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  1. You have to understand that they both are renowned celebs & they can't jeopardize their whole career because of their possible private life! & when you are person who belongs to the media there are aspects which you need to consider before opening up about your private life publicly cause it will leave a positive/negative impact on yourself as well as your partner. who wants to go through such hassle, being questioned about something which is nobody's business!? other than that since they both come from the same background i don't think their work schedule will ever create any hindrance between them since they both are very dedicated to their job. & you never know what goes behind close doors. if there is indeed something between them & if it's serious too then i'm sure they will eventually work out & build a sollid future
  2. you know he flutters every lady's heart is not only because of his good looks. it's the warm aura about him, the way he talks to the ladies, the respect he has for them,the way he is considerate to them, the way he puts their comfortness first! pmy must be one lucky women! idk what sweet things he did for her off screen but she told in interviews that -- "psj's left side of the face looks good on camera so does for pmy yet he still let pmy to be on the left side so that her visuals could stand out more" then in another interview she said "during hot days psj would let pmy do her shooting first & wait for her to finish" then we got to see him ocassionally shielding her from sunlight in the bts! ahggh this little gestures proves what kind of man he was raised to be as & how much considerate he is about pmy's comfortness!
  3. aah my heart breaks for those who hates psj or pmy! imagine living such a sad life couldn't be me
  4. wasn't it the other way though? psj's neck must have been stiff that day from looking at pmy even when she wasn't talking ooh i feel sorry for taehwan as well. he is the maknae between them & then he unintentionally becomes a third wheel both on & off screen tag me along if your about to hurt pd nim so we both can beat hin up
  5. just a bonus but he was really good with speaking spanish with the locals in yoon's kitchen with little bit of tutoring & little bit of study on the plane. a really hard working guy when it comes to learning a new language
  6. i think pmy pronunciation is much better than psj! psj is good himself too but he just needs to be more confident. his voice gets a little heavy when he speaks english & i absolutely love it. i think it's cause of his busy schedule but if he gets into it he will be fluent in english in no time.
  7. for some reason i find it really cute that she managed to caught his attention when she wasn't at the peak of her career or beauty ( as in kim miso like beautiful). i also heard she was amongst the supporting character in high kick yet she caught psj's attention & left a good impression on him. so it can be said that he unconciously developed a silly crush on her now i can't help but imagine what was his reaction when he meet her for the first time & how did things went on from there also the way she got embarassed when psj mentioned that he watched high kick isn't that the way we are in front of our crush? always making sure that they don't find any embarassing things about us
  8. whats so crazy about it! haven't we all downloaded all the epi as soon as we finished watching the drama? if you have don't have enough stroage you can always save bits & clips on ig or in your phone
  9. no i think that was said by suk jin, he said his socks smell like black locust flower! jae suk said seojoon's feet looks the preetiest
  10. woah! it has to be true cause he has such good energy around him. like everything seems good about him so i'm sure he smells good too!
  11. lmao i actually wanted to write some other word don't know why my keyboard auto corrects it to richard simmons but i get your point
  12. now i hope its not true but if it smells like richard simmons that fluttering is gonna turn into disgust is thete any link of it?
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