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  1. Coming back here again after finally...recovered from HPL withdrawal syndrom. Have to admit that none of ongoing dramas can attract me as much as HPL did but I still want to watch another drama so I decided to watch Mr. Sunshine. It was a major shift of genre, HPL is a light drama, full of romance while Mr. Sunshine is a heavy historical drama, less romantic scenes. I keep imagining that KJW is a perfect fit for the character Go Dong Mae, not to mention his Japanese skills as the character is a Japanese samurai. After watching the drama, I think Mr. Sunshine is a well-written drama throughout all episodes. And once again the writer (Kim Eun Sook writer) never disappoint me with her works. I hope in the future they can collaborate together as she's a good writer with amazing works.
  2. This is just really out of topic considering that we're all in happy occasions: KJW going for dunhill runway and PMY's July issue is coming out soon. But I just want to bring it up anyway. I can't help to think how stress it must be for PMY that everytime she uploaded picture on IG people always tag and comment about her previous male lead. Trying hard to make connections and the worst, tagging the actor's IG acc. I noticed that since HPL, some fans of the previous drama are not tagging anymore (maybe because there are HPL fans who mentioned about this), but imagine how bad it must be for her to deal with fans delulu and assumptions.
  3. Omg a fanfic about our LaBit couple definitely a YES!! A mature and rated fanfic matches our Ryan Gold well, isn't it? lol Looking forward to it~
  4. Does anyone here know where to download episodes with both Korean and English subtitles? I watched HPL videos, raw episodes, understand a bit of Korean so I want to rewatch it again with Korean subs and learn more.
  5. So here we go....the moment of break up. Well, I don't expect them to be all cheery when finally found out about Deok Mi's mom involvement with Ryan in the past, but please just make the sad moments quickly pass by without any heavy dramas.
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