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  1. you can watch the full special episode here: http://www1.fastdrama.me/watch-online/arthdal-chronicles/special-1
  2. “Arthdal Chronicles” Writers Reveal Why They Cast Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, And Kim Ji Won The stars and writers of tvN’s “Arthdal Chronicles” shared behind-the-scenes stories about their drama! On May 26, the upcoming series aired a special episode introducing viewers to “Arthdal Chronicles,” including interviews with the cast and production staff. Explaining why Song Joong Ki had been cast in the role of Eun Seom, writers Park Sang Yeon and Kim Young Heon praised him as a special actor who can express incompatible charms. As for Jang Dong Gun, who plays the character of Ta Gon in the drama, writer Kim Young Heon remarked, “I wondered how his good looks had managed to create that kind of aura.” Writer Park Sang Yeon added that when Jang Dong Gun had been younger, people had often paid more attention to his handsome face than his acting skills, but that along with his aura, his talent was now beginning to shine through more and more. About Kim Ji Won’s character, the writers recalled, “We had drawn concept art for the character Tan Ya. Since this was before the cast had been decided, we just drew it based on the character’s vibe, but I remember asking, ‘Doesn’t this look like Kim Ji Won?’ The picture and Kim Ji Won matched really well.” The actors also shared their thoughts during the special episode. Song Joong Ki, who rode horses with ease during filming, commented, “I thought that I should train a lot if I didn’t want to get hurt, so I trained hard, and I think the horseback riding scenes turned out well.” He added that he was proactive about practicing and that he tried to get close to the horses, even on days when he didn’t have filming. Jang Dong Gun revealed that he gained about 8 kilograms (approximately 18 pounds) for the drama. He said, “Ta Gon has the image of a warrior in ancient times, so I thought that I should bulk up. Through exercise, I gained about 8 kilograms.” Speaking about his co-star Jang Dong Gun, Song Joong Ki remarked, “He’s usually the king of being considerate, but the look in his eyes changes when he transforms into Ta Gon. I was mesmerized by the aura of actor Jang Dong Gun.” “Arthdal Chronicles” premieres on June 1. Check out the latest teaser for the drama here! https://www.soompi.com/article/1327516wpp/arthdal-chronicles-writers-reveal-why-they-cast-song-joong-ki-jang-dong-gun-and-kim-ji-won
  3. Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ji Won, And More Reveal Their Innermost Desires In “Arthdal Chronicles” Character Posters tvN’s upcoming drama “Arthdal Chronicles” has unveiled striking new character posters of its four leads! “Arthdal Chronicles” is a new fantasy drama set in the mythical and ancient land of Arth, where legends will be written by heroes brought together by fate. On May 25, the highly-anticipated drama introduced its four main characters through a set of stunning posters, each of which highlights the unique traits of the featured character. Jang Dong Gun will star in the drama as Ta Gon, an accomplished warrior and the son of a tribal leader. HIs poster shows the character ready for battle, looking solemn with his sword in hand. The poster also reveals Ta Gon’s ambition and thirst for power, with the caption describing him as “Arthdal’s ruler, who dreams the toughest dream that exists beneath the skies.” Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki will star as Eun Seom, the brave progeny of a human mother and a Neanderthal, who lives amongst the members of the Wahan tribe and fights to save them from external threats. In his poster, Eun Seom wears traditional Wahan face paint and a look of determination as he runs through a forest. The caption introduces him as “an outsider to Arthdal, who dreams the greatest dream that exists beneath the skies.” Kim Ji Won will play the role of Tan Ya, a shaman and a descendant of the Wahan clan mother. Her poster shows the character emitting a radiant glow and smiling innocently at the camera, hinting at her positive energy and inner beauty. The caption describes Tan Ya, who is also wearing Wahan face point, as “a child of prophecy, who dreams the most luminous dream that exists beneath the skies.” Finally, Kim Ok Bin will appear in the drama as Tae Al Ha, the fierce and ambitious daughter of a tribal leader from a far-off land, whose tribe has mastered the use of bronze. In her poster, Tae Al Ha has a fierce glint in her eyes as she gazes confidently into the camera. The caption introduces her as “an ambitious politician, who dreams the most dangerous dream that exists beneath the skies.” The producers of the drama commented, “The character posters for ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ have harmoniously woven together the epic tales of Jang Dong Gun, Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won, and Kim Ok Bin, who are swept up in a fateful maelstrom in their attempts to conquer the ancient land of Arth.” They added, “Please pay close attention to the legendary stories of Jang Dong Gun, Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won, and Kim Ok Bin, who will be creating Korea’s first ancient fantasy [drama] in ‘Arthdal Chronicles.'” “Arthdal Chronicles” is scheduled to premiere on June 1 at 9 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the latest teasers for the drama here! https://www.soompi.com/article/1327237wpp/song-joong-ki-jang-dong-gun-kim-ji-won-and-more-reveal-their-innermost-desires-in-arthdal-chronicles-character-posters
  4. arthdal chronicles schedules 5/26 (sun) 21:00 (kst) special broadcast 5/28 (tue) 14:00 (kst) press conference (live broadcast) 5/31 (fri) 20:00 (kst) live chat 6/1 (sat) 21:00 (kst) first broadcast
