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  1. The subtle silences of Jong kook oppa when somin was teased with sechan in the bus with a modest smile was so telling interms of his un-willingness to go along with the teasing even if it’s for the show. Him saying ‘I am relieved’ when somin said ‘all bachelors and not just sechan is adored by her mum including Jong kook (him being the fav) lol’ made me root for them all the more. And as always, he keeps on saying something positive about somin here and there. An eg. being when she challenged to mimic doing the cute song, he is like: somin is good at such things. And her wink as one of the answer to the supposed questions was too cute! The staff were a bit harsh on her but I get it that her character is meant to be that way on the show. Also, in the intro, whilst jaesok oppa says that somin met up with Sooran band herself and completed the lyrics, the only other member who had knowledge on this seems to be Jong kook oppa who then said, she did go to see youngbae (sooran band’s vocalist) by herself. ;) To sum up, kookmin’s interactions now appears more under the cover and if we are right in our gut feelings, something or more off screen and in real life is brewing between the two. Fighting kookmin!!!!
  2. Saw it. And can't contain the joy!! Very much looking forward to the whole ep..
  3. A 100% agreed!!! Every word said. Any emotion/words spent on those will be a complete waste of time!!
  4. 'What are you upto now? Ok I will call u later' she says and then he proceeds to answer: 'Ok yeah later I will'...I had the biggest grin during the scene!!! Poor Jongmin lol....But, the fact that oppa thought of somin out of nowhere when they were having a conversation about future wife and stuff is pretty cute! Had me smiling all day due to that scene...
  5. https://www.soompi.com/article/1334181wpp/kim-jong-min-accuses-kim-jong-kook-of-romance-with-jun-so-min-after-failed-set-up-attempt
  6. In the introduction segment's clip of the upcoming episode, after somin was given the choice of saeho or jongmin, she said, 'I like someone who can sing well'. I mean, can it be more obvious? Hello jongkook oppa? Either they are playing with words here with something known between these two.. or even if we assume that there is nothing between the two, i think if oppa doesnt initiate now and keeps on pushing her to date other people(even if not serious) then god knows! Cause from what i can see, somin through her words normally comes very honest about her preferences. But, i hope its something known between them. Lol..more things to see in the episode i am yet to watch.
  7. Lol...the wait game indeed is getting harder Day by day..with all the updates about blind dates coming from all sides...wanna hide somewhere until Sunday....
  8. Absolutely! Regardless of how big a disappointment we face, i dont think giving up is the answer. Forcing our wish on them is never the aim and i admit that all of us do get quite drawn by our own way of interpreting things. But, no one knows and will know the truth until something is publicly announced.
  9. I agree to what @Benji D and @kookminclan RunningMan said here!!! I sense more serious positive things between these two. Things which are not necessarily obvious and are seen on screen, but just the vibe they give off from their actions. Some more thoughts down here if you wish to read: So, I truly truly feel that there is something 'major' going with kookmin given their extremely evident efforts to show the least of their interaction on screen these days. I can't help but think, if there isn't anything going, the usual onscreen interaction they have will be much more than what we have seen in the last few episodes. Even if by coincidence, they normally show a lot of interaction with no HESITATION before. But, the fact that, they try and be far from each other on screen these days is quite exciting to base our intuition on their actual relationship. Even then, moments where oppa isn't able to scold somin when everyone else scold her while she poses cutely with the 'avengers' outfit on or along with kwangsoo, when he quietly tries to ask jaesuk why somin was given the character despite having no connection seeing that she looked uncomfortable in the outfit or in the dressing room, where he steals glances at her few times. All of it was really cute. For us, It will definitely be a challenge to catch their interaction onscreen, but, as a shipper, it makes me happy to see them not want to draw attention to their interaction, which In my opinion happens when they feel that what they share is something valuable and REAL. I am still a happy shipper!!!
  10. An interesting thing I found out today was that: whilst watching the '2019 annual forecast prediction (Chinese sun sign) for the Running man members' clip on youtube, at that time, somin was teased with kwangsoo and kjk oppa with jihyo. Also, that time, their sun signs according to the Chinese zodiac was revealed. So, Somin's sign is gold which in the Chinese sun sign is considered a metal. And oppa's sign is water. I was checking the compatibility of metal and water, and it is apparently the most compatible sun signs given that metal can hold water in and provide a sense of stability. And I also read that people with 'water' sun sign get attracted to 'metal' people and I legit screamed in excitement lol. Not that I believe a lot in the sun signs, but just facts such as this couldn't be more accurate with Kookmin lol. If their interaction was noticed before, I am 100% sure they will be teased about how compatible they are lol....
