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  1. Haha I am too not sure if what HB found was a 4 leaf clover. More like a little branch of plant with 4 leaves. But the innocent way he believed it was a 4-leaf clover was so cute I wouldn't mind believing the same
  2. Very insightful. Never have I been more grateful about them keeping their relationship private than this. If they hadn't thought thoroughly we would have never had a wonderful phenomenon named CLOY with HB and SYJ as leads.
  3. Could anyone explain to me what SNS is? I’ve seen it several times in the thread but not sure what it really means. If it means “social network system “, do you know which app SYJ referred to? Tiktok? Ig? Twitter? As I person living outside South Korea I wonder which app SYH and HB probably used to see her votes at the end of the day. Thank you.
  4. Mr. KTP, I know that you won't let the awards define your passion in acting, but if you ever feel sad, even in the slightest, about the outcomes of Baeksang this year, please remember that a king made by his fellow citizens is the true leader of the people!
  5. Although voting for the duo, this was exactly my thought and I’m not surprised many people felt the same. I felt like the awards were intentionally spreaded out to all dramas so that each of them can be recognised for something, as if overall this is to praise the efforts of all dramas in bringing joy/ relaxation to the public in these hard times. Even the atmosphere of the ceremony was pretty serious like some of you mentioned. While voting for HB/SYJ, I thought “the committee better comes up with their choices already and not let this popularity vote affects their decisions.” But we don’t know what happened behind the scene. Also when I watched the results coming out I felt this is so similar to Trump-Hillary Clinton presidential election, in the way that the general public is totally surprised with the outcomes of the awards. Any fans from the US can relate to this? Just like many of you my heart is slightly broken by the outcomes. However on the silver lining I know this will be one of the motivations for HB and SYJ, as humbled actors they are, to participate in more thrilling projects and fine tune their acting skills even more to bring us many wonderful dramas/ movies. I also find solace in the interactions between HB and SYJ. The hesitance (as opposed to the big hugs between Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Jun) showed me that they have something more than a colleague relationship, and the occasional glances of sharing comfort showed me they have been always in touch and are together “for better or worse”. I’m glad I get to witness these moments. As a fan of HB since 2005 and SyJ since the Classics, I’m also rooting for a HE for them. Let’s not forget that a king/queen made by his/her fellow citizens is truly the leader of the people.
  6. I have a question, someone who has watched all the episodes and paid very well attention please help me: when LG entered Republic of Korea world they couldn't find his identity. When JTE entered Kingdom of Corea world she gave her fingerprint but of course they couldn't identify her existence. However, when the elder doctor presented the real death certificate of Prince Emperor Geum, he said 'even the fingerprint of the body (that was handicapped) matched Lee Lim's.'. How is this possible if this was a person from the parallel world? Please excuse my English. And thank you to anyone who could explain me this.
  7. I have binge- watched the drama in one day up to today's episode, #12. Just want to point out as a person who experienced a situation 80% similar to this drama as THE CHILD, I have to applaud the writernim for her character development and attention to details. No matter how annoying Joon Young seems right now, he needs to go through all this phases of feelings and thoughts in order to heal and balance, just like his parents. I can't recall which episode, but I could relate to the part when the psychiatrist advised SW to let the boy stay/visit his dad and said that Joon Young needed this to heal himself. On a personal note, it was a five-year period of struggle and unstable mentality after my parent's divorce for me. Not until I decided to meet my dad again (and yes he was the one who left) the first time after the long period of not communicating that I didn't cry out of nowhere anymore and started thinking less about my parents' situation and also focused on moving on. I could also relate to the part when JY started becoming cold to his mother. I'm sure it was an internal war for him because he knows his father is the one to blame and therefore he should side with his mother, but in the childhood experience he got along with his father more so he was always torn between them. He needs time to sort out his own feelings. I'm glad SW gives him this time, even though she is very sad now that she seems to lose the entire purpose of her life. As for the adult scene at the end of episode 12, I find it totally realistic. It portrays the human's feeling so well that our lives are twisted and we cannot easily let go of what we have invested so much time, effort and love in. This could be easily the way SW try to avenge her bastard of a husband and the other girl, but she is pretty vulnerable in that scene when her ex seems to speak her true feelings. From the beginning I was under an impression that SW is not the type of a calculated woman. I don't really think this scenario is something she plans. If anything, the husband is actually the one who wants her more than she does with him. Instead of loving or hating too much the characters, I enjoy the series because of its real portrayal of human. That none of us is entirely black or white. And as a female viewer (and of course there could be bias) I love how the writernim has blatantly pointed out the biological nature of human -that women want love and loyalty, whereas men want conquering and adventure. Overall I'm happy with the trajectory of Korean dramas right now. There's a period of time when I stopped watching Kdrama because of the repeating tropes and cliches, but now with Goblin, Sky Castle, CLOY, The world of the married, I'm content. I'm so glad we have more realistic dramas to watch.
