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  1. Thank you so very much indeed, @nianderson and @ptp321! I'm still hyperventilating. Wassail, everybody!
  2. Thank you so much. I just needed some affirmation and perspective. I'm really glad to be proven wrong. It really might've been my own exhausted filter because even my sister who's a consummate JCW stalker told me that if he's going to be with anybody, it's going to be her.
  3. Hullo, everybody! I'm new aboard the ship having only watched SP (and all of the drama's subsequent BTS via SBS Catch) a couple of weeks ago due to the badgering of my big sister who's a huge JCW fan. Through her I also got access to the (unfortunately) less steamy, but still highly enlightening 14 disc dcut. I basically fell in love with their acting, and off screen chemistry having now caught up on most of their respective works with this being their best. With the above in mind, I recently came across the series' VLive https://vimeo.com/224242301/comments after digging around for it obsessively. I've watched clips of it, and wanted to see the whole thing for myself, and I'm sorry to say that it has left me a bit confused and heartbroken. I hope it's just my tired eyes. I kinda need to have my faith in the ship restored because from what I can see with my non-existent proficiency in Korean: NJH (who's basically Katharine Hepburn reincarnate) was being sidelined: When she volunteered that she thought her eyes were her best features, nobody applauded whilst they did so when Nara answered, and JCW barely looked at her. Articulate NJH held that vlive together and I didn't get appreciative vibes from JCW; instead, his eyes were roving to the person sitting on his left. I've always credited him with more intelligence that the average actor, but him fawning over the wrong girl is disappointing. I'm basically here for emotional support and maybe a different POV from the Vlive. Thank you so much for the forum.
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