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  1. I am so confuse now. Some fans send me this pic, in Vietnamese subtitle version (which translated by a legal channel), the line below mean “LET’S HUG ONE TIME” - it was not shown in English ver. Who said that? Definitely not Somin since all she said was “please dont do that oppa!” If there were other members there encouraged Somin to fight back, then why “Hug”? If she hug him then he would stop ripping her nametag or what? Now I start imagining... What if Jongkook wanted a hug or just some close skinship with Somin?
  2. Please someone tell me!!! Where did Jongkook put his right hand on????? If he put it on his back in pic 1, with that pose he would fall for sure And Somin could not stand comfortably- Why??? Was it possibly a hug???
  3. How can a KookMin shipper have “SpartAce” mindset? Dude- I myself am watching Runningman for Kookmin. And how can Jongkook’s protection ruin the show?
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