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  1. It was short-lived in terms of number of episodes, but if you think about the timeline itself and the events that happened while they were in a breakup (KJR handling the case of Park Su Myeong and OYS going back to showbiz), it really was a long time for them. Probably at least a month, or more.
  2. I'm sorry to have posted this here. In the earlier pages there were moments when pichi couple was compared to songsong couple. Of course I support pichi couple, and I fervently hope that they would be in a relationship and would end up in a very good marriage which wouldn't end up like what's happening with songsong couple. I apologize again.
  3. Kinda off topic. Have you heard of SongSong couple issue now? https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/entertainment/descendants-of-the-sun-couple-song-hye-kyo-and-song-joong-ki-to-divorce?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=STFB&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1561598035
  4. I checked the video in youtube and it was cut out from the subbed. If anyone has a link of the full interview, I hope you could share it as well.
  5. https://www.marieclaire.com.tw/beauty/star/43029 What do we have here? YIN having an article for MIRAE in Marie Claire Taiwan... (meanwhile LDW recently became Marie Claire cover model in Korea)
  6. Take note that in the 2nd slide, she mentions that "Now that Touch Your Heart has ended, I'm taking a rest, working out and taking care of my health" How I wish that she's doing it for the pichi baby HAHA!
  7. Palli palli = hurry Juseyo = please Yeorobun = everyone Please hurry, everyone. On a side note, what ifffff YIN is a member of the fanship and is secretly joining the chat as "5 Real " or "5 리어르 " like in kakao chat hahaha. In the last part of the fanship chat, LDW said "사랑해 "... (with a Red and blue heart, but i can't attach it here) Hahaha!
  8. Hey, in his Live Chat last June 5 in his VLive Fanship, LDW said that he likes Strawberries+banana juice. Could this have any meaniiing? Hahaha! #delulumodeon
  9. Speaking of the kiss mark, some are arguing that the kiss is made by LDW himself, but if you look at the shape and angle of the kiss, it's clearly hard to do that by himself. If it's a real kiss mark, it is indeed done by someone else. Which reminds me of the scene in the car pointed out earlier: It also reminds me of the scene in The Greatest Love where Gong Hyo Jin had to place a kiss mark in Cha Seung Won's cheeks for a CF. (BTW Yoo In Na is also in that drama). Oh please let there be some more development between YIN and LDW!
  10. LDW with other actress: professional LDW with YIN: not your typical actor-actress relationship. At the very least you can see that they really are very close, be it as friends or as lovers. Kyaaaa! LDW's fanship signup in VLive just ended last Friday! I'm looking forward to what he posts there. Maybe we'll get something related to YIN.
  11. There's actually not much of a significance. It's just that OYS loves pink. And the people here were trying to think that the pink rose in the ball that was in another Chanel post in LDW's IG has something to do with YIN haha! And maybe I was trying to look for other things that might be significant. I think LDW has been wearing that bracelet for a long time already, like around the time after Goblin, if I remember correctly.
  12. I believe this was posted before, especially during the time when everyone was "investigating" and comparing the Goblin and TYH press con. I just forgot what page it was. Maybe around page 90-100?
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