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  1. @refuse2sink dont worry. If she cant change back, ill tell her to make a new one. 740
  2. Hi again What happened to sohib? @triplem can she change her username back now? She sad bout it and wanna delete acc 688
  3. @refuse2sink oh hi. Just drop here cos sohib summoned me. Not much active anymore. I'll sneak again later. 764
  4. Hi again @sohib get back here. Cant spam cos RL. @triplem why the password have to be so long? This old ajumma hard to remember them all. Take my leave now, Oh, the new reactions... Should be -2 then 516
  5. @nohamahamoud2002 u celebrate Eid? Ramadhan Mubarok and Eid Mubarok.
  6. Though the numbers keep adding, the time of life is subtracting.
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