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  1. I agree. KIW's life was very different from the SJW lifestyle. It does not justify his violence with his wife, but that doesn't mean he cannot love his way. And he loved the YMR. His attitudes are the result of insecurity, because he always knew that the YMR didn't love him. In the second part of the drama, I thought the YMR was even cruel to KIW. In the scene where he stands in front of her to protect her from his father, he cut off his arm and she did not even help him take care of the wound. It's a question of humanity, people! Sad scene, among so many in this drama, is when she tells him that she doesn't love him and he says he is aware of it. He expression of sadness and desolation that he makes is touching
  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanmacdonald/2019/03/23/what-does-love-in-sadness-have-going-for-it-beside-a-scandal/#a357c0090d7d
  3. @PhoenixEmpress 1 RSY stoles the whole show! 2 I loved too. And his stepmother running away with money and her son? 3 Yes, I found this ending very unfair to KIW. And SJW did not even care that his wife died because she had no help from Dr. Ha. 4 Yeah, I felt that too. @zenya22 Like I said, YMR was very cruel with KIW. Every time she came back, she gave hope to KIW. She even told in the hospital that they were the perfect couple (to save SJW) and then, when he threatened to kill himself with the Russian roulette, she said that she loved him only to go out arm in arm with SJW. Think of a character that made me angry. Each time she did that, KIW was filled with hope of a happy return. I know a couple who split up, but he didn't accept the end of the relationship. That ex-wife never treated him badly, she was sure she didn't want to go back, that the marriage was over. And he tried to go back to her several times, but she was always firm in her decision, saying that she wasn't going to go back with him, that the marriage was over... She told me herself, that she always sorry for the end of their relationship because she loved him too much, but couldn't insist on him. They had no children. To this day, when they meet, he feeds hope of a return, but she rejects him with gentleness and education. YMR used KIW, she never loved him, so she was so cruel to him. She wanted the security that KIW was supposed to provide. When security came with a price she was not willing to pay, a high price, there was nothing left. KIW is there, humiliating herself, begging, but she has an expression of contempt and contempt.
  4. @Moroodliin 1 I agree! Actually, I've been talking a long time ago. 2 Again, I agree with you. She showed no regard for the man she had lived with for five years and who, though violent and abusive, did her best to please her. She could be separated from him, as she did, but I found she was very cruel at various times, in a way he never demonstrated to be with her, taking away the violence. 3 So I never judged KIW. I've always thought it wrong to beat her, unjustifiable, but only to throw stones at him, I cannot. Look at the life he had, look at his father's endless pressure. He grew up without love and insecurity. He was raised by his father to be the successor to the Gunha Group, so it's natural that he acts abusively with everyone, authoritarian, selfish ... Everything in that house revolves around him as the Group's future single president. I've really felt for KIW since the beginning of the drama. And I found some of the things YMR said to him unnecessary. She really was very cruel. And yet I said I did not hate him, imagine if I hated him!
  5. @zenya22 I saw some scenes of LMIH and I found the husband a lot more scumbag than KIW. Much more, actually. And yet, I heard that he redeemed himself.
  6. For me, he is the only one who is making it worth seeing the drama because the YMR2 and SJW couple is very boring. I like the performance of JHW. PHB has bloomed in the end, I have enjoyed her performance.
  7. I really liked you review. KIW was prepared for his own father to be like that. As he was the natural successor to the conglomerate, his father had prepared him since he was a little boy, including sending him to an MBA at Harvard. KIW's attitudes are natural to whoever was created to be so. The father told him "if anyone betrays you, make him understand that he will not do it and go unpunished," "cut off the other's head, before they cut off your head". KIW learned very well what his father taught. SJW is not very smart. Especially when confronted with KIW. I totally agree with you. And I loved it when KIW told SJW about his obsession with WHK's face in that hospital. It is incomprehensible that YMR wants to stay with SJW knowing this. And that chat from which the SJW now sees YMR even with WHK's face does not convince me. Also because if YMR stays with SJW, which I think is going to happen, it will "inherit" WHK's gallery and work on it. And how will it be with customers? They don't even know WHK is dead. Will she introduce herself as YMR or WHK? And how is she going to say it's the YMR if you have WHK's face? Will she assume to be the WHK even though she is not? I still find this romance between YMR and SJW very forced, foolish, even. In fact, YMR attached to SJW because he saw her the way her is, unlike KIW, who always saw only the face. Kindness and affection KIW demonstrates by the YMR. He beats her when she opposes him (which is not right, of course!). For me, the most convincing end would be for the three to die. Since the drama began with sadness, the end should also follow this line.
  8. @zenya22 I didn't see this, I saw that he was shot and fell into the water. If he doesn't die from the shot, he will certainly drown. Now, if he doesn't really die, fine, I'll love it, but the YMR will not be free if he doens't die. And it only has 4 more eps. It's a short time for him to recover. I do not want KIW and YMR to stay together anymore. Not after what she did in those 4 eps.
  9. @dolorisbrady I must agree with that. But this behavior is expected of KIW, not SJW. And the YMR said he loved KIW so he would give up the idea of killing himself, but soon after, he dumped KIW on his own and went with SJW! Seriously, I was very angry. What a useless scene! Why do all that, then? It only counted on the performance of the actors, especially RSY.
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