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  1. kinda enjoy the other side of Esther..comical role..she's not smart..she has motherly senses that help her to came back from bad side..she is after all chingus to soo ho....from the start she did it because of her eagerness for having a family..she do it for her child sake.... NOAH will be victimise if so ho neglected Esther from the family....it was NJ who suggested to her to switch so ho and do kyung......coz namjon has his own agenda.....she now new Esther..that what she said to so ho when he warned her not to blab on sanha gaining her memories back...of course so ho will not 100% believing her..that why he traded the gallery with her loyalty....she will do anything for money..her child ..the character portray as it is from the start..... kinda cute, funny and entertaining .....sometimes faded her past wrong doing...!!! haha3... he i the one who investigate the embezzlement case from AURA audit team ..he interrogate so ho...he had only few scene.... i dont think he will die easily.. he will first lost his memory...he did forget that he had failed wedding reception with jemma.....i think NJ will have dementia....what goes round comes around..guess the title could be again change to "memories that lost".... maybe AURA bio could use NJ as pilot patient for their A-9 dementia product......
  2. looking at preview..really hope SH wont denying again and again the sign she got..why is she still wearing weeding dress..and that mentally ill NJ..her bride just fall into swimming pool and yet he still proceed with the wedding on the same day.. stop this stupidity...it is out of mind ...when SH still agreed to put on her wedding dress..i guess..she is denying it some how...curious about next episode...she run off wearing that dress...did she full recovered from her memory lost... can some one translate the last sentence from the 92 ep preview..i cannot get the last word..only heard..dega ..dega what???
  3. Nam joon is mentally ill..Did he think by formalising the marriage will legalise the fake marriage.?.he is marrying jemma anyway...on paper its Ha Young Sisters.....that woman is sanha..what was his thinking....He just wanted to show off to soo ho i think ..but why..he only cheating to himself everyone except sanha knows the truth.....so ho knows that women is his wife..his women...he will definitely claim back his wife once she got her memory back..and san ha will also ran to soo ho once she got he memory's...the marriage is fake as will always be fake..SO WHAT THE HELL THE WRITER TRYING TO DO?? This is just challenging our bright brain..i feel stupid coz still watching this just to know what happen to the story...its stupid...but writer succeed to grab our attention...... Exhausted how much more stupid can this story can be..... 13 more episode to go....to WRITER NIM..He should end NAM JOON TO BE IN MENTAL HOSPITAL,,or DIE,,if not all this clues he shows to us on how mentally ill he is is useless!!
  4. bit frustrated with sanha.. if compared with soo ho when he lost his memory, he still has affection towards her..he feels her..he attached to her as compared to sanha now ..she lost her memory, but she neglected her suspicion ...she push and slap mr poor soo ho... btw, i like counter punching from so hoo side...i hope he keeps on punching to the end.
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