  11. Just to share my recent concern on Instagram about Kookmin. Various Instagram sources have in the past shared that the Instagram handle sominjongkookcouple is an anti-somin fan trying to lure more haters on Somin by triggering through posting about kookmin interactions. I personally thought, who would have such time and energy to make an account, write all these long posts about kookmin, constantly write comments about how he/she wanted kookmin to happen for real and on the other hand, write all these long posts on su.nny8027 and jongkoooklovejinyoung basically hating and thrashing on somin. So, I ignored all the claims and honestly did not pay much attention; since doing so is sheer waste of time. Haters will be there and we can't do anything about them except to leave them with their habitual angry and depressing thoughts. However, I did want to address this regarding kookmin here for once. Because, yesterday, I had the chance to go through all the posts made by all the three Instagram accounts I have mentioned above to check for similarities and decide for myself what I think about the claims that these handles are made by one person. And I personally think that there is strikingly similar tones used in the writings posted on those three accounts and there seem to be deliberate efforts in making those writings appear distinct from one account to another. And I can't help but pity whoever is doing all these just to make it more miserable for themselves investing so much energy, time and emotion. Now, why I am writing on this? Because, yesterday, I finally made the conscious decision of unfollowing and reporting the sominjongkookcouple account after checking myself. And I found that alot of our shippers are still following that account. Like myself, a lot of y'all might not have paid much heed into this and genuinely must have thought it as a kookmin fan. For the said account to be able to distribute those countless and unnecessary posts, it has to reach and be read by 'followers'. And as much as we wish to avoid any of these unnecessary, hypothetical and delusional minds, I think, its best to unfollow the account please!!!!! The language she/he uses on the su.nny8027 is disgusting to the point of morally unacceptable. Incase this sounds like an allegation that is unfounded, the account sominjongkookcouple should be able to come with proof to show that he/she doesn't handle the other two accounts. I normally find it childish to talk about fan-war and all the unnecessary anti-fan stuff since all these are not worth a single second of our time. But, using languages in a way that objectifies the celebrity(in this case somin) and questions her closeness to others by using vulgar words will somehow affect her if someday, she encounters such a post. So, as fans, we derive our doses of laughter, excitement and love daily from people like somin and stopping the reach of unnecessary hate posts and Instagram comments to her is the least we can do. So, I request all of you to unfollow and stop the unnecessary mind games from Instagram handles like somingjongkookouple. You can check for yourselves and make the decision. IF in any case, the concerned person who handles the account reads this, please don't divulge in wasting your time and energy hating on someone who hasn't done any bad to you. None of this makes a difference in your life. but, this will affect someone else's life. To give you the benefit of doubt, if in truest sense, this whole allegation is false, any PROOF of that would be good and I will apologise for the allegation made. All in all, for now, I request all of our shippers to please refrain from indulging/following such an Instagram account, whose status is currently questionable and can later be damaging to Somin!!!
  12. This may be completely random and co-incidental with Somin's painting, But, just the small star in the painting made my heart flutter hoping its a secret language between the two lol
  13. Just saw a little snippet from today's episode...and again sokjin oppa angered jongkook oppa saying to somin 'jihyo, your face looks a lot smaller than somin's'. Somin was a bit embarrased and tried to cover her face with her hair..and whilst kwangsoo was laughin at that, i am pretty sure its oppa's voice at the back saying, 'hyung, its cause somin is sitting closer to you' and he clapped back to make fun of seokjin's face later...dont know hw much we will see of kookmin today..bt m tryin in vain nt to keep my hopes very high..bt lets see!!!
  14. Sure. Thanks for clarifying though. Got a little pumped up thinking how could oppa say that to somin who already seemed to be going through an emotional turbulence with whatever it is that only she knows. But cause I love somin a little more than oppa lol..
  15. Possessed? Is that a funny sort of metaphoric comment or the sarcastic ‘possessed’ with a jeering tone from what oppa said? All the translations saying something different. Some translating oppa’s comment to ‘She is excited’ which sounds more of a positive comment whilst using the word ‘possessed’ normally has an undertone of mocking tone which I hope is not the case here.
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