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  1. Thanks for translating this! I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what was being said! Poor TN
  2. D Day! Does anyone know where it will be eventually subbed in English? I don't see it in Viki yet....
  3. Same... drunk squidie is going to be absolutely HILARIOUS!!!!!!
  4. The smile is incoming for sure - we can see lots of it in previews, videos, etc. I am stoked. I love his crinkly eyes when he smiles..
  5. I am trying so hard to understand what they're saying! I've never wanted to learn another language so badly, haha. Even though I have read the book and can sort of follow along... it's just not the same We need more volunteers on viki to speed up this process!
  6. Yes so far the show's off to a strong start! I am already shipping them so badly! The chemistry so far is just amazing. Both mains were perfect for their roles! Li Xian is especially perfect with that killer face and ice cold exterior - I can't stop staring
  7. Either he's REALLY good at giving us fans what we really want or he is truly SMITTEN with her. There is no other way to interpret those googly eyes and his flirty smiles even while off-screen.... Oh my heart can't take it!!! Just date already!!!
  8. What a great ending! It was so much fun enjoying the show along with you all! Thanks especially to all our live recappers! Onto the next drama....
  9. OH MY SUCH BUTTERFLIES! The intimacy was just A++ Counting down until the final episode but also dreading the end of such a wonderful rom-com I need recommendations for similar heart-fluttering rom coms after this ends, please hook a sister up
  10. The plot holes bothered me at one point but that handwashing scene made up for everything... I am also hoping for some kisses... c'mon this has been such a bad (yet GOOD) slow burn for everyone -- haha. Give us the smooches that what we want please. One more sleep ladies!
  11. All he has to do to avoid this crisis is to grab Gal Hee and go in for a kiss - that'll get his blood pressure going and then BAM - he will go into that meeting being able to recognize everyone's faces! Easy fix. Let's hope that happens
  12. I will look it up now, thank you!... I definitely am in need of spoilers. The web novel is only translated to ch 836 currently with just 2 chapters added a day so I'm dying to find out what happens to them in the end!
  13. I just joined this forum today as I just finished Season 1 and am in need of Season 2 BTS news to keep me going... Thanks to everyone for all the great posts / pics / videos I was especially excited to see the above post from @Snow Guardian as the overemphasis on MSS was seriously killing me in Season 1. Looking forward to Season 2 even more now!!!
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