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  1. There is no need to be so worked up. No need to interpret be as callous based on your own narrative. Of course no one here is bound to share their experience unless they want to. Not stingy-- means the peoples graciousness towards sharing their experiences about watching the dvd with us with an open heart. suspicious-- as like we are not alert 24/7 about who is lurking or who is a disguised ppc shipper (as we have been visited by non ppc shippers before) so those who are sharing the infos aren't keeping their guards up in this public forum & sharing their happy experiences with an open heart with all of us who are active or lurking.
  2. @Matilda_Anne @Flowerone96 a wordplay! What i meant was i'm thankful for the people who are sharing the dvd contents so graciously without being cautious as this is a public forum & we get visited by haters of ppc so you know it feels nice that we all don't care about who is lurking or when will have a hater visiting us anymore, cause we are way past those people & we are simply hyping about ppc altogether.yeah thats about it
  3. True. Only some people in this forum are kind enough, not stingy & suspicious in their sharing the infos so that we could hype about ppc together. Really gretaful towards those people. I'm personally not suprised as their facial expression & body language in the romantic scenes during the drama speaks volume about which scene they both personally enjoyed doing. For example for pmy the closet scene has to have an effect on both of them the way their personal emotions kicked in hence the scene turned out to be so natural which shocked both psj & pmy. Similarly if you notice psj the drunk miso scene given his smile & adoring eyes he gives to pmy it can be naturally said that he was more admiring her as psj rather than yg
  4. i think she is talking about this bts when psj falls on sofa when pmy blows air towards him & the editor puts love effect between them
  5. Quoting pics aren't allowed as per as soompi rules. Just quote the text or simply tag the persons username you want to talk to
  6. Umm you are saying you know which epi i am talking about or you are asking which epi is this? Anyway here is the epi https://kshow.to/shows/running-man/episode-295
  7. You are not wrong! Reminds me of the running man's apology episode where psj was invited & the team members had to shower him with love & seek his forgiveness for the wrong doing they once did with psj. when psj came as a running man guest for the 1st time he had to walk on the icing cold water for a task so in that apology epi the memebers felt really sorry for torturing psj like that & decided they would wipe his feet as an act of seeking his apology. As soon as psj socks were removed they all kept gushing how handsome his feet is, jae seok kept saying how come his feet is so fair!? Kwang su said he has beauty mole in between his toe lmao he even kissed psj's feet at one point & got scolded by psj & the members after wiping his feet & taking care of him they all took a pic with psj feet up in the air & jae seok suggested they should name the pic as " most handsome feet" oh and suk jin even said his socks aren't smelly at all, it has a floral scenet so it can be said psj's feet is pretty as well as clean
  8. I think the words he wanted to use is " not ashamed r not guilty" he isn't swayed by the rumors cause he wants to keep it self explanatory or he wants to make it clear for both pmy & the viewers that he isn't afraid of the impact his relationship status will have on his career without being upfront about it which normally doesn't happen with the celeb. They either directly deny the rumors or accept it without giving much details. His way of taking charge of a situation & peacefully handling it is also one of the reason i love him
  9. Oww well to me the first pic that i sent you where psj carried her was more awkward as idk he couldn't place her well in his arms. & this scene where he carried her was more in tuned cause he had a tight grip on her neck while kissing.
  10. But seriously we really a season 2 with lyj & miso married life like the webtoon version. Plus pmy is keen on doing more romantic things with psj as a onscreen married couple makes my heart so soft. She is absolutely comfortable with him & enjoyed her time during the drama. & "pmy keeps moving closer to psj" *heart eyes mode on* i'm a happy baby now
  11. 1. I used to think pdnim is a hardcore ppc shipper now his whole family! Eeeh no ones is rooting for ppc like them 2. Isn't he sweetest co star/bf or what!? 3. Weeee "kiss sound was so loud that i couldn't make the scene with no bgm" i appreciate your concern pdnim for our poor fragile heart! 4. Aghh i really wanna see the exact expression of them after the director said cut like how flustered were they? & aren't they soulmate or what? she didn't even had to ask & he already went "of course i'm already gonna do that" Great minds thinks alike you know Thanks @twoparkcouple we highly appreciate your efforts in this forum. Do well in your personal life & share the infos with us in free time so that we all could hype it altogether
  12. lol 1. i had a hunch that his "mind your head" must have been an ad lib cause it was said so cautiously out of genuine concern 2. i remember once crying over here that in the original webtoon lyj kisses miso's belly & i was salty about pdnim not following the webtoon version & if he couldn't for ( legitimate reason) atleast a neck kiss would have been suffice for audience.lmao who would have thought my ranting will turn out to be true 3. OUR CAPTAIN I REPEAT OUR CAPTION AGREES THEIR HEIGHT DIFFERENCE IS IDEAL.SAY NO MORE 4. aww look at him hinting his admiration as well in the most subtle way in the pretence of "all men feell the same" lol psj is a whipped man! thanks again @twoparkcouple you are a gem on this forum. we are all extremely lucky to have you on board. thank you for being kind enough to share the tidbits with us from your precious time. ♡♡
  13. the reason why the scene turned out to be so cute & everyones fav momemt is because to an extrent pmy must be like that when she is drunk so she was able to visualize the moment in her head well & act accordingly. she nailed that scene. not to mention psj lips are damn attractive & to recieve a neck kiss in that intimate atmosphere is like every girls dream. pmy is one lucky women. i think she meant he nuzzled his nose towards her blouse before giving her a neck kiss :/
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