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  1. Hi! Since our YIN-nuna is endorsing pizza, it reminded me of the scene from Touch Your Heart where she endorsed chicken. Sharing with you my favorite funny scene from Touch Your Heart:
  2. Let's wait for Wookie to endorse chicken! Funny thing, one of my favorite scenes from TYH was when Oh Jin Shim was introduced to Kim Se Won and they both sang the Moracana Chicken song! So after Goblin, Oh Yun Seo became a chicken restaurant endorser. haha! And since no one ever uploaded that clip from TYH, imma clip it and upload it and share it with you! haha! I always find that scene funny! edit: here's the clip: If you want the Morocana Chicken song only, you can check this one:
  3. MAMA Awards 2014, I believe. Somewhere early in this thread, someone elaborated all the instances our pichi couple appeared together. Edit: Found it! @Sukma Anggrainiyou can check this post by @RollyPenny
  4. Thank you for this really nice quiz! If it was made in 2019 I would have perfected it! I got confused with Atty. Choi's given name (but it was so close) and with how long Yeo Reum and Se Won were together (I was thinking 7 or 8 yrs) and lastly, the episode of the first kiss!
  5. Have you seen this before? Do you think we can get any clues from here?
  6. it's funny how I was waiting for the poll in the original thread and never noticed on my notif that the poll has been posted on a new thread haha! Anyhow, I'd like to thank everyone who voted for my entries, and congratulate those who won the contest!
  7. Here's my entry for category 1, featuring Lee Dong Wook oppa and his love for Mint Choco. The title of this piece is "Mint Choco"
  8. Before I sleep tonight, I am sharing this masterpiece I imagined once I saw the Fated to Love You Scene for Category 3: I am naming this "Distracted Lee Gun" (I almost named it as "Distracted by Post-Its") Trivia: This was inspired by the "Distracted Boyfriend" meme. Special thanks to PowerPoint and online background remover for making this photo possible haha! In all honesty, I never watched the Korean version, but I love the Taiwanese version. Haha! Here's the no-text version if you want to think of a better caption/text.
  9. Another one for Category 2: "Twinning in the Twilight"
  10. For Category 2, I'd like to call this piece, "Clingy for Life" Sharing the love for all the PiChi fans out there!
  11. I wanted to share with you a dream I had the other night when I was asleep. Our Pichi couple was having a photoshoot together with some other artists in a traditional Korean home somewhere in the mountains (similar to the atmosphere of Baguio in the Philippines). During the break, they let some "fans" (not sure, but I'm part of them) interact with the artists. I happen to talk with YIN (because LDW was somewhere else in the house), and I was surprised because YIN knew how to speak Filipino a little bit. If I remember my dream correctly, we were talking about how she was, what her
  12. It's been a while since I last got here but this is great!! Thank you so much for rekindling the fire! Go PiChi! TYH is actually on netflix, but it took them a long time since the show ended before putting it on Netflix.
  13. maybe due to inactivity. anyways, I saw that you guys made the new thread already!
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