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  1. If it's confirmed that's awesome! Really looking forward to Chocolate and Collateral in 2019, after such a long time of uncertainty. She'll be really busy though, hope she stays strong, looks after her health and finds enough time to rest in between filming!
  2. Oh yes, how could I have forgotten The King 2 Hearts and Hwang Jin Yi? That happens, I tend to get forgetful when I get busy and I knew there were other dramas to recommend but I just couldn't recall offhand! These two dramas are some of her best works and they're already on my list to watch next, but I haven't been able to watch them fully yet, only snippets here and there, due to being very busy with work.
  3. I know how you feel, and I'm glad I'm not the only one! She's insanely pretty, but beyond that I was amazed at her screen presence and acting in Hospital Ship, and I wondered who this actress who captured my heart like no other actually was, so I wasn't surprised to learn how great she actually was when I started searching for more info on her. And I wondered how I could have missed her out as a casual watcher of Korean dramas (I didn't follow any dramas religiously prior to discovering HJW but I would watch casually whenever my family or friends had the TV on) I don't know which of her older movies or dramas you can access from where you are, but I would actually recommend trying some of her earlier dramas like Secret and What Happened in Bali. The characters she plays in these aren't actually very likeable at times but they showcase her ability as an actress, and you can see that even though she was still quite new and her acting was less polished back then, she already did so well and had so much potential. And of course, if you haven't already seen it, Damo, which was one of the milestones in her career. For more recent ones, The Time We Were Not In Love was apparently not rated highly by a lot of people, even her fans, probably because of the script and the fact that people are used to seeing her in really strong, unconventional roles, but it actually shows a side closest to her real personality, sweet and down-to-earth, so I think it's still worth watching. As for her movies, I can think offhand of the ones I've watched, Phone, Love So Divine, Haeundae, Sector 7 and Life Risking Romance. You'll find her character in every movie very different, a testament to her versatility and ability to transform herself and become that character.
  4. A warm welcome! I'm pretty new here too, and like you, I only got to know about Ha Ji Won last year after watching Hospital Ship. Do log in often and read through all the past posts too if you have the time, there's a ton of info to be found here!
  5. And here's her interview with that famous Youtuber. It's quite a long clip, just too bad I don't understand Korean! I wish someone could translate and subtitle or at least give a rough summary of what they're talking about, but for now I'm content with watching her talk with her usual cheery sweetness and contagious laugh. Video credit: 대도서관TV (buzzbean11) on Youtube
  6. Sad to hear that Ha Jiwon's Disclosable Secret will not be a regular feature, but guess she's going to be too busy filming the upcoming movie. Looking forward to seeing her on screen again, though to be honest I sometimes enjoy watching all these little moments of her just as much, if not more, as they actually give an insight into her real personality as opposed to the characters she plays on screen!
  7. New episode of Ha Jiwon's Disclosable Secret is up! How I envy those people, I could have just as easily been eating in a local restaurant like this when she came in! The French toast she had happens to be one of my favourites too. It's loaded with sugar and fat, but she can sure afford to enjoy it since she's so fit and active!
  8. Hopefully she'll visit HK again in the future! But for now I'll be happy enough to look forward to her new movie. Hopefully she does confirm the drama which has been rumoured too, really hope to see more of her on screen after so long!
  9. At Hong Kong airport, heading back to Korea. Simply beautiful, and so nice and appreciative of her fans' gifts as always! Wish I could have been there! I'm actually from Hong Kong but I'm away now. Otherwise, had I known she'd be leaving today, I might have camped out there. Even a glimpse of her from afar would have been great! In my entire life, I've liked a lot of other actresses but never to this extent. She's the only star I might ever do that for! Copyright hajiwonhk1023 Instagram
  10. Beautiful Jiwon made the headlines in a Hong Kong newspaper over the amFAR event Photo credit: mashalove on Instagram
  11. These are from the video of her recent stay at Kuala Lumpur. Have to say she's looking amazingly fit! It's hard to imagine that she's turning 41 in just a few months!
  12. Seems like fanmeeting in Tokyo beginning! Wish I could attend one of these one day Photo from hajiwonhk1023 instagram
  13. Haewadal Entertainment's Youtube channel just posted the latest episode of "Ha Jiwon's disclosable secret". She's really dedicated and hardworking!
  14. Malaysian fans managed to take photos with her at the airport! Wishing her a safe flight back Instagram post deleted for some reason. For those on Facebook, the photos can still be seen at https://www.facebook.com/hajiwon1023my/
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