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  1. It's so nice to come back here and read all of your interesting discussions. Hope we will hear good news from our lovely KJW and PMY. More than 1 month after HPL, the only three movie/dramas I've watched are The guest, Chernobyl and Pet sematary :D. No interest in taking a new romantic one , I'm still trapped in HPL
  2. His thumb is thick and slightly curves as all the guitarist (right hand), and all the fingertips of the left hand tend to be a little flat.That's what I noticed while watching HPL because I myself play the guitar also. The fingers of the guy on the concerned photo are much thinner and certainly never played the guitar.
  3. I really appreciate the immediate, direct and strong reaction of KJW and his agency in this case. It's good for everyone and leave no room for petty malice. It's also the way that Ryan leads his life - very straight-foward and no unnecessary dramas . To some bashers: Stop bitching about others just because your life sucks:
  4. Obviously their IG were not posted accidentally. We can say "coincidences" if it happens a couple of times during 1 year (as before HPL). But when it happened 6 times in less than 1month (KJW has posted 8 times since 1st June), there is no coincidences . Or else we would reluctantly say that from 1st to 26th june 2019, most of their ig updates were "coincidentally" posted on the same day. PMY is not a freshman in Kbiz. If she had wanted to avoid annoying rumors, she wouldn't have posted her IG updates on the same day with KJW after the second coincidence which triggered the shippers' world. So, possible abilities : - they must be trolling shippers because they have nothing to do. - they are trying to send a message to fans and inviting us to their ship. Whatever happens, let them enjoy their game because they seem to be very excited with it. I'm really happy to see what is going on between our Labit couple.
  5. 5 star vote from me too. I watched the series 2 weeks ago and it took 5 hours to finish. I was completely captured by the problematic and the way it was made. Depending on what genre you prefer, if you love movies on history/catastrophe/real events... it's a must-watch.
  6. Well I know fans love him and worry for his health and it's all kind. However he's old enough to know about danger of smoking. If he chose to continue, we should keep that worry for ourselves. His choice, his responsibility. I saw on his IG, the first comment on it, well ok, but until the 10th person who left the complaint on his smoking habit, I was kind of disturbed (even though I don't like smokers) so let's think about his feelings. If fans love KJW because he's KJW and not Mr Flawless, so let him have his right to be imperfect. When he feels it's time to change (or better someone important that makes him change the habit) he will do it.
  7. I know I sound ridiculously childish to count that 7/14 comments of soompi's article are compliments on KJW and the rest for LMH+GY . I'm so pleased that finally KJW gained more attention both domestically and internationally. He may be neglectful of fame but as his admirer I wish he has the repu he deserves.
  8. Ok so KJW "lent" that habit to Ryan. The effect is the same, it makes DM and us faint
  9. I remember that DM said Ryan is cute thanks to that "eye-blinking" . So now KJW wants to "steal' that Ryan's eye-blinking thing ? It doesn't help us to move on at all.
  10. Hello, I've found this in a group and people said it's the paper version of PMY's interview with MC. Could some kind soul translate it for us please?
  11. So she went to LA to let go DM and come back to reality - in GOLD, with golden aura around. More than happy to see her updated status I remember the only time she mentionned someone as Lion in real life is on our saja's birthday status: Happy birthday Ryan + a Lion emoji. We are no longer in Spring but love scents the summer's fresh air.
  12. Maybe his new IG's photo refers to Dumbo the elephant, because Daum looks funny with stretching ears as if he's going to fly like Dumbo? Just a guess from someone who loves children cartoons
  13. Seeing all the snippets posted by @jaemin kimpark , I think KJW is worth our stupidity to require for the birth of human cloning. I guess even if he had full of poisson on his lips (especially in MTG's video), I would steal a kiss from him without hesitation. No surprise when PMY asked "Leon where are you" for one more kiss :D. It is no doubt in my mind that he is my N°1 favorite actor in Asia. Hope he'll be happy in love, no matter with PMY or Lee El or anyone. I just love to see he lives his life to the fullest and see him again and again on screen.
  14. Let's say that even the three reluctant audience who witnessed that spectacle were also suffering from Asphyxia. That's why Cindy offered sugar bars to 2 others to balance their blood-pressure
  15. So I choose to believe in "emotional and physical stimuli." . I saw his red ears in the scene he cried after telling Lee Sol he was HYJ and he was totally in his character's emotion. He was very touched and also make audience to be moved to tear. So, yes, I guess "Emotion" is the key to solve the "red skin" problem. Your answer is just perfect for my delulu mind
  16. Do you guys remember RY's and DM's expression when SJ showed them these couple's "concepts". Both of them looked like " Ew, No way. Who wants to imitate those cheesy couples?". And then when it was their turn, they violated the single hearts in Cheum. Those poor people got sore eyes almost everyday
  17. Yes the word is "cruel", and that's why I said for 1 second he lost his mind :). Even a man over 30 can be mad in 1 second in his situation, I guess so. For me, I would question why DM came into his house when she is not his real girlfriend. We audience know that Ryan started to have feelings toward her but not DM. All she knew is that they are just fake-dating. She has to say sorry to him in this case and she did it. She might have wanted to save his paintings but a stranger is still a stranger. She cannot stand in the middle of his private place - it's more than his bedroom. That room has the proof of his weakness, his disability to draw again and also his tangled mind because he himself didn't know why he lost his talent after looking at a mysterious painting) and expect him to say thank you without being surprised. Here he was not surprised, he was terrified because his closed world is intruded. I don't know if it makes sense or not but I can understand that a child who didn't know why mom refused him and always felt lonely in his world as Ryan cannot accept someone to walk into his world without permission. We can see he told DM little by little about his life when they were already in love, and not everything at the same time. DM needed to win his heart, make him feel comfortable and then trust her with all his heart... It's how a real relationship develops.One cannot give his heart to someone after 1 night, especially a child who didn't have the feeling of security during the childhood.
  18. I think that Ryan always tried to hide his fragile child who was abandonned behind the image of a mature, arrogant and successful man. His nature was not arrogant (according to his attitude to children, old people and LGTB ) but he believed when he acted as an arrogant, people wouldn't see his weakness. only when people get closer to him (as Cheum's staff did from the middle of the show), they could see his kind-hearted side... Nobody, even his few friends as the doctor and Da In knew st about his private life and DM at that moment is just a colleague that he was protecting (feelings for her is just at the starting point). The fake-date at first was to cover DM's homosexual relationship in case Sian's fans stalked her (in his mind) His secret is also his biggest trauma, to the point that caused his greatest loss of a talented artist: ability to paint. To a man who believed since his childhood that people only see his value in paintings, this ability is his pride and his identity. Nobody knew why he stopped drawing (except the doctor) and he told DM about it only when they are stabble in relationship later on. Imagine he rushed home to save his paintings from the water leak, and saw DM standing in the middle of his sacred secret that he never shared to anyone. We don't have to forget that he's American too, for them respecting one's privacy is very important and people must be allowed to enter someone's secret corner... I guess in one second he lost his mind and shouted at DM cruelly. I'm not sure that he got mad at her. For me it's more like he was shocked that his traumatic world was discovered when he was not ready to unveil it. That's why when it was over, he explain to DM that "I shouldn't have got angry at you. Just because I was lost for a moment" (it's translated like that in my language. Not sure in the english version it was the same). IMO, I think his reaction is totally reasonable, given that he was not a smooth-tongue guy right from the beginning.
  19. So can some expert tell us why he was red each time he had skinship with PMY? Shy or what?
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