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  1. Episode 12 Preview English subs is out! Credit to: pmyifansunited (They're so fast! Thank you for your hard work<3) I guess our rough listening aren't that bad, right guys? ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ goodjob everyone! <3
  2. @SC2019 haha yea- i always excited and curious, please pardon me hahaha @valzki Just like @tinymel said, I think that's Ryan's real name aka his birth name too. But I don't know if my guess is right with the spelling haha. Let's wait for the subs? That's right, tinymel! Deokmi is such a good girlfriend ever. She's so understanding and so warm. I love her character. Ryan & Deokmi seriously complement each other. <3 @japchaebap right? I think both of them maybe a childhood friend? I don't know. But, seems like Deokmi got to know something in tomorrow's episode. P. S: guys, the name is just from my guess based on rough listening. Please forgive me if I'm wrong when the subs out later on. Haha.
  3. Thank you everyone who've been live recaps today's episode. You guys are the best! Today's episode are so good- i love how our OTP handling their relationship so matured and well-mannered. Aaaaa gotta wait for the subs! I can't wait to watchㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ P.S: I heard in the preview, Deokmi said 'Anneyong, Heo Youngjae?' (correct me if I'm wrong, this is just an assumption based on my listening hehe) to Ryan? Did she finally know who is Ryan's real identity? AAAAAAA be ready guys! :'))
  4. Lmao i kennot with you guys and those 'eggs' theory lol. This theory is too wild By the way, everyone buckle up your seatbelt, get ready with popcorns! We're going to have a wild ride tonight It's 9:20 PM KST! Get ready for Sinagil VS Latte aka Ryan Gold! League of Road to A Family #okno *prepare camera*
  5. Aw, I'm glad that most of us here are calm and respect Park Minyoung & Kim Jaewook while silently shipping them here instead of creating havoc @ any platforms. Let's just sail them quietly & peacefully, alright Labbit shippers? As we know that HPL is a matured & light drama so let's keep the same nature in us too! I don't know why but I really want Kim Jaewook & Park Minyoung's collaboration again in future. Maybe in another genre like action-thriller-rom-com? Something like: Agent x Spy? hahaha is that even real? Or give me any genres, I'm willing to watch lol. For people who are just met in a drama, to see this kind of vibe, aura and chemistry are rare tho. I thought I will only see this in So Jisub x Gong Hyojin, but Kim Jaewook x Park Minyoung all of sudden caught my attention too. Haha. Honestly, I never really ship on-screen couple but these four are rare cases. LOL Anyway, I just watched the interviews, aww- I feel the warmth between them. Kim Jaewook seems adoring Park Minyoung without any effort. You can see him nodding his head when she answered the interview as if he also understand and know more than that. LOL. Same goes to Park Minyoung, she so comfortable with having an 'Oppa' beside her, without she knows, she've been using Kim Jaewook's shoulder as support. So cute really! I just wanna squish them! P.s: Do you guys notice how he always nudge Park Minyoung using his shoulder whenever she complimented him? Lol such a dork lion to our rabbit. Aigoo <3
  6. Good morning, everyone! Wow- our threads are moving so fast! now we're @ page 122! I was so immersed and STS while reading every posts that each of you posted. You guys are so detailed! I can feel the emotions that you guys shared about HPL in here! Keep on coming guys! :') Anyway, I found an interesting detail that I think most of us here haven't yet mentioned (thanks to knetz csi @ dc)! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ do you guys remember Ryan Gold's rule in episode 1 where he went to give his perspective to the young artists' art exhibition? The 5 seconds rule? There's only one time where Ryan looked at painting more than 5 seconds & she became the hottest artist of that year, isn't? Okay, here's the interesting part! ㅇㅇ-nim discussed and point out how Ryan has been looking/got mesmerized @ Deokmi for more than 5 seconds in the earliest episodes! 1. Deokmi with a bouquet of flower when they went to visit Shian for 1st time! 2. Deokmi in front of painting 3. Deokmi in white dress/attire while waiting to cross the road 4. Deokmi @ Writer Noseok's house 5. Deokmi when Ryan asked her to wear something pretty and she came out while smiling so brightly? Discussion 1 until 5 credit to ㅇㅇ-nim @ dc gallery! Do correct me if I'm wrong! 6. Many moreeeeee (in the last & future episodes!); e.g: more intense gaze from Ryan & Deokmi after they declared their love for each other! As conclusion, I can conclude that Ryan are so into Deokmi (more than arts lol) since before & so does Deokmi. It's just that they're not yet acknowledge it. So, girls, get a man who are still staring at you lovingly eventho you're losing your mind while fangirling over your bias & boys, get a woman who smiles brightly once she look at you & put you on her priority list after/before her bias! :') That's all from me for today! Share your thoughts more, guys! I'm so invested in this forum/dc while waiting for next episodes! hehe.
