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  1. Maybe s/he deactivated for a while. I hope she comes back. Anyways, while checking IG for her account, I stumbled upon this fanmade video:
  2. The original video is actually from LDW's channel in VLive, when he unboxed his welcome kit for the members of his fanship. The four photo cards are his photo cards included in the kit, while in the phone, he was showing a selfie he did during the live. You can check the video here: https://www.vlive.tv/video/142683?channelCode=E47357
  3. Hello @AquariusMY & @Py Ong and welcome to this ship! For me, as long as there is no evidence to prove otherwise, I'm still hopeful that something is developing between them. Most of the active people here still post stuff whenever they notice some hints once in a while, so i'm still in a lookout for that. Let's hope for the best for our PiChi couple