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  1. That's it, I'm not watching anymore...It's gotten far to ridiculous...What a load of old rubbish...If they run out of ideas that would allow the drama to flow properly and logically, they should have just stopped it at finding Chan/Gun and LSH getting his identity back. Everyone be appropriately punished and moved on to the next drama...not this load of farfetched baloney...This added stuff at the end is bull...with a capital B... grrrrrrrrr I'm DONE, DONE, DONE...
  2. OMG, I've just watch ep 72 with sub. Don't tell me AR is going to act as if KMJ is the missing grandson I take back all what I've said about it being LSH being the name on the paper. Wow, if the writer did that, then her mind is really scary. What more can she do to that poor man.
  3. @marrez1 Tiffany was already hateful as well as neglectful from the off...Her character was flawed from the fact as his real aunt she allowed KNJ to be raised in an orphanage. The writer kept Tiffany true to the character she was suppose to play. Chan is adorable and I love him but no 5 year old who is not being abused or very strictly disciplined is going to sit quietly for hours on end without making a fuss. As a social worker to me that is a clear sign something is not right. A lot of earlier comments peg Tiffany right from the moment she left Chan with the Oh's overnight without so much as a phone call the day she arrived in Korea and continued to leave him with stranger left, right and size ways. I knew Chan abusive history would come to light sooner or later. KNJ even hinted that she wasn't fit to raise a child. Today episode was moving, and scary at the same time for poor Chan. I believe the letter that the chairman received is a ruse to the viewers about the sale of Aura Bio. But it actually the police DNA report stating LSH is their biological grandson, something the VC put in place as proof to them of LSH's identity, and all the stuff KMJ and AR have been doing as been for nothing
  4. Grrrrrrrrrrrr, so frustrating... After my visit to KBS, from watching episode 69... you may not recognise me. I'm in disguise This is what you get for messing with my sweet baby Chan... giving him to that horrible woman to raise. As well as for continuing to torture and torment LSH. And as much as I love her OSH needs to fix up and think smart, she is really starting to get on my nerves, with all the crying, sniffing and not enough thinkin!!! And if she says Susi (Soo Hoo ssi) one more time my head is going to explode.
  5. frustrating isn't the word to describe OSH behaviour and stupidity. The whole Oh Family along with LSH eyesight must have been affected the day the family went bankrupted. Are you telling me not even one of them saw Esther when she walked right by them, carrying the child no less. What happened to their peripheral vision??? Weren't they looking for a lost son??? And how is it that Esther, KNJ, and AR all move much faster than OSH & LSH? OSH even found time to sit on the ground and rest from emotional exhaustion when in hot pursuit in their bid to rescue Chan from the evil wrongdoers I rolled my eyes so much during this episode I think I dislocated my eyeballs...So now just like the Oh's & LSH I fail to see whats right in front of me... This is how Esther, KNJ & AR travel to their destination in Dramaville!!! This is everyone else running backwards... The only one in this drama with any sense is Chan... bless him... This drama started out so well...
  6. Not satisfied with giving a blind man a touch screen phone, the director really out done h imself today . When your baby pulls out a cell phone... Casually says...Appa /아빠 me and Chan are hungry bring food. Todays episode was hilarious...
  7. OMG, I'm sorry but this drama is getting on my last nerve... What exactly do the police, actually police in these k-dramas. KNJ hires thugs to block the meeting room and everyone stands around looking clueless. It takes almost 12 hours if not more to spot the obvious, when it came to Esther, Tiffany and the fact baby Chan being Gun. They rushed in like a team of locus when the kid clearly wasn't theirs and stand back pausing to think like Confucius when he is [can you hear me rolling my eyes...] This drama got me so annoyed with the episode where the mother found out that she killed her son and tried to kill herself. Although well acted, it should have been a time for her to reflect on her behaviour and wrongdoings. It really kills me how the wicked and sinful are never really punished in Korean dramas and the chaste and pure of heart are put through the wringer, hurt and tormented by the baddie for the best part of the whole series. [empathy can only go so far, after that it feels like stupidity] Then they forgive their persecutors as if nothing happened. Like someone didn't just ruin their life. In my book there is no crime without punishment. Why is it in the Korean dramas, when the good guy makes a mistake he is sent to prison for years, being rub of their life and youth and the bad guy is living it up at their expense. I would really like to see something different and thought this series was it. Looks like I was wrong. It has slipped right back into the same oh same oh... I'm sorry, but this time just saying SORRY!!! Isn't enough One very peed off fan
  8. @Ameera Ali The title is "The Person I Love" @lu09 PKD dad put the wallet there to find the person who wanted to hurt his son. He believed OSH when she told them they were looking for the evidence from PKD. He just didn't know if it was KNJ or Esther, they seem to still be struggling with the fact KNJ is a bad egg .
