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  1. I was rooting for any guy but just not playing both guys. It's not fair to ZLZ and it's not fair at all to ML who had been nothing but faithful. It doesn't make sense to me why LZL HAD to kill those "mountain bandits" the leader of the mountain bandits wasn't a bad guy at all. he killed a guy at the restaurant who even the stander bys said the guy that was killed was guilty of "burned down not one not two but THREE homes and stole other people's women." the bandit leader who killed that bad guy wasn't bad in morality. but the scriptwriter made it a must that ZLZ had to execute all the bandits. even ML said the bandits never steal from innocents or kill innocents. also why did that puppet guy who was the father of the puppeteer why did he recommend ZLZ become a general anyway. it's so funny cause the puppet woman's sons father the now retired military general is sick and hurt himself with a poisoned arrow but he's going to recommend someone else to suffer the same if not worse fate than him. and what happened in the military with ML was all a misunderstanding because anytime anyone performs ahead of others especially those who want to be first they will get treated with extra malice because they're jealous. and you have to understand ML lost all his memory he doesn't understand politics and why everyone has sideway thinking towards him since he's honest himself and often times incapable of thinking anything that's not direct since he's a direct and honest guy. it really hurt my heart when he repeatedly got hit and whipped and then the stones were released and almost killed him!!! it was also very sad when ZhenZhen his worker also died towards the end of the show trying to save him. what's the most infuriating is the writer killing ML like this WHOLE disaster of the 9 divine jewels at Suolo could've been completely avoided had Prince Ying/ ML and Yuan Er just beheaded his brother when they flipping had the chance!! Just like the Princess of Tang beheaded the evil monk who killed his fellow disciples they showed mercy towards a merciless person. And yes it's sad that Prince Heng the brother never really did anything to hurt anyone with his "magic" in the beginning he saved that guy and they practiced magic and only turned a passerby into a deer but the guy never killed anyone. The King and Queen is really harsh for repeatedly scolding their son and even the flower exam Prince Heng didn't know his friend would help him with magic cause he himself never did. And also when the dragon was released it was all his evil scheming friend who did it. Prince Heng when he was younger didn't have evil in his heart he was just misunderstood and wrongly framed but after his friend lost his eyes because of releasing the dragon and they then tried to assassinate the king that's when Prince Heng flipped a switch and lost his damn mind! If they had killed Prince Heng when they had the chance they could've saved a lot more lives.
  2. I was really hoping they wouldn't kill LBW. Since YR died and now LBW dies too. Very tragic like all historical dramas are. They all end in tragedy.
  3. @lyserose I didn't reply to you. And someone's "opinions" deserve to be called out if they don't make any sense. To equate LBW obtaining power as a means to live and self preservation as the same level of people who murder innocents or massacre millions to gain power is actually morally unethical and it's a lie to me. There's nothing you can say that will change my mind. There's no logic you can say to argue other than "opinions vary." There are wrong opinions just like people who think the earth is flat are wrong. Bye now
  4. @danielassny You clearly said: "LBW with how he schemed his way to the top and even assisted in installing an impossible king could just be crushed because of this silly kindergarten level writings" He didn't scheme for power to be a tyrant over the commoners he did it for self protection didn't you watch where his life was from and how his father and grandfather couldn't save him or be saved from death even though they were wrongly accused by more powerful officials despite having a lot of wealth they couldn't buy their safety. Power to use for good is different from power to use for bad. There's a reason benevolent leaders are looked upon and tyrants are not. LBW wanted power to self protect his family himself included that's not a sin. You suffer from a self righteous attitude. How do you even put LBW in the same category as those who crave power and did so by massacring innocents? Pick and choose your critiques wisely or else I will react unkindly towards your opinions because your opinions doesn't make any moral sense
  5. @danielassny are you mad? LBW did not scheme his way to the top. LBW literally sacrificed HIS LIFE, HIS WEALTH, HIS PEOPLE to maintain peace. everything he's done is for the better of the people not to abuse his power unlike the villains in this drama. he's trying to gain power to PROTECT. do not smear his name with your baseless lies. you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
  6. the genre "historical drama" should be used as fiction unless noted otherwise because it's not really historically accurate. the general Bai in the drama it's the son but in history it was the original guy not his son who was making all the moves. it's just a fictional work based loosely on this time period.
