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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mndSbh-sf-c Punch singing live Tae Yeon's song from the OST And full vid of the stars arriving at the wrap up party!
  2. I kinda interpret it as CS's imagination..the ending monologue by CS was something like 'there will be a day, we will have another lifetime tgt, I will be by your side..at that time we will look and smile at each other and live a long life together.'
  3. Raw links for ep 14 https://a01.bclink.one/cate/onairdrama/145092
  4. Ep 14 made me cry the most....and I haven't cry so much at a Kdrama since Master's Sun..everyone nailed it with their acting Now I am curious whether there is any link of CS's past life with MW...think the staff were toking about CS, saying there must be a reason why Mago chose him to bring about the change in MW.... What/who else is left in the past? My colleague once mentioned MW's horse hahahhaha
  5. From the preview it seems Man Wol tells Ji Won to be a vengeful ghost...wonder is she still blinded by revenge and wants Ji Won to take revenge for her by harming CM who is in CS's body....from the way the preview is shown but then again previews always tease us
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