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  1. It's been a while since I last got here but this is great!! Thank you so much for rekindling the fire! Go PiChi! TYH is actually on netflix, but it took them a long time since the show ended before putting it on Netflix.
  2. maybe due to inactivity. anyways, I saw that you guys made the new thread already!
  3. But remember, FORMYDEAR was after Goblin, so they already knew each other before that fanmeet. Haha!
  4. Hi Miyoki! I believe Wookie has been attached to his character as KJR in TYH, and as someone who exclusively calls OYS as "Oh Jin Shim", breaking out of that routine must be heartbreaking for KJR but he has to do it to "help" OYS in her showbiz career so she can focus, even though KJR still loves her. Maybe our Wookie is trying to imagine how heartbreaking it would be if he had to deny having a relationship with our YIN unnie (when they might actually be in one) HAHAHA. #wishfulthinking #delulu Kidding aside (or not), I don't think Wookie was remembering any ex of his w
  5. Thanks for pointing out that there's a product endorsed by LDW besides YIN's dosirak! I didn't notice it before. Here's the link to that IG pic: (it's the 3rd pic) https://www.instagram.com/p/B5pjMtvgIwI/?igshid=1u025pcrlpdbu
  6. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful insights and for keeping the ship afloat! You people don't have to apologize if your post is too long. We are actually all grateful to all of you who gives us these wonderful observations! Keep it coming! #pichiforever
  7. I think it's kinda unfair to generalize that LDW has a bad attitude. Remember, we really have no idea what is going on in their personal lives. The promotions and photoshoots are not the decision of the actors alone, but of the people who are managing them and the people producing the drama. If you recall the storyline of TYH itself, when OJS got involved in a scandal with her partner in the drama, the president of her agency and her manager have to let it be. There was no denial or acceptance, even though OJS was insisting otherwise so as not to hurt KJR. I think it is also sim
  8. I don't think it has sunk yet. I refuse to believe until one of them declares that they have a different partner. I think they have to do this kind of photoshoot to help promote the drama and to try to instill to the viewers that they could be a good match. Meanwhile, with our pichi couple, you won't need any photoshoot to see how well they match each other. Haha!!! I will always ship our PiChi couple.
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