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  1. bless whoever casted KJW as Ryan Gold. They brought Kdrama boyfriends to a new standard lol
  2. My private life is all about Ryan Gold now lol. P/S: who misses Ms. Latte like me?
  3. beautiful beautiful analysis. While watching the explanation of DM's mother's behavior, I was thinking this: had they made the father become angry and frustrated with the accident and the death of their son and (possible) hospitalization of their daughter, and thus yelled at the mother at the peak of his angst and forced her to kick the boy (Ryan) out, it would make more sense for her to drag him to the orphanage at the night. Also, it could explain the father with regret and resentment with their trauma became more quiet and started only to interest in rocks. IMO, that would make the storyline smoother. However, the father is so adorable, who could have the gut to make him into a villian? so, I still give kudos to writer-nim. the story was handled in the best way possible.
  4. @lighthearteddaebak those are also my most favorite scenes! I have never found Korean language like this beautiful until that moment when he said "annyeong" to her. I also love his gaze when she sang Cha Si An's song to his ears. Did you notice the music started playing "I will listen to whatever you have to say"? It's so so so beautiful. The hotness of the kiss at the carpenter shop is off the roof of course, it makes me breathless. I also love the portrait painting of Deok Mi in ep 15 as well, it's the most beautiful painting throughout the drama imo.
  5. Hi guys, I am so late to this topic. I just registered an account on Soompi because I love Ryan Gold so much. Feeling so happy to read you guys' discussions as the story unfolds. Thinking back, it has been a long beautiful journey and our beloved couple has evolved a lot. My most favorite heart warming scene must be when they stayed over the writer's house and he said "annyeong" while looking at her, and the second scene being in front of his flat when she sang for him and he dreamingly gazed at her, as the lyrics started to echo "I'll listen to everything you say..." They were so beautifully and poetically executed. Three more episodes....it's a bittersweet moment thinking it's coming to an end. I hope we will be granted with most beautiful scenes of our lovely couple and hopefully it's a happy ending to Ryan Gold, to have his old chapter closed and new one open to happiness. Happy fangirling!
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