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  1. Wow, in college?! I didn't know anything about her career or what she's doing in this movie apart from the fact that she's the grown up Seung Yi, but my mum said she looks like a college student in some of the cuts! Looks like she was right! My mum also couldn't believe how convincingly a woman in her early 40s can look like a college student, lol!
  2. Wow, it's a really hard choice because she's so beautiful and she brings every single character to life so well! I can't think of an absolute favourite. I do love Moon Cha Young, I wasn't used to seeing Ji Won so "soft" at first, but the character is in fact supposed to be close to the real Ji Won. What's more, she's so pretty! I love her character styling here. Empress Ki was of course impressive, she was so beautiful, regal and powerful, in a very elegant classic way from a bygone era. Though her character there wasn't perfect it was necessary to explain why she did the things she did and how she rose to power, and the character development was one of the deepest from being disguised as a man to a powerful empress. I think that was one of the defining roles of Ji Won's career. Another personal favourite would be Song Eun Jae in Hospital Ship. This character is special to me because it was where I first discovered Ha Ji Won, the only actress I would ever bother following like crazy in my life! I like the character growth, like how cold and distant she seems at first while actually struggling with her emotions and how she gradually learns to warm up and lean on others for support. She also struck me with how beautiful she was in that drama, I know some people disagreed but I loved her short hairstyle during that period, it fitted her so well and made her look so pretty. And I liked Bong Hee in Love So Divine too. She was adorably sassy and wild in the earlier parts but revealed a deeper emotional side the way only Ha Ji Won could bring out, and she was so pretty there with her beautiful figure and healthy complexion. These are the ones I can think of, but honestly many others are pretty close because Ji Won plays every role so well!
  3. Apparently Ji Won is in Geoje Island for the filming of House On Wheels, coincidentally the same location where Hospital Ship was filmed! https://www.instagram.com/p/CDaln9wJRah/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CDa0TTBpg2M/
  4. Here's the English subtitled interview on Instagram, loads easier than on kisstvshow and it's a shorter video with Ji Won's segment alone! Copied as a link here as this forum no longer allows embedding of Instagram posts. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDWF3p0pAA4/
  5. @ben1090 Sure! Here's the Collateral preview with Chinese subtitles, and my translation Note that the translation is purely based on the Chinese subtitles and may not be fully accurate, because it is very hard to know the context with just a few snippets here and there. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Sa4y1E7r1 I'll take you as collateral in place of the money They're all going to be driven out. How about the child? To pay the debt, she has to stick close to him Don't get too worried He raises her well to fulfil this responsibility You're collateral! Collateral? What is it? Hi! Welcome! She's really cute indeed, and much more! But don't just take our word for it, do check out more of her past work, interviews and trivia, many of which can be found in the earlier days of this thread!
  6. Wow thanks for the link! I won't need to translate it from Chinese now. It's even better, presumably even more accurate if translated directly from Korean. Amazing commercial filming and interview!
  7. Many of the YouTube videos can't be viewed in my country too! This is a Chinese video website, try it and see if you can watch it? https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1HV411z7o4?from=seopage By the way, I'm already working on a translation based on this video's Chinese subtitles. I hardly know any Korean but I can translate Chinese to English. I won't be able to upload subs into a video, though, I don't have the time and skill to do that, but I will provide the whole transcript when it's done.
  8. I'm so impressed that the way she ran during that filming and demonstrated the sword techniques, she doesn't seem rusty at all! And it's not just that she has a pretty and young face, she's also in great shape, like no difference compared to her 20s. She's really so special and unique. Glad to know the forums are back too! I nearly had a heart attack last week when they were down for such a long time, because there's really a treasure trove of valuable info here.
  9. A belated welcome, liv_1023! I'm also a relative newbie here like you, but glad to see people keeping this thread alive every now and then! I have the whole episode of this with Chinese subs. I don't know how accurate they are but I'm guessing fairly. I've been wanting to do this; no promises, of course, because life has been far too busy for me for a long time, but one day when I have the time I might do English subs from the Chinese ones (I don't know Korean at all but I am fluent in both English and Chinese). I hope I'll be able to find the time soon!
  10. So glad to see so much news about our queen and to know that she seems to be doing well, and she has a lot of activities scheduled! Have been seeing them all over the place but haven't had the time to post anything. Thanks strwbrry for all the updates!
  11. And a surprise find on this Japanese site. This is very recent (16 April) and Jiwon was voted Number 1 among Korean veteran actresses in this poll, surpassing the second highest by a very wide margin. Glad she's still loved and popular in Japan and hopefully the situation will improve by October so that her fan meetings there will be able to proceed smoothly. http://www.bihann.com/topics/entry_37.html
  12. A funny montage of past and recent clips of her that she posted in her Instagram. I wonder who put this together? If you look carefully at the TV screen you can see that she's recording with her phone and her cute laughter can also be heard throughout!
  13. Hope all of you are all right! It's been a depressing few weeks indeed with the virus raging round the world. Do take care of your health, everyone! On a happy note, Jiwon seems to have started filming! I wonder what is this, it's probably her new movie. I thought they were scheduled to shoot only in June but it looks like South Korea is one of the countries that has been doing better and managed to bring the situation somewhat under control. With Chocolate over and Collateral's screening delayed, all I could do for now was to watch snippets of her old stuff on Youtube, so it'll be good to see her again and hopefully there will be more updates and behind the scenes footage!
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