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  1. @zenya22 I didn't see this, I saw that he was shot and fell into the water. If he doesn't die from the shot, he will certainly drown. Now, if he doesn't really die, fine, I'll love it, but the YMR will not be free if he doens't die. And it only has 4 more eps. It's a short time for him to recover. I do not want KIW and YMR to stay together anymore. Not after what she did in those 4 eps.
  2. @dolorisbrady I must agree with that. But this behavior is expected of KIW, not SJW. And the YMR said he loved KIW so he would give up the idea of killing himself, but soon after, he dumped KIW on his own and went with SJW! Seriously, I was very angry. What a useless scene! Why do all that, then? It only counted on the performance of the actors, especially RSY.
  3. @zenya22 1 No doubt that. I have been enjoying Han-byul in these last few eps., It looks like she has joined the YMR and bloomed. Finally! I also like Ji Hyun-woo, is a good actor, the character is that it is annoying. The RSY is the owner of the show, he deserves all awards involving TV in South Korea, he really deserves every one of them. I had never seen any drama he did. I have never seen any, in fact, only "Love in Sadness". The ease with which he changes KIW's facial expressions and mood is impressive. Many experienced actors cannot do this. 2 It took him too long to rebel. I never believed KIW was afraid of his father. When KIW asked YMR on the lake if she could not live his way for his sake, and only for a while, I imagined he was referring to the day he would take over the GH Group. I just didn't know what he was promising to YMR when he said that. 3 I was looking forward to it, but since KIW is going to die, what's the point? 4 Discovery Channel vibes. 5 and 7 Everyone knows that I'm praying for KIW, so I'd love for him to recover and get on with his life, but that's only in an alternate ending, which will not happen since the preview has already been released. There are abusers and abusers. Not everyone should be treated in the same way because not everyone is equal, there is much more to be found than the human mind can understand. I've always been in sympathy with KIW. Every time I looked at him, I remembered that frightened child, who felt abandoned when his mother killed himself and at the mercy of his father's violence, having to deal with this violence alone, with no one to defend him. And I confess, for me it was very difficult to see these eps., see the KIW beg the love of the YMR and only receive contempt and disgust. Of course he did it in her, he didn't know how to love her, he hurt her a lot in the last five years, I don't blame her for having that attitude, but I was enraged that she promised several times that she would stay with him to save SJW, said he loved him, said he would stay with him, as they were the perfect couple, but come back countless times. She would not allow him to approach her, he would not allow any contact, he would mistreat him... In the Russian roulette scene the YMR said he loved KIW so he would give up the idea of killing himself, but soon after, he dumped KIW on his own with the gun there and went with SJW! Seriously, I was very angry! What a useless scene! Why do all that, then? It only counted on the performance of the actors, especially RSY. SJW, the boring and insistent guy, who only brings pain to his "beloved". Just like KIW. Insisting on going after the YMR at KIW's house, he only hurt her! This is a couple that I don't want to end up with, so how will it be? She will take over the WHK art gallery. That is, taking the face of WHK, will take over her life! Bizarre, weird, inconceivable to me. I'm still rooting for KIW since the beginning of the drama. He deserves to be happy. 6 I always thought JHR was the ideal woman for SJW. They have known each other since childhood, know each other, shared many experiences together. And disappointments. So I still think it's more ideal for SJW than YMR. YMR, by myself, either ended alone, or died.
  4. The Russian roulette scene was one of the most useless in the drama. YMR said he loved KIW only to go away with SJW. And SJW was dumb enough to do the same thing as KIW, get into his craziness. This type of behavior is expected from KIW, but not from SJW. What the YMR should have done was stay with the KIW until he calmed down and then take the steps she intended to take. I'm sure I'm going to hate the end of this drama, it's going to be full of cliches. For me, everyone would die or the YMR would end alone.
  5. But seriously, after all, I feel sorry for KIW. He begs YMR love, but cannot have love in return because he doesn't know how to love, he was very cruel to her. I imagine a more spiritual side, his mother seeing it and sad to see his son suffer, and die, unable to love and be loved. Girl, I'm waiting for your and @bebebisous33 reviews on these eps.
  6. At this point in the drama, I only accept two endings: YMR ends alone or they all die. I don't buy her with the doctor who changed her face to WHK's to take another chance on the woman he loved, shaping WHK's personality that fits with himself. But I confess I cannot imagine a different end for KIW other than what appears at the beginning of ep 1. Now, everyone, KIW comes from a Chaebol family, they are like that, they are created that way because they have to be like that, otherwise they wouldn't be the 3rd largest conglomerate of the country. They need to be strong. The way he deals with situations is perfectly understandable, considering the means from which he comes. Of course, I am not referring to violence against YMR, but to everything else. I think his dad knows there's something wrong with that YMR's comeback and he's pushing his son to tell him right away (by showing YMR). I also cannot believe that Dad threw away all the photos of his late wife. The expressions the old man makes when he hears the KIW's lies are priceless, if he gives them good laughs. I don't think KIW will be able to get YMR face surgery before his father finds out the whole truth. I think if KIW had seduced JHR, he would have discovered the truth soon enough. JHR was angry at SJW on the fourth occasion and still lacking affection. It was going to be easy for someone like him. Impressed by KIW's instincts, he didn't even turn around, but he already knew the YMR was behind him in Gallery. Impressed, too, with Soo Young's acting on the scene when he returns home after another pressure from his father, and takes the picture of YMR and his mother from the jacket . He even sweated in this scene! I don't know if it's just Soo Young merit is only his or the production warmed the air so that it was sweaty! And we have another new song, plus one from KIW.
  7. Hey, @zenya22 you're not going to do your review eps. 29-32? Please, do it! I think KIW suffers from the Oedipus Complex, which only manifested himself when he became an adult. How can he think in YMR sexually if he sees his mother when he looks at her? It doesn't go into my mind.
  8. Dr. Ha is disgusting. Hey, guys, did you see? KIW does have a picture of his mother, his father didn't throw them all away. I still doubt that he did it, I think the photos are stored somewhere that only he, the father, knows.
  9. But that's what I'm talking about. JHR got his money, but I think KIW is so focused on YMR and getting revenge on SJW, he did not even remember her. And @zenya22 I need to give you the credit, you were right when you said the YMR had intimacy with KIW before she ran away. I thought they did not because she did not get pregnant. Good girl! @zenya22 You said "The PD and writers have implied, suggested denoted in many ways the many times she was beaten, therefore they really don't have to show them doing, either the beating or the bedding. The writers and the PD assume that we read between the lines, (my thinking)." I have admit it I'm too much practice to understand between the lines. The situation has to be direct, shown or spoken in the drama. I struggle, but I assumed that if it is not so, I don't understand.
  10. I agree with you, KYW will never get used to the new face of YMR. I don't even get used to it, it seems strange to see her with him. I also want to see what he's going to do about his father. I think it would be right for him to leave here at home. He will be removed from the position of President of the company. But maybe he tried to kill himself, because he wouldn't have anything else to lose, anyway. The curious thing is that KIW didn't destroy JHR, but he is destroying the life of Dr. HA and, of course, he will destroying the life of SJW.
  11. I wanted to know why the Press is in clinical SJW. Does the Park Ha-Na will back to drama? Now i'm liking the performance of Han-byul. The father of KIW is a handler, lied to the son who didn't care with YMR have the face of his late wife. And that stepmother ... liked that the chairman put it in her due place.
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