  8. Just wanna shout out that this is a very very well articulated post. I agree wholeheartedly to everything you said.
  9. Hello all, could someone explain to me if the writer or the director found and suggested HB first for the role Captain Ri in CLOY? I was under the impression that the writer saved this script for HB, but I could be wrong. In K-ent, who has the right to pick the actors/actresses?
  10. Hello all, could someone explain to me if the writer or the director found and suggested HB first for the role Captain Ri in CLOY? I was under the impression that the writer saved this script for HB, but I could be wrong. In K-ent, who has the right to pick the actors/actresses? Thank you. I believe in art, there is nothing more precious that finding a person who is the right match for you; someone who is just as passionate as you, who understands and values artwork like you do and enhances your work by just being in it. Whether romantically involved or not, I think getting to know and acting with SYJ is one of HB's blessings in life and itself is a reason he treasures her immensely.
  11. Hello all, could someone explain to me if the writer or the director found and suggested HB first for the role Captain Ri in CLOY? I was under the impression that the writer saved this script for HB, but I could be wrong. In K-ent, who has the right to pick the actors/actresses? Thank you.
  12. I've been thinking about HB's career. In an interview years ago he said he was in episode 6 if his life was a 16-episode drama. After CLOY I would think that he is currently in episode 8 right now where the FL and ML are clearly in love and just getting through the obstacles. The problem is, CLOY has set the bar so high not only for other dramas, but also for HB and SYJ themselves. Assuming HB and SYJ were already in a very good relationship since the Negotiation, due to it being private HB can easily act in MOA with PSH without being scrutinized. However, due to CLOY, I'm sure his chemistry with other female actors will be judged and compared a lot. The same will happen to SYJ. It will be a lot harder for them to star in another rom-com drama in a while. Now, let's assume they are in love for real and decide to announce to be a couple/wedding, that is almost like a stamp on themselves that they would never be able to act in another rom-com. Imagine, it would be weird to see Kim TH to act lovey-dovey in another man's arm now that she is married. Also, how did SHK's fan reaction when they saw the Encounter? Did they focus on the relationship between the leads, or they just create more rumors about her work life and her private life and the two men? I love HB and SYJ so much and I understand this is the biggest sacrifice for them to not announce their relationship if it is real because of their careers. They want to act more before they are gradually overwhelmed by other younger actors. So, whether or not HB and SYJ announce their relationship, I still sincerely support them and hope that they plan everything out for the best of their lives. My selfish viewer in me still wishes to see more of HB's drama so I hope he figures out a way to balance both his personal life and his career. Sorry for my broken English, I'm sure these thoughts have been expressed before! Just wanna say my own thoughts. Happy shipping!
  13. I think he didn't remember her. Putting it another way, he must have liked her twice. He thought she was totally his type during their very brief encounter in Switzerland. Maybe not to that extent as he nicely put it to Seri, but he definitely smiled and found her very fascinating. On a side notes, some people change overtime. Some dont change much. I used to like a song very much when I was young and had no means to search for its name back then. 10 years later, I happened to listen to that song again and immediately love it and this time searching for tittle, lyrics, etc. Then memories came back and I realize it's the song I've been loving all along even just listened once. My face was purely happy just like RJH when he realized he had met her before. Just a side note, of course Feel like my personalities resemble this character somehow.
  14. I still chuckle to myself when I think about CLOY. When I heard Hyun Bin was casted as a soldier, I expected some solid actions from the soldier involving fights, battles etc. Instead I got a solder who cooks, makes coffee, goes grocery shopping, buys bra and aroma candles, plays online games, jealous and pouty to both girlfriend and parents. Oh what did I get myself into? And a month later I still can't get over CLOY.
  15. Same...I tried so hard to watch her works but had to drag myself to finish them...unlike some other dramas where you just wanna click "next episode" and dare not go to the bathroom while watching I can't fathom why I am among the minority who can't enjoy Kim Eunsuk' writings so I read a lot about her writing inspiration. Surprisingly, Kim Eunsuk wrote a drama called "City Hall". It was actually my favorite so I had to dig in why this drama is so unlike the rest of her popular dramas. Turn out City Hall is her baby, something she really put her feelings in as she wrote it, but it wasn't well received by the general public. She then decided that she would stop putting her real feelings in her characters/dramas and only write what the public want to seee...hence came the births of Lovers In Paris, Secret Garden, DOTS, Goblin. It's been weeks...I still miss our Riri couple. I visit this page when I have the chance....so glad to see it's still going strong. Everyone please keep yourself healthy during this crisis time.