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  1. Did KJW and PMY sit next to each other during the wrap up party?
  2. Does anyone have links to the "Episode 0" videos with eng subs? I just saw them on tvn's YT account (like the one below)
  3. I am quite curious - hope you guys can help me out! I haven't really started backreading so I appreciate your answers: - Why is KJW and PMY called LaBit couple? Is it Lion+Rabbit? - In the episode where RG and EG did judo, did the actors really do all those flips? Haha quite interesting if they did :))
  4. Oohh really? Can you help translate what is written on the banner?
  5. Hi all! Silent lurker of soompi forums for a few years and have just decided to sign up and join the fun I am quite curious (sorry if this has been answered in the previous pages), but what is the deal with Deok Mi's mom and dad? Why does it seem like the mom is belittling dad? Enjoying all the gifs here!
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