  5. Song Joong Ki And Jang Dong Gun’s First Encounter Hints At The Calm Before The Storm In “Arthdal Chronicles” Jang Dong Gun and Song Joong Ki have a fateful, foreshadowing first encounter in “Arthdal Chronicles.” “Arthdal Chronicles” is about the mythical capital city of Arthdal during the Gojoseon era and the legendary heroes of that time. Jang Dong Gun plays tribal leader San Woong’s (played by Kim Eui Sung) eldest son, Ta Gon. A brilliant strategist and head of Arthdal’s highly skilled armed forces, he hungers for power as he conflicts with Arthdal’s powerful, including his father. Song Joong Ki’s character is Eun Seom, a half-Neanderthal half-human member of the Wuhan clan. When his clan members are dragged to Arthdal, he takes on an entire civilization to save them. In the released photos, Ta Gon and Eun Seom have their first meeting with quite a contrast in their situations. While Ta Gon enters Arthdal hailed as a hero, Eun Seom watches him quietly from afar. Ta Gon is astride his horse, full of majestic pride, but Eun Seom is surrounded by other commoners with a soft yearning on his face. It was reported that the two deeply immersed themselves into their characters prior to the shoot. When filming began, their gazes, chemistry, and overall emotional expressions created a strong, tense atmosphere. Despite the fact that the two don’t approach or face one another, they still drew everyone in. A source from the production staff stated, “This is an important scene in ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ where the bravest warrior in Arthdal, Ta Gon, and Eun Seom, a foreigner in Arthdal, encounter each other for the first time. Please look forward to how the two completely opposite men and their fates unfold in the ancient civilization of Arthdal.” “Arthdal Chronicles” will air its first episode on June 1 at 9 p.m. KST. There will also be a special episode airing on May 26, the week prior to the drama’s premiere. If you haven’t already, check out a teaser here! https://www.soompi.com/article/1326693wpp/song-joong-ki-and-jang-dong-guns-first-encounter-hints-at-the-calm-before-the-storm-in-arthdal-chronicles
  6. arthdal chronicles main poster part 1. children of the trophecy
  7. [Special Preview] 'Arthdal Chronicles - The beginning of all the legends in the world' 5/26 (Sunday) Night 9:00 tvN Broadcast Arthdal Chronicles
  8. [Special Preview] 'Arthdal Chronicles - The beginning of all the legends in the world' 5/26 (Sunday) Night 9:00 tvN Broadcast Arthdal Chronicles
  9. arthdal chronicles teaser videos: tanya (15s ver.) (30s ver.)
  10. arthdal chronicles still cuts: tanya
  11. there will be a special broadcast on sunday, may 26 at 21:00 (kst) 21:00 arthdal chronicles : the beginning of all the legends in the world https://gall.dcinside.com/mgallery/board/view/?id=asdal&no=282
  12. “Arthdal Chronicles” Reveals Breathtaking Main Poster Featuring 12 Characters tvN’s “Arthdal Chronicles” has released its main poster! The new weekend drama “Arthdal Chronicles” will weave an exciting tale of heroes who create their own legends in the ancient land called Arth. Song Joong Ki will play Eun Seom, the son of the noblewoman Asahon (Choo Ja Hyun) and a member of the Wahan tribe, and Kim Ji Won will play Tan Ya, the guardian and shaman of the Wahan tribe. With its magnificent scale, star-studded lineup, and dramatic teasers, the show has already become a hot issue among viewers. In the midst of all the excitement, tvN has released a 12-member main poster for the first part of the exciting chronicle. In the poster, each of the 12 characters show off their individuality and unique personalities. In the center are Jang Dong Gun and Song Joong Ki who are captivating the audience with their intense aura. As the character Ta Gon, a warrior who dreams of conquering Arthdal for his own, Jang Dong Gun poses dramatically for the poster with his intense gaze. Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki also attracts the audience with his mystical vibe through his transformation into a member of the Wahan tribe. Furthermore, Kim Ji Won, who will be playing Tan Ya, the successor of the Wahan clan, is also dressed in a similar style as Song Joong Ki with a wreath on her head, paintings on her face, and an interesting expression. On the other hand, Taeilha, played by Kim Ok Bin, left a strong impression with her keen gaze as the ambitious daughter of a tribal leader. Along with the subtitle “Part 1: Children of the Prophecy,” the talented actors in the poster foreshadow the intense battle that will take place for control over Arth. Kim Eui Sung will be playing San Woong, Ta Gon’s father and the head of Arthdal’s federation, while Jo Sung Ha will be playing Mi Hol, Taeilha’s father and the head of their tribe. Charismatic Lee Do Kyung has also piqued curiosity with a hidden secret by taking on the role of Asalon, the tribal member in charge of offerings and rituals. Park Hae Joon as Moo Baek, Park Byung Eun as Dan Byuk, and Shin Joo Hwan as Dal Sae are also shown in the poster with serious expressions. Finally, Yoo Tae Oh as Ragaz and Choo Ja Hyun as Asahon contrast each other with their heavy darkness and brightness. The production staff said, “‘Arthdal Chronicles’ worked hard to portray the ancient people’s lives, desires, and ambitions with intensity. Please look forward to ‘Arthdal Chronicles,’ which will tell the fateful and twisted story of the diverse characters.” tvN’s new fantasy drama is set to premiere on June 1 at 9 p.m. KST. Watch the latest teaser here! https://www.soompi.com/article/1325789wpp/arthdal-chronicles-reveals-breathtaking-main-poster-featuring-12-characters
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