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  1. Birth Name: Sun Mi (선미) but legally changed it to Lee Sun-mi (이선미) Birthday: May 2, 1992 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Height: 166 cm (5’5″) Weight: 51 kg (112 lbs) Blood Type: AB Twitter: @miyaohyeah / @official_sunmi_ Instagram: @miyayeah Facebook: officialsunmi V LIVE: SUNMI Sunmi Facts: – She was born in Iksan, North Jeolla, South Korea. – Her family includes her mother, step-father, and two younger brothers. – She attended Hwangnam Elementary School, Chung Dam Middle School and Chung Dam High School during her childhood. – She currently attends Dongguk University majoring in musical theater. – Her nicknames are “Mimi” and “Miya”. – She can speak English. – She can play the bass. – She was a member of Wonder Girls, under JYP Entertainment. – She left temporarily during her music career in January of 2010 to pursue her academic career. – She released her solo debut single “24 Hours”, and achieved an all-kill on music charts. – On June 24, 2015, she re-joined Wonder Girls. – She received songwriting and producing credits for several Wonder Girls releases. – After Wonder Girls disbanded, it was announced that she had left JYPE and had signed with MakeUs Entertainment on March 14, 2017. – On August 22, 2017 she released the single “Gashina”, which was a huge success. – Her favorite color is purple. – Her favorite artist is Drake. – Her favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr. – Sunmi’s legs are 110 cm. (Weekly Idol) – Sunmi’s ideal type: Someone who is really good at something. As Many of you may or may not know, there is currently a challenge that Sunmi and her team issued dubbed the "Noir Challenge". Basically, any group can come up with a choreography for the new song "Noir" by Lee Sun-mi. April 6th is the date that her team will start considering the winner and the results come out on April 14th which is in 3 days! The prize for the winning team is a whole 10,000$!! So the evaluating criteria is simple, 50% is based off of who has the most views and likes and the other 50% is based off of Sunmi choosing your video! Me as a Sunmi fan who has watched all of the Noir covers has decided to share to you all the one that in my personal opinion think that is most fitted for Sunmi's style, the most creative, inspired, well executed and overall well done cover and encourage you guys to go watch it to help them win this challenge! Since half of the winning criteria is based off of views i thought it would be unfair and such a shame if the better cover lost due to views because the other videos had a whole week more to accumulate views... Therefore if you guys could watch this video i would wholeheartedly thank each and everyone of you for doing so... oh! and if you like it, it would be nice if you could share it too! Thank you! PLEASE SUPPORT THEM THEY ALL EACH AND INDIVIDUALLY WORKED SUPER HARD TO THE POINT THEY WERE ABOUT TO DROP ONTO THE FLOOR FOR THIS VIDEO ❤❤❤❤ Link: https://youtu.be/TP_XPG30dCU ( oh and since i'm new i still have no idea how everything works but if we could can we make this the official Sunmi Thread maybe?)
  2. https://youtu.be/TP_XPG30dCU So Sunmi clearly is my fav Idol of all i was just mindlessly scrolling through youtube till all of a sudden i was greeted with this video by this group that i have no idea even existed for a second i though this was suppose to be an MV lmao. However, turns out not only is this not an MV but this isn't even the actual dance... WOW these guys are actually crazy. And so i decided to share this with you guys so you can take your time and relax a bit and just watch this awesomeness. Anyway hope you like it! Also, can't wait to get to know this community better! And most importantly... StAy HyDraTed drink lots of water!
  3. Solar is so awesome in the OneMillion dance studio video
  4. rip i thought this was gonna be quick maths but nvm mans doesnt do math
  5. you guys already know that i can't wait for their comebackkkk
  6. Theyve come such a long way.. ive watched them since 2011...
  7. oh yes nice nice i was wondering if i could do that when i joined
  8. damn lol i wonder why dont they put in Taeil's height in the description.
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