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  1. Hello, I have been watching the last scene between MR and TJ and wondering if they are using formal or casual speech. If formal, did TJ switch to casual when he was chiding MR for wearing high heels? Hoping someone can shed some light. Thanks!
  2. The break-up scene: it should have been heart wrenching, as MR is devastated after suffering a double-whammy betrayal – having lost both her boyfriend and her job. I watched the scene a few times, and feel that the words “your attitude, confidence, guts as a newbie…” are very much on point and well delivered by MR. I hear the words but do not feel the emotions from TJ, who is quite wooden in this emotional scene. I could not feel that MR is the great love of his life, not like before. Which is a pity, because I felt the actor did such a good job during the courtship days. In fact, in this emotionally-charged episode, TJ seemed a bit lost in all the scenes he appeared in. It will be very interesting to see how his character matures into a man who can use action to take care of his sunbae. If MR is back as the Marketing GM, she will be working under TJ. This would be very hard to take for someone like her. TJ must really man up.
  3. I am looking forward to this drama every weekend mainly because of the MR and TJ story. Their relationship has been progressing nicely so far, but even though they have kind of agreed to keep a secret each, it is hard to build trust in a relationship if you keep secrets like that. We did not hear TJ's response when IS asked him how far was he going to take the relationship with MR. The next moment, we saw him proposing. It could show that he did not want his status as the heir to affect her answer and want to cement their relationship before revealing the truth. But he cannot take too long to tell MR the truth before he totally loses her trust.
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