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  1. They really match each other!!! Their face, personality and overall aura. SKJ is a bit formal and shy but a fun person and GSY has a very calm and cheerful personality so I don't doubt their chemistry on and off cam Also the way they look at each other is so gentle but sweet. I feel like they really enjoyed the company of each other.
  2. These two have amazing chemistry. I also like how the way they approach as a celebrity. Theu are so down to earth and humble but really talented.
  3. Hello chingus new shipper here ^^ just finished watching 'Are you human' today. I'm hooked with these two brown eyed loves...
  4. Knowing what happened to songsong, i really hope they'd take time to know each other well and develop a much more strong foundation of their relationship. I'd be okay for a much more private one as long as it's sincere and not impulsive. May it be filled with deep understanding and consideration and faith as well in each other. I have my hopes up but no expectations. Just live happily.
  5. My delulu mind is telling me there's gonna be a confirmation next year
  6. Considering their age now, i believe sooner or later there will be a confirmation or should i say revelation about their relationship. Hopefully its theirs and not with another party. By the way, are we not just imagining and assuming things about their clothing and accessories? I mean it might be a trend in ķorean fashion to wear colorful clothes or sponsorship too? How do we know it's a personal choice? And just wanna share this video
  7. The first time i saw the Goblin presscon i never thought of any fishy behavior from wookie and in na. All i noticed was LDW making fun of YIN. And looking back now, i finally realized that was the start of the special attention he's giving to her. Before, YIN was so discreet of him given the first time they act together. Shyness, adjusting and all. But now, we've seen YIN getting pissed and sulky too towards LDW for being so playful on the set. Lol Whenever they are on the same interview, YIN is so professional and dismissing any inappropriate things that could lead to suspicion. However, LDW on the other hand is not afraid to express it so YIN would nudge him to convey he should behave in a not so obvious casual way. Hhmmpp...this is what i thought of while watching kakaotalk interview.
  8. @Minyeonie @Caramelmachiato thanks for the info now i know..kkkekeke ^^ Maybe that's why wookie's fashion sometimes involves prints of strawberry. I just find it weird for a guy to wear such. Lol but i guess love does things.
  9. By the way i'm so outdated, since i'm a new pichi shipper and new to this thread, may i ask what's the strawberry 'ttalgi' about? How is it associated to in na and wookie?
  10. I feel like ldw doesn't care if their relationship get caught. He's so sweet to in na. I'm excited for their confirmation
  11. If you guys had three major reasons to believe that they're together what would it be? • • •
  12. They really have the same taste when it comes to fashion. Saw on twitter @weddingpeach they were wearing the same plaid blazer and the bracelet. Don't know if it's a coincidence again.
  13. I don't know how to make GIFs but the first presscon GIF above, the part where after posing for pictures and LDW kind of instinctively/unconsciously for a second almost reached her hand but opted to just guide her back and give way so she could walk first..maybe it will be obvious if he holds her hand midway on stage.
  14. What if all this time it's all true and just really good at hiding things lol delulu all the way
  15. Is this true? Jinja? Even if this isn't true my heart really jumped omo
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