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  1. But why did JongKook mention Somin’s words there? If I’m not wrong, she said that women would not like men who have too perfect body. Even when they were talking on the bus, I quite did not get why JongKook angry. Maybe it was all about body status, but 2 stories was totally different with me (Somin’s words and JongKook’s talk about his gf) It’s not like Somin said his body was perfect tho...
  2. It’s annoying. Why you here anyway if you did not feel KookMin anymore? This is KOOKMIN THREAD! Go to other threads since you are not belonged to this place anymore. This is not the first time ppl warn u about this. You make me feel like you want to destroy KookMin ship and that wondering me a lot.
  3. This is KookMin couple forum sis. Any KookMin content?
  4. Somin like JongKook’s new IG post faster than me May be just 1 or 2 mins
  5. These bois came to JongKook’s house again on MUD. Is that really green mini-frog and ball???
  6. Erm... when can we stop these hateful, campaigns, defending, etc. and come back to KookMin couple content?
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