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  1. Yes, was hoping to for airport pics and clips, but too bad! Hopefully some will be captured when she returns to Korea. But finally, some videos of her at the event! She looks so beautiful! I believe the fansigning will be tomorrow, hopefully there'll be some pics too Credit: hajiwon_latam1023 on Instagram
  2. Finally! Missed her so much! She seems to be looking younger and prettier than ever of recent times, good to see her looking good despite her busy schedule! Update from Haewadal's Youtube channel
  3. I'd fully agree about her S-line and collarbone! I recall she once said she was most proud of her hips and liked her arms too, and I think these are all attributes that make her stand out from other actresses who are thin and delicate-looking. As such her figure is beautiful and appealing even in conservative clothing. And yes, her eyes are probably her best facial attributes. So beautiful and full of expression, probably one of the things that make her acting a whole level above others (apart from her ability to play many varied roles and her willingness to take on new challenges)
  4. Haha, didn't realize that it was pink until I loaded it through my phone! Unfortunately my outdated computer screen is really bad and does not do justice to that lovely colour!
  5. That was when she presented the Daesang prize at the Baeksang Awards in May together with Yoon Kye Sang. She does look stunning in that beautiful dress!
  6. Jiwon's letter to the staff of Chocolate, along with Wellage products as gifts to them! I know this isn't the first time, she has been known to give gifts to the crew of the projects she did in the past. She's always so thoughtful and sweet! The letter has been translated into Japanese and Chinese by the person who posted this pic. I can't read Korean or Japanese, but I translated the Chinese text, and her letter is as follows: To my beloved and most respected Chocolate crew Filming in Greece has been completed smoothly. Now the real serious filming starts. This summer is sweltering hot. I'm starting to worry about our hardworking film crew. To cheer you on and keep the fatigue away in this heat, I have a little gift for you. Your skin is precious. And I'll work hard at my preparations and bring out my best acting skills. Let's work hard together till the very end to create a great drama that will remain in our hearts forever! Yours sincerely, Moon Cha Young/Ha Ji Won Originally posted by paengbo on Instagram, reposted and translated by hajiwon_sunshine1023 on Instagram
  7. According to the Chinese text, Jiwon had a fall from a bicycle during filming in Greece! That sounded worrying, but thankfully it was probably minor and didn't affect her much because it didn't stop her from attending a private sampling event held by Star Lane Vineyard, and she looks as good and happy as ever here. Original post by Star Lane Vineyard's official Weibo account, reposted by hajiwon_sunshine1023 on Instagram.
  8. Least favourite character? That’s an interesting topic and I must admit I never gave that any thought before! And upon thinking long and hard, I realized that while I haven’t finished watching as many of her dramas and movies as many of you have, I can’t think of any of her roles I didn’t like, and that’s mainly because she’s such a consistently good actress who always aces her roles. While I only came to know about Jiwon after watching Hospital Ship, my mum remembers watching Secret, one of her early dramas, and really disliked her in that role as a scheming person who tried to steal her sister’s identity. But recently, my mum also grew to love her after Hospital Ship, not realizing it was the same actress! She now says that Jiwon did a great job playing a villain as it takes really good acting to make you feel like reaching out through the screen and strangling her! I haven't watched Secret so I can't comment, though I believe that's the only role where it might actually be possible to dislike her in.
  9. She must be an amazing boss to work for! It seems like all her staff get along with her so well. If I were to work for someone like her I would always want to do my best for her without even having to be asked!
  10. Latest Youtube video from Haewadal's channel on Jiwon's preparations and choice of dress for the Baeksang Awards! That stunning pink gown she eventually picked was a brilliant choice, but I have to say she looked beautiful in the black suit and the white dress she tried on too! Actually, she looks good in just about anything. Also interesting to have a glimpse of what goes on during the preparations for such events, no matter how short! I love it that Haewadal is giving us so many little previews, hope they'll keep it up!
  11. Her nieces again if I'm not wrong? She seems to love her nieces a lot and gets along so well with them. I think she must be the most amazing and fun aunt to have ever!
  12. I really cannot decide which of her looks and hairstyles I like most, because she's always so pretty no matter what! But I have to agree that her current long black hair is one of the best so far, really lovely.
  13. If it's confirmed that's awesome! Really looking forward to Chocolate and Collateral in 2019, after such a long time of uncertainty. She'll be really busy though, hope she stays strong, looks after her health and finds enough time to rest in between filming!
  14. Oh yes, how could I have forgotten The King 2 Hearts and Hwang Jin Yi? That happens, I tend to get forgetful when I get busy and I knew there were other dramas to recommend but I just couldn't recall offhand! These two dramas are some of her best works and they're already on my list to watch next, but I haven't been able to watch them fully yet, only snippets here and there, due to being very busy with work.
  15. I know how you feel, and I'm glad I'm not the only one! She's insanely pretty, but beyond that I was amazed at her screen presence and acting in Hospital Ship, and I wondered who this actress who captured my heart like no other actually was, so I wasn't surprised to learn how great she actually was when I started searching for more info on her. And I wondered how I could have missed her out as a casual watcher of Korean dramas (I didn't follow any dramas religiously prior to discovering HJW but I would watch casually whenever my family or friends had the TV on) I don't know which of her older movies or dramas you can access from where you are, but I would actually recommend trying some of her earlier dramas like Secret and What Happened in Bali. The characters she plays in these aren't actually very likeable at times but they showcase her ability as an actress, and you can see that even though she was still quite new and her acting was less polished back then, she already did so well and had so much potential. And of course, if you haven't already seen it, Damo, which was one of the milestones in her career. For more recent ones, The Time We Were Not In Love was apparently not rated highly by a lot of people, even her fans, probably because of the script and the fact that people are used to seeing her in really strong, unconventional roles, but it actually shows a side closest to her real personality, sweet and down-to-earth, so I think it's still worth watching. As for her movies, I can think offhand of the ones I've watched, Phone, Love So Divine, Haeundae, Sector 7 and Life Risking Romance. You'll find her character in every movie very different, a testament to her versatility and ability to transform herself and become that character.
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