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  1. hi! so um, about your questions: -changan didnt really die. according to the fan xingfeng gave wanmei, changan is waiting for her somewhere (i forget where, i think it was AnDing. or maybe liang zhou?) -yes this is based on a novel, and in the novel he doesnt die either. in the novel, im pretty sure theres a part in the end where it says that changan settled down somewhere and has a little house with a yard that contains a super tall tree, and theres a swing on the tree (reminecint of the one in wanmeis yard). he is waiting for wanmei there. also the novel is lot more non-PG so yeah... just sayin' -i have no idea whether or not theres gonna be a BR 2 i hope this helped!
  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! If you dont understand, im pretty sure Denglun and Yangzi will be acting together in this new drama called 《冰糖炖雪梨》
  3. hihi! i was super exited to find this cuz bloody romance was the firat drama i ever watched, and oml it is amazing, especially cuz you guys say it had a low budget. i remember seeing ads for it and being like, nah, looks uninteresting. but then my gramma started watching it and i was like, this is amazing! did you know that QCX x LYT might become an actual thing? i saw somewhere that QCX posted a video thing that went kind of like this QCX : Ms. Li, where are you from? 李老师,请问你哪儿人? LYT:I'm from Shan Dong 我山东人啊 QCX:Wrong, you're the person in my heart 错,你是我的心上人 (sorry the translations dont make that much sense, cuz they sorta used chinese slang thats weird when translated) also while filming this QCX had a fan that said "晚媚最美", which means "wan mei ia the prettiest" what would you guys think if they actually got together irl?
  4. Hi people! So I speak Chinese, and I think Sary Em.s translations aren't all correct. Which is why I'm gonna try and fix them. Also I realize that this comment is extremely late compared to the original comment which was on the first page of this thread but yknow. Still feel like doing this (1st one) QQ: What zodiac signs should girls have to be compatible with you? Denglun: Um, I think Aquarius and Gemini are compatible with me (2nd one) QQ: One of the more romantic romance (flirting) lines (like from a show) from your memory Denglun: "I'll wait for you. (Insert emoji) I wait everyday. After I'm finished waiting for this, I wait for that."(Insert emoji) (3rd one) QQ: Out of all the female actors you've worked with, who do you have the best feeling about? Denglun: I, uh, I have good feelings about all of them.(Insert emoji) Hehehehe (4th one) QQ: What did your first kiss feel like? Denglun: I didn't know how to kiss, I don't know what I kissed (I think he's saying like I forgot if I kissed their cheek or on the lips or what... Because he knows that he kissed YZ)... For example, in a drama, you have to have two people who have to kiss really passionately, but like, how passionate should it be? Because you can't really actually kiss...(because they're just actors) (5th one) QQ: Who was the first female actress that you kissed? Denglun: When we were filming "Flowers in Fog", YZ and I sort of kissed. But I don't think I actually got to kiss her... (Insert emoji) (teasing him) Are you sure? (6th one) QQ: If a female fan said "I fell down and won't get up Denglun brother (brother is sorta like a term of endearment) kisses me", how would you react? Denglun: Um, try not to fall down, and be careful.(Insert emoji) Hahahahaha (7th one) QQ: Use Denglun fashion to tell your girlfriend to wake up? (I know the grammar's bad here, but this is the translation) Denglun: If she really doesn't want to get up, I'll stop telling her to get up, I'll just carry her out of the bed.(Insert emoji) It doesn't matter if you don't wanna, you have to wake up(Insert emoji)
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