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  1. @dukesa1122 I agree that she is actually a professional ninja that I have ever seen :)) but I'm used to it. Personally I think she doesn't want to make any attenttion towards her because her husband's drama is nearly on air. If you notice, before or during Encounter, her husband doesn't do anything either. I think he wants everyone pay attention to Kyo'sdrama. And now it's Kyo's turn. Haha, am I too sweet? By the way, I think asadal chronicles wll be more successful than Dots, it will make the biggest wave in Korea film again. after Dots, I don't see any film can make a big influence. Just look at the cast: SJK, JDG, KOB. All of them are known as the "real power" actor and actress in Korea. Moreover, the writer couple is the best, too. I mean that there is no reason for the film to fail. Ohh, I have gone too far, sorry guys but can't wait for his filmmmm
  2. Watching the video of Suecomma Bonnie I realize that the cameraman rarely film the whole body of Kyo, they just film the upper part or her legs or if they film the whole body, it just happens when Kyo sits or lies. This makes me feel funny. I know her height is her weakness but this makes the special thing which creates our Kyo. You can see the same way in Encounter, the cameraman just focus on her face. Don't be serious of my comment, I am her fan since WW. In particular, her voice is so sweet, it makes me die immediately :))
  3. The recent Yusuke's post with our Kyo has most likes and comments in his ig, I think. Everything will be alright if those comments like trash appear on his post. Some pp say some thing mad and somebody else argue with them. This makes the terrible mess in his ig. Wow, how can I say? It is the stupid thing that I have ever seen. So crazy!!! And I worry for our beauty if she knows that her fans make a trash coversation on her friend's ig. Moreover, I think that if this problem coutinues, her companions will hesitate when they have a plan to post the picture include Kyo. if it happen as I say, we can not see her anymore in any someone's ig. I really worry about that.
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