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  1. At this point in the drama, I only accept two endings: YMR ends alone or they all die. I don't buy her with the doctor who changed her face to WHK's to take another chance on the woman he loved, shaping WHK's personality that fits with himself. But I confess I cannot imagine a different end for KIW other than what appears at the beginning of ep 1. Now, everyone, KIW comes from a Chaebol family, they are like that, they are created that way because they have to be like that, otherwise they wouldn't be the 3rd largest conglomerate of the country. They need to be strong. The way he deals with situations is perfectly understandable, considering the means from which he comes. Of course, I am not referring to violence against YMR, but to everything else. I think his dad knows there's something wrong with that YMR's comeback and he's pushing his son to tell him right away (by showing YMR). I also cannot believe that Dad threw away all the photos of his late wife. The expressions the old man makes when he hears the KIW's lies are priceless, if he gives them good laughs. I don't think KIW will be able to get YMR face surgery before his father finds out the whole truth. I think if KIW had seduced JHR, he would have discovered the truth soon enough. JHR was angry at SJW on the fourth occasion and still lacking affection. It was going to be easy for someone like him. Impressed by KIW's instincts, he didn't even turn around, but he already knew the YMR was behind him in Gallery. Impressed, too, with Soo Young's acting on the scene when he returns home after another pressure from his father, and takes the picture of YMR and his mother from the jacket . He even sweated in this scene! I don't know if it's just Soo Young merit is only his or the production warmed the air so that it was sweaty! And we have another new song, plus one from KIW.
  2. Hey, @zenya22 you're not going to do your review eps. 29-32? Please, do it! I think KIW suffers from the Oedipus Complex, which only manifested himself when he became an adult. How can he think in YMR sexually if he sees his mother when he looks at her? It doesn't go into my mind.
  3. Dr. Ha is disgusting. Hey, guys, did you see? KIW does have a picture of his mother, his father didn't throw them all away. I still doubt that he did it, I think the photos are stored somewhere that only he, the father, knows.
  4. But that's what I'm talking about. JHR got his money, but I think KIW is so focused on YMR and getting revenge on SJW, he did not even remember her. And @zenya22 I need to give you the credit, you were right when you said the YMR had intimacy with KIW before she ran away. I thought they did not because she did not get pregnant. Good girl! @zenya22 You said "The PD and writers have implied, suggested denoted in many ways the many times she was beaten, therefore they really don't have to show them doing, either the beating or the bedding. The writers and the PD assume that we read between the lines, (my thinking)." I have admit it I'm too much practice to understand between the lines. The situation has to be direct, shown or spoken in the drama. I struggle, but I assumed that if it is not so, I don't understand.
  5. I agree with you, KYW will never get used to the new face of YMR. I don't even get used to it, it seems strange to see her with him. I also want to see what he's going to do about his father. I think it would be right for him to leave here at home. He will be removed from the position of President of the company. But maybe he tried to kill himself, because he wouldn't have anything else to lose, anyway. The curious thing is that KIW didn't destroy JHR, but he is destroying the life of Dr. HA and, of course, he will destroying the life of SJW.
  6. I wanted to know why the Press is in clinical SJW. Does the Park Ha-Na will back to drama? Now i'm liking the performance of Han-byul. The father of KIW is a handler, lied to the son who didn't care with YMR have the face of his late wife. And that stepmother ... liked that the chairman put it in her due place.
  7. That fear is one that the KIW has of his father, it seems child! Close to his father KIW gets paralyzed by the fear!
  8. What you mean, @zenya22I want KIW to be okay, but I cannot like the YMR/SJW couple. I try but I just cannot. KIW looks much more interesting to me than SJW. I understood, but the article itself talks about the possibility of recovery of the batterer.
  9. I'm reading the article... "The cycle of violence will not end until one partner leaves or seeks treatment." I don't think the drama writer will pick this path, but KIW would still hope for change. "Men that are abuse are very clever, smart, and extremely charming. Most of these men have a personality that draws people in because of their level of charm this is part of their art to deceive and manipulate." KIW, The businessman, son of a .chaebol's family, who studied at Harvard, who was coveted by the rich young women, but who married a simple young woman and who, they say, is extremely passionate and devoted to his wife. But he was meant to be that way for his father. "In conclusion I need to say that batters can change they can stop this behavior and treat their intimate partner the way they should be treated. I have seen many men change, I remind myself that people aren’t their behavior, it’s just what is manifested on the surface and we must get beneath that and deal with the root cause". KIW can change and have a good ending. ***** KIW didn't reject the rich girls because they knew him, in fact, they didn't know him because he, as you said up there, is mysterious. KIW rejected them because they met the YMR, a poor girl who wasn't in his social circle. The money didn't matter. ****************** It's true, myself, I cannot forget that frightened sweet little boy at the corner of the wall, being threatened by his father. I just cannot. On several occasions, he has shown affection and attention with YMR, you could see in KIW's look was giving her, so I cannot help liking him. He always protects her from his father by standing in the front to receive an eventual assault in her place! Putting yourself at risk for it. I still think he will not recover without YMR by his side. He was sincere always, he said she is the antidote that will prevent the poison from taking over him. This must be taken into account. I really thought JHR could have hoped for him if she wanted to, but his obsession with YMR is too deep. He even considered having any relationship other than the strictly "professional" relationship with JHR. As for the detective, he's always rude to her. He even said it was not her business where he was going when he left the "WHK" workplace. On the finale, I think it will be as it appeared in the 1st and 1st, KIW will die, although I wish it was not so. The only end that will satisfy me, if the YMR doesn't end with KIW, will be the death of the three characters. To tragedy to tragedy. I just do not understand why in the preview she asks SJW to return her face. What does she want? Thanks for the article.
  10. But @zenya22 this is my point, there has not always been stress in this relationship. When they married, I suppose there was love, no fear and violence at the beginning. It may be that KIW himself does not want children. Yeah, I agree with that. Seriously? When? There is not a scene even sexier between them than that kiss on the neck...
  11. @zenya22I was especially impressed how KIW protected the supposed WHK instinctively as soon as he knew she was facing his father at the lobby. And it is true, KIG never criticized his son for his taste for art, he only became more attentive when KIW decided to make a contract with Kyung Art Gallery, which corroborates my theory that KIW is extremely dependent on YMR and, therefore, for not being able to stay reasonable away from it, I consider it weaker even than the YMR itself. After all, it was a big deal! I would still like to know why YMR didn't have children with KIW since they have been married for 5 years! Another thing the show doesn't make clear: when KIW started beating YMR? They must have had a time of happiness marriage before the violence began. And in this time of happiness, why didn't she get pregnant? Does Kang Il-Gook's claim make sense, after all, what is she doing to avoid babies? Did she take contraception without KIW knowing? Did they, instead, even have an intimate relationship? Or did KIW himself know about the contraceptive, but did he accept it because himself didn't want children? This wasn't yet clear in the drama. How did she avoid babies? Any guess? Someone? @bebebisous33
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