  7. wow i tried to give the other dramas a go but i just don't like how the female characters are always written to be so weak needing of rescue and inevitably sacrificing a man to save them. what's great about Legend of Hao Lan is the female character are all strong full of conviction. Even if they're faced with danger they still keep going they don't cower and hide away. It's so much more refreshing. Seeing weak women is boring and over played
  8. @danielassny yup the costumes of this historical drama sold me they just look absolutely regal and stunning.
  9. @insertusernamehere I really enjoyed Mao Zi Juns performance! His eyes and the intensity they long for Hao Lan the character same with Nie Yuan he is also great here as well as the girl who played the servant who watched over Hao Lan back at Zhao palace and the step brother of Hao Lan one of the generals of Zhao it's a shame he got killed off. The third son who was crowned king I'm soo upset he died too he was great. It's so hard to find the actors names besides the emperors and the enemies of the main characters none of the websites have the FULL cast names. Also the actor who played General Bai is also really good looking and so was the woman who played the Han concort she was absolutely stunning. And I'm the same I love THIS period drama soo much I'm watching *Destiny Of The While Snake* Mao Jun is in it. The ensemble cast they hired an insanely talented acting is believable and an amazing script and not to mention great looking cast. I wish Princess Ya had more depth to her she's very immature not like her mom Empress Dowager of Zhao who had depth and you kind of never knew where a person was with were with her always on their toes never know when she will spare someone, kill someone, use someone, or abandon someone. I also think the brother who was supposed to marry to Hao Lan gave the best performance of his life in the scene talking about how he had to fend for himself when his mom passed in the royal palace. Like that shows character depth. I think the reason why Yirens mom dislikes Hao Lan so much is because she arrived to Qing too late their son was already went from an infant to a grown child that half a decade and more created a lot of doubt in her mind. If anything Yirens mom is a naive woman. She's so used to Yirens second wife and the fact Hao Lans a Zhao but most importantly because Princess Ya spread malicious rumors saying Hao Lans son wasn't Yirens and that HL has intimate relations with BuWei its like a perfect concoction of disdain and doubt created by Princess Ya like I said all problems stem from her and it's like damn the girl had a husband and she even became pregnant and purposely fell off the stairs to abort her child. Like why did she do that? Not to mention she killed the innocent woman and stole her identity. Why did she kill her baby? Will the baby get in the way of her plans? Or does she just not want to bring a baby into this world... There's no complexity or rhyme or reason for what she does she's driven purely by infatuation, unrequited love, jealousy and rage to me that is so sad she would go to all the extremes to maim to kill to destroy lives over frivolous unrequited love
  10. i'm on episode 52 there are about 60 some episodes. i'm addicted to this show! i just want to know what will happen in the end. cause i was really rooting for Hao Lan and her story but her and Yiren the 4th prince son heir to the Qing throne just literally killed his horse after the arrow fight with that Bai military guy who was just testing him. The wicked Princess Ya made the false rumor that the son is not really Yirens but if you look at Yirens dad his son takes after his own father who was ruthless and sent I mean FORCED his military general (Bais Dad) to die because he wanted I mean craved for more power. At first he didn't want his Yiren to get hurt but towards the second half of the battle he really didn't care if his son lived or died. Sorry this is extremely long. Half of me wants to believe Yiren and Hao Lans son became this way because he was picked on by other kids, lived in isolation, groomed to be the king by his father who knows he doesn't have long to live - did you all see his preteen son sitting in the court room while the king gave out orders to imprison or execute some guy. Maybe it has to do with Yirens son having to defend himself when that guy tried to drown him in the water before he arrived at Qing he learned how to stab someone in the neck the same way he stabbed his horse. Maybe it's his nature since his grandfather didn't care who lived or died as long as his kingdom expanded. Maybe it's both nature and nuture. But I don't foresee a benelovent king in this boy the writers are already planting seeds of doubt dropping these clues. I'm curious to see what will happen. I'm just curious why like someone said Yiren didn't act sooner to bring his wife and son back why did he marry another woman and left Hao Lan and their son alone for 8+ years! 5 years at most for me. Maybe he wanted to wait till he was in power so he never had to be at the mercy or submission of others vying for the throne. One thing is for sure I wish Princess Ya would just fcking perish to dust already she gives the MOST trouble all the trouble stem from her crazy jealous vindictive and evil plans. She should've like a commenter said be killed off already. How does she keep coming back around doing what she does Christ Almighty I'm so sick of her she's the one who ruins everything. When she said Yirens mom was lonely and miserable lmaoo I was like Princess Ya is talking about herself!!!
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