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  1. BTS hpl latest , pmy looks very tired. not cheerful and alert like before. Poor pmy I want her to rest. take care
  2. I ask for an explanation about delete 77 minutes with DVD producer and actually I complain him but he answered made me understand that he didn't know more. It's about the ‘company’I wonder why agnecy’s actor done as had to hide to secret? answer : we are NOT taking advantage of the purchasers and fans. Not only is our WWWST promotion team independent of actual production company but we also don't have power to change the contents. The deleted contents were requested by the "actors" companies and we only deliver the information they gave us. (But he don't let me capture the screen) finally who would like more explanation, please tell them to either message us or leave a post in our cafe. Please do not share this. Thank you
  3. me too. I tried to hard think about feeling of PSJ. When he saw kiss scene Ep.10 I so sad instead him. In real life he didn’t jealous,right?
  4. I wonder why Jinjoo didn't follow PMY ig (they look close friend) but she follow Bohyunahn???
  5. I think not have something about them. Because of the true habit PMY.She will be scared of the news. But the openness of her play KJW shows that there is nothing.and in old BTS she played with actor who play role friend neighbor like this. PMY’s friendly with everybody except PSJ
  6. I don't think like you. I couldn't see the chemistry between PMY & KJW. A little bit, I don't. And This place is ParkPark couple not your place!!!!! If you enjoy what you say and the drama, come back to where you came.
  7. I didn’t bias about HPL.I open my heart to watching but it’s no expected. The story progresses quickly. There is no chemical between pmy and kjw.
  8. Koreadispatch ig post promotes HPL. Is it wrong to dispatch do it about pmy kjw ????? he does with the wwwsk or do not????
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