard. I obviously wish they’d date but the problem is I don’t know if Myungsoo has gotten past the trauma he went through back in 2013 for dating someone. It was absolutely terrible what so called “fans” put him through. The girl he dated wasn’t exactly a celebrity either and exposed their relationship on Twitter from what I read. To me it seemed like she was using him for fame and attention which sucks. I wasn’t a fan of him at the time since I wasn’t into Kpop or KDramas but the things I’ve read about the entire situation and the way people who claimed to be his fans treated him makes me so angry and upset. I really hope fans have grown up since then and would support him if he wanted to date. He hasn’t dated since then. He’s a human being first and foremost and deserves to give and receive that special type of love to someone. He’s such a genuinely good guy. I really hope he eventually ends up with someone who doesn’t use him for fame or whatever. Obviously Hyesun wouldn’t since she’s a celebrity as well and understands the life of a celebrity. He was very guarded after that incident but has been seeming to get more and more comfortable around females again. He seems EXTREMELY comfortable around Hyesun which makes me so happy. Here’s a video of Myungsoo crying about the situation since I’m sure Hyesun fans don’t know about it. It honestly makes me sick that they used his trauma for money by filming it for Infinite’s movie GROW. Then they had him watch it and do commentary for it which was cruel to do. So terrible and wrong...
  3. @jakey09 He often chats with fans by text or voice only livestreams through the Infinite channel on the V Live app. He’s so beautiful though that I wish he’d do livestreams where we could see him but that doesn’t really happen lol maybe he’s shy or something haha he’s known to be shy after all. Anyways he’s such a sweetheart and tries communicating with fans as much as he can. Even if he’s busy or tired. I love him so much.
  4. Lol yeah I just wanted to show that Myungsoo can definitely give a deeper kiss than Dan and Yeonseo’s first kiss. I know they will definitely have another kiss. Hopefully more than just one more and hopefully more steamy hehe There was open mouth kissing in the bts but I guess the director didn’t want that for their first kiss unfortunately. I hope the director allows it eventually...
  5. I’ve been reading this forum but wanted to post a video of Myungsoo kissing in the Drama ‘I Want To Protect You One More Time’. It’s a mini Drama on Netflix so a lot of people might not know about it but he did kiss quite a bit in that Drama haha! There’s a couple open mouth kisses as well. I really hope Dan and Yeonseo will eventually have a more steamy kiss because Myungsoo can definitely do it lol https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JNRTX8OKP7k&list=PLrRM9RVYq8_cCy5jcRgEqJ675o6fpYUvl&index=7&t=0s
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