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  1. I have same sentiments about the short episodes (18 only divided into S1, 2, 3) when they have such strong and complex plot developments with so many characters who were not granted sufficient screen time to execute their roles. Previous period dramas had hit 50 and above, i.e. Empress Ki, Jewel in the Palace. GoT had 8 seasons which showed adequate exposure of the various characters. Understand from the presscon that the script writers can expand the plot to more seasons but think it is dependent on the reception, which must had disappointed them and Director KWS. Believe the initial backlash about the drama has dissipated as more knetz commented favorably. Think more international viewers supported via Netflix so I certainly hope Netflix will commission more seasons, even if TvN is reluctant.
  2. Think S2 will end with a big cliffhanger reunion of ES, TY & SY...then a torturous 2 months wait for S3 for the battle and how these 3 will revolutionize Arth.
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