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  1. I believe she will get through it just fine, as we know knets can be very judgmental and this is not the first time she has faced criticism for various things. But HJW has always been a strong person who does things the way she likes, isn't afraid to be different and is loved for that. I guess that's one part of what we love about her! https://www.instagram.com/p/CQK3Xnmnb-M/ She updated her IG! With someone named Nam Sang Woon, probably an artist from what I found online. Can't seem to copy IG posts here anymore
  2. Haewadal Youtube channel update! She looks so stunningly beautiful here! Glad to see her looking happy and healthy too
  3. After so long, an update in Jiwon's IG that's a photo of herself, not some random art stuff! Wonder if this is the look she'll be portraying in Bigwang? https://www.instagram.com/p/CPdnGh1nuiq/
  4. Just saw Ryu Seung Ryong's IG post that Bigwang started filming already! I would love to hear new casting news for Ji Won too, but my guess is that knowing how important this project is to her, she probably won't want to commit to anything new till it is done. Not going to be too greedy, I only hope for 2 things - that the coronavirus cases will not spike again to affect the filming and that things will improve by the time the movie is screened so that it'll do very well and do justice to Ji Won!
  5. Oh... Haha! That's still very sweet of her and a surprise too, considering how little she uses her IG to interact!
  6. Wow, she actually commented on your IG? That's amazing, considering how little she ever comments on anything there! You're really lucky then! Just wondering what was the post she commented about?
  7. Haha... that childhood photo is one of my favourite photos of her ever! It's amazing how much she looked like she does today even back then, and it's one of the best examples to prove that her looks are all-natural and she has always had the same features. This and another photo with her mother where you can see where her facial features come from.
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