  7. Heyhey, everyone! Wow, our thread are running wild woohoo. Seems like more fangirls and fanboys joining our 'Road to RyMi' ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ welcome guys! I just watched episode 9 & 10. What can I say? This two episodes are such a wild ride lol both of them are sooooo sooooo into each other. They literally can't even separate for seconds. Ryan's eyes really play a major role here, he look into Deokmi like she's the most beautiful woman in the world and now she's his. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ whereas, Deokmi seriously look so in love, I'm sure this is her 1st relationship in her 30s after 'dating' with Shian as Sinagilㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ Btw, am i the only one thinking KJW & PMY's smile are kinda same? Their cheekbones when smiling are so cute in the date's selfie :') I adores Deokmi's parents. They're so in love with Ryan. They treated him like their own favourite son-in-law already. Gaaah. Deokmi's mom look so heartbroken when Deokmi prevented her to give the side-dishes to Ryan. Even her dad who always quiet seem so sad hahaha Ryan on the other hand, who was raised in US, tried his best to be respectful and gentle. Where can we get a guy like him, fellow fangirls? :') The last scene made me squeals so hard. I love how cool Ryan said that he know Deokmi as Sinagil. It's feel like Ryan tried his best not to let out his' Mo Taegu' vibe. Lolololol. Must be mind blowing for Eungi and Deokmi, especially hahahah. Eungi's expression look so speechless haha I'm sure in his mind, he never thought that Ryan will know about Deokmi's alter ego, isn't? Gawd- i can't wait for next week. Do we get to see the cute love quarrel, 50 shades of Ryan Gold & of course, the scene where Ryan's crying triggered meㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope Deokmi is there with him. He really look so vulnerable. P. S: in episode 9, where Deokmi dreamt about a little boy who let her hand go, i don't think that's Ryan. I think that's her brother who passed away? Hmmm just a random thought. P. S. S: I watched the BTS video and can i say that their chemistry are overflowing and I'm officially having STS. I love how KJW said he's the happiest man in the world when he's choosing the flower for PMY. Isn't that a pure feeling ever? And PMY fixing his hair..... Oh! I heard that in the scene where Ryan said 'its only him who missed Deokmi's expressions after that are all adlib? Hohoho. Ok I will let myself out ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
  8. @SC2019 omg is that called spoiler? If yes, do tell me aaaa, i will edit out later, guys. Don't be afraid to point out if I'm posting something that is restricted hahaha yes, but I feel like the drama gonna pulled something different from the webtoon :') – Btw, knetz discussed about Ryan's character while he went picnic with his soon-to-be-in-lawsㅎㅎㅎ He's really got that considerate character in him. He picked the already use tissue, folded it and put it in pocket without everyone's noticed! Some commented that he's a 'nature lover'! aigooooo, where I can find a Ryan Gold (or KJW) for myself? Lucky you, Deokmi (PMY) :') ©dc gallery!
  9. Finally, everyone is rejoicing over last night episode! :') Their chemistry definitely something that worth of us rooting for! Kim Jaewook's style is soo suave and cool while doing that scene, my heart fluttered on behalf of Park Minyoung lol. I wonder what's on her mind while doing that scene? oh gosh- and here I am, with 7 more episodes of HPL, I really hope Kim Jaewook and Park Minyoung will be casted together again in future. They really suits each other. Its hard for me to ship anyone in kdrama after So Jisub x Gong Hyojin. But, here I am, with my heart all over this two precious souls! coughcoughgettogetherplscoughcough okay I will let myself out xD
  10. Ohho. Talked about manhwa, I tried to check on the manhwa eventho I can't read it because I need to have an account and purchase it (I'm a broke fangirl yallㅠㅠㅠㅠ) [Alert!: maybe contains spoiler! thank you for pointing out! @SC2019! I will be careful in future! sorry!
