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  1. Kmy doesn't need to prove herself infront of a junior and much less experienced one like mj. It's mj snobbery which makes her think that kmy is good for nothing doctor
  2. Dots was about military-civilian romance of song song couple. Goowon already got more screen space than they deserved. So desiring dots sequel exclusively with goowon sounds selfish. Dots is so because of song song romance and the bromance.
  3. Right you are. I honestly dint like goowon story .i even feel there wasn't really the need for their story in dots.but surprisingly some ordinary minds have said stuff like they prefer their draggy story to song song. Lol
  4. The best k drama is descendants of the sun and will remain so for long. Yes first episode of this new drama will predictably garner high rating coz of the hype media is giving to the makers , production cost and the cast (as regards actor joong ki....yes he deserves the hype due to his performance in dots....titled as 'national husband wow and I really admire him for it). but my objective side says that doesn't determine success.viewers aren't obligated to watch a movie or series just coz of the big names in crew, cast and high production cost. it remains to be seen if asdal will break the record rating of sky castle which broke its own record...... given that it din't have any big names of the entertainment industry and maybe that's why there was no media buzz about its release.
  5. I dont intend to offend your view but honestly speaking goowon part was a common place story and also draggy.also quiet predictable that dear daddy will accept their relation in the end..... remember ep 15 when daddy Yoon tore resignation document of seo dae young, he wordlessly already accepted him. Furthermore I felt their story wasn't really important in the plot.if you remove their story for instance, it won't affect the plot in anyway coz the plot is all about the love saga of captain yoo dr kang. I sometimes even feel why second love story was there
  6. It was the best drama indeed. have seen dramas from many countries but this one was off the charts.it really intrigued me esp song song love story
  7. I have come across this dots fan thread after 3 yrs and having a nice time going through the feed .also saving the photos and gifs.wow dots has been such a fever
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