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  1. Just watched eps 9 and 10 and caught up reading your posts. Like some of you, I watched the Japanese version of this drama. I will say that I am enjoying the Korean version. I don’t know if I am wishing for a “happy” ending. I think I’m wishing for an ending that makes sense for all the couples. Right now, I am having difficulty sympathizing with CSAs husband, DHYs ex-wife, NMY, and JEs husband. But I am feeling so sad for SAs girls. They are likely impacted the most, with perhaps life- long consequences for both. I hope that CSA and her husband find a co-parenting solution to minimize the effects of their bad choices. I say “their” - because they are both at fault. The husband and his pretending he’s a victim - yeah, no! What with the curator moving in their house, ick! I’m not sure if I would call what’s happening between JE and JW as “love” yet. I think what they have at the moment is empathy towards each other. They can understand each other, what each other is going through. Honesty and openness with each other moving forward are advantageous if they are to continue seeing each other. But how realistic would that be, if even now they are not honest and open with their current relationships? I’m excited to read here that there will likely be 16 episodes (?) !! Perhaps we can see CSAs husband getting together with DHYs ex-wife? They seem to have more chemistry..
  2. Just watched the subbed eps 7 and 8 and catching up on your posts. The pregnancy test stick fell to the ground as NMY tossed it to the floor. Is anyone else confused about what the results might be? I’m still suspecting that she’s already pregnant. By someone else. I don’t remember if there was a scene where she and YJW slept together (?) after she returned from abroad. I do not support a YJW-NMY reconciliation. I’m rooting for the writer to find any reason that these two separate forever. She doesn’t deserve him. And life is too short for him to continue living with a wife like that. I also cannot imagine a scenario where NMY changes into a better woman, a better wife. 12 episodes is too short for that miraculous change. Maybe 54 episodes (?) on another note: I love CSA’s youngest daughter! She is adorable.
  3. I, too, enjoyed this drama and was pleasantly surprised. I am glad to have found the first 8 episodes just a few weeks ago so I didn’t have to wait months to watch the last 8. I agree with you about CH. He reminded me of the saying - “good friends are like mirrors..Mirrors don’t lie..” CH was that friend to Tae-o, giving him clarity amidst his confusion.
  4. Re: NMY - I agree. I’m wondering if she’s already pregnant by someone else — which is why she is trying so hard to have a baby with JW (?) Just speculating here (and secretly hoping it’s true ). Besides their common interest in science, these two are just two pieces of a puzzle that don’t fit together. I like her the least of all the ladies. @triplem Thank you for the welcome!
  5. 2 posts on same page - my apologies, I’m not sure if this is allowed. I am not convinced (and I hope the writers do not try to convince the audience) that the marital problems between all couples can be solved by communication alone. Imo, there are irreparable cracks in their relationships long before the marriage. And it is very possible that each person went into the marriage thinking the other person will change once married. That rarely, if ever, happens. More often than not, the minor irritations before marriage become major irritations after marriage. The Japanese version had 11 episodes. It seems this version will have 12 (?). I’m hoping that the 12th episode makes all the difference. (No pressure on the writers whatsoever ).
  6. Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here. I am curious to know - has anyone here watched the Japanese version of this drama? I did (last few weeks) and let’s just say my reviews are mixed. I was really looking forward to watching this version. I am 5 episodes in and I am blown-away! Will go back to silent lurking to read your posts!
  7. @digi223 you have sharp eyes - the raised eyebrows observation was so subtle. Awesome. Very sneaky...
  8. Wow! That was a hot rain kiss! I underestimated this otp - that’s for sure. But I’m pretty sure after that kiss - they bumped fists and called it a day Question to KMS and SHS: How does one disengage from all of that?!?
  9. First time posting here but I am following the shipper thread (because I can’t not - these two are adorable together) I just want to comment on the One Spring Night discussion. I am watching both dramas: One Spring Night and ALM:L. I am enjoying each one for different reasons. Most viewers probably feel the same. HJM is a veteran actress and she’s had a long time to master her craft. She’s very good and the supporting cast for the show is excellent as well. It’s a drama that tackles serious social issues and does it very well. ALM:L is a totally different feel. The beautiful cinematography, the cutthroat competition in ballet, the actors (main leads and supporting casts) are sincerely doing an incredible job! Beyond the awesome chemistry between the leads, the suspense with what happens to the OTP, the questions presented about deity, life after death, human vs divine — I mean, these are challenging questions. I am intrigued about the writer(s)’ interpretations on the “what if” questions. It is done beautifully here, in my opinion. I love both dramas. Just my opinion.. thanks for reading.
  10. I think these 2 are lovely together. Thank you all for posting the interviews and bts videos!
  11. Silent lurker and not an official shipper of these 2 (because, for the love of all things good and rational, these two don’t need my help ) I just wanted to say that they are so cute together. Like their first dates in the bts videos - thank you to all of you who posted them - the one where she kissed him — that waist pull/ hand squeeze — that was enough to convince me to delurk and comment here. I’ve learned my lesson about shipping couples long ago. I do see this forum as an appreciation for them and their acting talents together. It’s like watching a real couple fall in love — ahh and it’s Spring! Tis the season!
  12. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on Soompi and had to sign up again having forgotten my login. I’ve been reading your posts and enjoying all the fun in this forum - the sharp eyes and detailed discussions. I learn so much - thank you. Delurking to say a couple of things: This is my first KJW drama and he had me at Annyeong in Episode 5 (by far my favorite episode and I’m caught up with all 10) - the heart- stopping tangled hair episode was genius. My hunch is that KJW is a fanboy of PMY in real life. They are adorable together in HPL. Ok - back to silent lurking.
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