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  1. So finally he said it,he likes her. And I think that she starts to like him too. But also I really enjoyed her scenes with his older brother, and I kinda pitty him. He is good guy, he likes her, he join school just for her,and he lost her as soon as Lee Kang-Woo arrived. it is kinda sad, and I want a pair for him too. Also they could develop relationship between JSJ and LJH a bit faster. And I hope PHS will fell in love with KMY very hard And this girl next door is pretty strange, I was hoping that she will be pair for one of the brothers, but no.She has pictures of JSY in the center, and they are making heart...hope she is not gay or kind of fanatic...
  2. In below scene, could he see her face? As there was this music, the same one when he could see her real face, not only "imprinted" one, what do you think?
  3. Above pics are sad, but on the other hand VP and Dominic looks really good together :-D He is handsome with charm and she is really pretty :-D I dodn't notice it before as they haven't had scenes together till last ep, but I see here potencial for another drama haha
  4. Can't wait for next ep, this one seems to be super sad. But she needs to learn the lesson, and he needs to "experience" life without her, now when he is in love with her, and he knows that there is no other woman. Hope that today subs will be realised much quicker than yesterday :/ I wonder if there be scene from trailer, the one in which he is giving her flowers and saying that he loves her from the begining?
  5. Alhough, I don't like fact that he kissed VP-GH(kiss scene itself was ), I won't give up on the story. There might be reason why they are doing it this way, and maybe he need to realised first that his own words about not to be able to fell in love with anyone else, were not true. As he still denny to be in love with GH, he need some help to realise it (will DJ help, now when he knows?). And now I wonder when he will see GH one more time (and I hope that her 'I like you' was not a love confession,rather comforting when he felt unhappy ehh)
  6. Hi All, just watched with sub and I think that he might think that now he can only see GH everywhere, and actually not VP.Maybe that is why he will start see some similarities such as bandage, but I don't whink that he will add 1 1, at least not now.And he will start to question himself and his feelings towards GH. Not sure about the kiss either, he maybe want just ot try it to erase picture of GH, but on the other hand if she let him, then it will be super weird at the offcie...
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