  11. Oh god!!!! It's D-day!!! Can't wait for tonight episode! Lol. Seeing the sneak peek for tonight's episode making me giddy over this two souls. I see what are you trying to do, Ryan. You stealed the mom's heart first before you get her daughter, eh? ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ sneaky lionㅎㅎㅎ Deokmi on the other hand, looks like so jealous over her mom's new favouritism. Lol himnae gurl, you can't run away from your Ryan when your mother want him as their 'Saui'/son in law' ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ I'm in #TeamRyantheLion tonight! Go go, Ryan! Unleash your inner lion and don't give up on courting Deokmi, the rabbit of yoursㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ —— @fangirldeokjil94 ohhoo- thank you! Definitely gonna check it out! Kim Jaewook definitely gonna be the death of us allㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ P. S: Park Minyoung too. She's so gorgeous too, not just that, I watched her vlog. She's all rounded actress & wifey-material Conclusion: this couple definitely gonna be the death of us, in my caseㅠㅠㅠ
  12. @cremep awww. that's so sooo cute! kim jaewook with kids definitely something that we can die for!!! he got that appa's vibe so much when he with kids. I love how he interacted with little Minho in BTS video before. He's using aegyo talking to that little pie ;w; i really hope his character and Park Minyoung's going to end with kids. <3 yes, before asking much, lets hope our Ryan and Deokmi clear out their misunderstanding first! :')) -- Oh talking about Ryan x Deokmi's holding hands scene! I agree that HPL successfully focus on their hand, eyes gestures with so much emotions. No wonder knetz said that even when Kim Jaewook (Ryan) & Park Minyoung (Deokmi) holding hands already intense and kinda feel rated (lolololol). That's why the last scene in episode 8, most of us are left deeply heartbroken when Deokmi endup abandoned Ryan's hands. Writer-nim, why ;w; please do justice for them!!! By the way, I found this on dc gallery! Knetz pointed out that Ryan used Deokmi's gift that she left at his house (remember in episode 6? that time when Deokmi went to Ryan's house to check for water leaking)!!!!! aromatic air diffuser!!!! So detailed!! Before After I'm certainly sure, Ryan actually already open his heart to his Sung curator this time. :') ohhhh gosh credit: dc gallery!
  13. Hey everyone! I've been lurking around this forum for this past few days after the release of episode 8. I love reading all theories, point of views and fangirling moments of our Sung Deok & Saja. So I made decision to create an account! Lol. Can i say that all of us in this forum is currently the members of 'Road to RyMi' or whatever the ship name is lol. Gosh- we're deokjil over Ryan Gold x Sung Deokmi lol By the way, I love how some of members stated about the colour coordination of our couple. Yea- definitely a subtle hint of our couple not in the 'same page' yet. I really love KJW & PMY's styling in this drama; so classy, so pretty; cool and dashing. I really hope they resolve their misunderstanding as soon as possible in episode 9 & 10. I'm hurting on behalf those two. Seriously, i was so frustrated (& grateful at the same time bcs this woke Ryan and Deokmi abt their feeling for each other) when the 2nd leads successfully stirred our couple's peaceful relationship lol. Ppali get together Ryan, Deokmi!!!!!! To be honest, I wish to see Deokmi in action as 시나길 more in upcoming episodes. She's rock the black hoodie, mask and the professional camera. I hope she can find solace by being Sinagil. Taking Sian's pictures in an event. I'm sure she can forget for awhile her broken heart. At the same time, I'm sure Ryan will be watching his Deokmi from afar since he's going to know what event Deokmi going to attend (he's VIP member after all lol). I can sense that Sian & Cindy gonna be the role that brings our Lion & his Rabbit together. Let's see. P. S: can we have Geunwoo interaction with Deokmi & Ryan jn future episode? I'm sure they'll portrays a loving family. Just like how little lost Minho did to them in amusement park. ❤️ P. S. S: All Her Private Life OSTs are so relatable and definitely eargasm. I can't wait for Sungwoon's to be released! I've been repeating this drama OSTs for nth times lol.
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