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  1. I love you all for keeping this thread so active! I've been busy with exams so I couldn't post much but I still came to read your posts everyday And they're so in-sync when reaching for their bottles, they literally moved at the exact same time. It's just like how couples subconsciously match their steps when they walk together. I was listening to this song and it reminded me so much of OJS-KJR's relationship. Especially ep 13-14 when KJR was having a hard time and OJS just wanted to be there for him Btw does anyone know what happened to yinldw's ig account? Did it get deleted?
  2. LOL that's exactly what I did last night. Went through all the Pichi scenes in Goblin because I had already re-watched all of the TYH bts to the point of knowing them by heart.
  3. Jumped on some other threads and looks like some non-shippers are keeping close tabs on us. Let's just take this as a reminder for us to be careful about what we write so that they have nothing to reproach us for. So nice to see how close the cast got! Hoping we get to see more and more of these reunions because I really miss TYH. Such a power CF couple. -Hint hint to advertisers-
  4. @braunaun Please quote the post you have problems with. If you don't, we'll end up guessing and misunderstanding your intentions. Honestly, there are so many posts praising LDW as a gentleman. You can't possibly think that any of us believe he's anything less than that. If you don't like some of the jokes that were made, explain it to us so that we can keep it in mind when we post.
  5. If you have issues with things people said on here, please tell them directly. If you're uncomfortable with something, let us know what we can do to fix it instead of trying to paint any of the artists in a bad light. All of us are here because we like them together, but also as individual artists. No one is blaming either of them for anything, we're all enjoying their interactions. This is a place for shippers to have fun, so please stay respectful.
  6. Photographs became my favourite OST in this drama because of how well they incorporated it in the scenes. Still kinda wish they had used it at the end of ep 14. Same! Also episode 6 because that's when they both realise each other's feelings. The pinky promise and KJR's semi-confession.
  7. The fist bump at the end lol KGE looks so done with the kids. Honestly I agree with you. The way he seems to be more careful around YIN makes me think that he respects her way too much to risk something that would ruin their friendship. YIN seems to genuinely like him though, with the way she's putting down her guard around him, so I feel like the ball is in LDW's court. Oh, I'm on browser and it's forever at 36% subbed. I'll try it out, thanks!
  8. Anyone know if there's a fully subbed version of this? I'm dying to know what they're saying when they're holding hands https://www.viki.com/videos/1143811v-behind-the-scenes-3-poster-filming
  9. @michsg It's here if you haven't found it yet. https://www.viki.com/videos/1144045v-behind-the-scenes-4-teaser-filming And you have the other camera angle here
  10. YIN is such a great speaker... They should totally get her to be a motivational speaker for the Produce trainees... so that we can add onto our LDWxYIN collab list
  11. I'm still laughing at how LDW had to look at the director for him to say "Cut". Director-nim must have been a Pichi shipper~ Wow this really brings back all the feels. I really loved the intensity of their scenes and how well they both portrayed their characters, to the point where I was just skipping the main leads' scenes. The breakup scene on the bridge just completely broke my heart. If the breakup scene in TYH made them cry, I can't imagine how they managed to film the one in Goblin.
  12. So I guess YIN was hiding behind LDW because she was crying? Notice how he knew she didn't want to get filmed and when she ended up in the camera frame near the end, he waved his hand to cover her face? Such a caring gesture. Hahaha I feel for the assistant holding the heater. He kept smiling and turning to look away from our Pichi couple when they were playing around.
  13. The TYH withdrawal is real... Hoping for more BTS to feed us all I've been shipping them since Goblin and their interactions are so funny and cute. Sometimes a little awkward, but I find it so adorable. Really wish they'd get together but even if they don't, I'd be happy if they end up being really close and playful friends. Seriously all the sofa BTS scenes are gold. The way YIN kept holding LDW's hands when he was waving them around, the way he kept touching her neck and she lightly squeezed his bicep, the way he looked like he was trying hard to control his expressions when she put his arm on her shoulder, the way they both burst out laughing and YIN looked at the cameras shyly. How are we supposed to not ship? @bidown
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