  9. @dulceres I'm happy they are together again, but think it would have had more of an impact if he had declared his love while still thinking he was PKD. But a beautiful union in the book store holding the book that he left the message in that he'd never forget her (Oh the irony). There are more secrets to be revealed and evidence to gather. The vice chairman will open his mouth only after he realises PKD is actually LSH his nephew and that his wife had a part to play in said nephew's disappearance 30 years ago. This is the point where little madam and KNJ will become partners in crime to take over Aura Group. NJ dad is not apart of Aura group, if he is that hasn't been revealed yet. So far it appear that he and little madam went to art collage in France together, met and fell in love. But he is poor and love doesn't put food in your belly or pay the rent. Ae Ra is from a rich family. While she was in love and it was just the two of them it was fun and they were happy and in love. But once the baby NJ was born, I think a little post natal depression set in from being, poor and not making ends meet. She grew tired with the struggle, so she ran away and married PKD uncle. It was probably a collaboration marriage which didn't work out so well for Ae Ra's family . I don't think it matters what NJ is planning at this point in the game. The thing he has to concentrate most is keeping afloat and in the Chairman's and Esther's favour. Esther will have no fear of throwing KNJ under the bus to save herself and right now she has been caught redhanded. The race is on now for PKD and OSH to find evidence and for Esther, KNJ and Ae Ra to cover their tracks all the villains are going to be busy over the next 50 or so episodes I think the little boy must look like LSH when he was young as he eyes lingered on the child far too long, but he doesn't know yet that OSH was pregnant. When he find out he will be more curious than she as to what happened to his child. I also think they will be a slip from adoptive mother as to how she got her son. This episode as already foreshadowed that she plans to get close to OSH's family. She is also really dipsy and trusting and I think her mouth is the same as OSH mother's so it won't be long before she spills the beans, @Ameera Ali DoRi is Esther's son she is too selfish to raise someone else's child and love him so much. I wouldn't worry about her or Madam raising him that will never happen. Once their crimes have been revealed, they will be kicked out or locked up, unless the chairman dies before the end of this series.
  10. I knew LSH would get his memory back and not tell them, yay for him . It's time to out smart the idiots who think they can get away with changing someones face forever. LSH emotional breakdown was so well acted I cried with empathy as he remembered all the pain he put OSH through, every heartbreaking word he ever said to her. "Like I'm not y our husband I'm Esther's" that one even pained me. It's a killer, especially if you look back to the earlier episodes where he swore OSH in a letter that he'd never forget her even if he couldn't remember who he was . I think the issue with the adoptive mother will be solved but putting her in an accident and killing her off while OSH parent are still looking after him. If they haven't killed her off already seeing as she didn't come back for him. I also think LSH will make the mistake of thinking the boy is his after speaking to him briefly and hearing him call his FIL grandfather. I think the misunderstanding will come when he finds OSH and tells her he remembers. She will tell him they had a child but doesn't get to tell him the child died as they are interrupted drama world style . How the family can still have trust in KNJ is beyond me they must be the thickest people on the planet. There are so many inconsistencies and suspicious behaviour from both KNJ and Esther that even a supposably blind man (OSH father) can see right through them . Anyhow today episode was epic. I loved watching it all unfold
  11. Yepee, doing a happy dance Esther finally get what she deserve. How stupid can she be to think little madam wouldn't have reported the pearls especially if they are trying to catch the doctor with them. Esther dug a really deep hole for herself this time. As for the child at the hospital he is definitely SH and SH son. I thought this from the beginning that the mother lied that the child died. She put that baby up for adoption without telling the others. The sister was too young to realise and the father is blind. She is so dumb that she probably decided that they couldn't afford the hospital bill to care for a prem baby with a heart condition, so they would all be better off without him. Like Esther the SH mother is greedy and as dumb as a post and never thinks of the aftermath of her actions. She had the cheek to still have faith in KNJ even after seeing the image and hearing what her husband and daughter had to say. I'd love to enter drama land and give that stupid woman a slap, and a glass of cold water to the face Kdrama style From watching the end I think LSH has got his memory back completely. When he was calling for OSH both after the accident and coming out of the ambulance was him reliving the car crash of 5 years ago while unconscious. Esther in your face
  12. I'm so excited, episode 44 was thrilling...Poor PKD is in yet another car accident. I hope they make him get his memory back and only telling OSH, that he has. Then together they decide to have him pretend not to remember anything so that they can trap KNJ and Esther and gather all the evidence they need to lock those two up. It's about time these two start to think smart and become more devious than KNJ and Esther.
  13. @dulceres, I'm with you on seeing little madam go nuts when she realises she's a s-bag who killed her own kid and the one she throw away will be the sole heir and get everything she'd plot and schemed for. As for OHS's mom her brain must be the size of a fishes. She is so dumb and frustrating I'd love to wire her mouth shut indefinitely . All she thinks about is her own greed and feels it will be sated by KNJ, her Lord and saviour. I can't not mention the lack of filter on that mouth of hers and then she has the cheek to wonder why they don't tell her anything (the fish) . If they dare to give up that a-hole of a doctor without calling the police I will scream and throw something at the screen. They should have PDK and OSH move in together while he is still unsure about his identity, but not his love and drive everyone nuts
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