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  1. This forum was created coz of ki kyo couple in dots.not coz they got married.dont mix the two
  2. OMG she was attacked by divorce questions ? Really? Where you read this news ?
  3. I have seen couples with variant upbringing doing well in their marriage.my sister and brother in law are one e.g. It might be antiquated in the part of world you belong.but there are many nations where marriage is not an isolated relation between man and woman but a bond between two families .and Korea is not an exception where family , marriage,morality still carry sanctity....thanks to the parent generation. There's nothing bad in it parents wanting to help marriage of their wards if they see scope of doing so.
  4. Kyo is clearly not happy with her divorce decision.coming from a broken family,had to become independent at a tender age when her counterparts were living the comforts of family life.....she deserves the label happily married....not divorced label.
  5. Its said that silence is gold. Kyo's father-in-law latest msg (i mention him as father-in-law coz kikyo are still married) has shut down every allegation and rumour. So ki kyo don't need to say anything now.
  6. Let's not miss the positive timeline: September they visited jk parents on his birthday October spotted celebrating first marriage anniversary November again spotted eating together Late december ssc spotted on asadal set. Christmas: jk's older nephew greeting his uncle and aunt for Christmas and New year via jk's brother video post. New year Eve:ssc again spotted together Late january kyo announces she won't be taking any projects for 2019.she will be resting.
  7. If you are Korean can you let me know which media is reliable there.thank you
  8. Excuse me .it was some one else's statement here that they were separated since 11months and I refuted that statement. I very much refuted
  9. Tell me one thing.their agencies clearly stated nothing about their personal life will be revealed.so from where media is getting these details???
  10. Okay Poor father in bad condition of shock after learning of divorce from news and son is only bothered about his new projects. Not to forget jk's parents and kyo had developed a warm bond to the extent she got titled daughter-in-law of Daejeon.
  11. he surely lied in a detailed manner and many fans are annoyed over this saying he probably did it to gain viewers for his drama. But this is surely not true they are separated since 11 months.they were very much seeing each other till december last year. kyo visited asadal set in late december.
  12. I want to ask fellow Korean shippers here : is allkpop reliable ?
  13. wedding photo on kyo's ig has garnered 3million more likes after separation announcement
  14. Kindly don't post if you have nothing healthy to update
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