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  1. If this had gone the way of The Story of Minglan's editing... I would be praising this up to the skies.
  2. I stopped watching around because I wanted to let more cute moments to rack up but now it seems like the story is getting weaker from the previews. I'll have to read through more comments but I'm kind of disappointed in where it seems to be going. I was hoping with the author helping the drama's script it would be stronger, like Nirvana in Fire. That show did drama adaptation so freaking beautifully. I mean, it's not like I think this was going to be ~Nirvana in Fire~ but it just seems all over the place. I'm probably going to wait for this to finish airing and then do a scrub watch and focus on the OTP and my favorite side characters.
  3. @usagi1997 Double unfair! I don't subscribe to Apple Music and none of this is available in the US store, T_T
  4. @usagi1997 Can you link the iTunes listing? Each time I search for it, I just get A$AP Rock, haha.
  5. One song has popped up on Spotify (Main theme: 招摇). Still waiting for a song to show up in iTunes. T_T Let me buy the OST legally (and ideally on iTunes for easier syncing across my devices, haha).
  6. Oh dear, MQ/LCL is going to ruin me for other male leads. @DontEatMyKimchi - That translation! The sword/shield one. JFC, I think it might have melted my jaded heart, hahaha.
  7. @DontEatMyKimchi You da MVP. Doing a deity's work compiling all these differences. Excited for tomorrow's episodes!
  8. @DontEatMyKimchi This makes me worried for the versions that are getting subbed. Blows my mind that such pivotal scenes are cut out of the WEB versions. Thanks so much for your posts! Very helpful and informative!
  9. @arcchidus Thanks so much! I definitely would not have been able to figure that out myself. For those that aren't sure: go to the maplestage website, find 招摇 (It was on the homepage, under DRAMA for me), click on episode 19, under the video should be tabs Youtube | Other | Other, click on one of the "Other" and load the video. It's roughly 8-9min. in. I hope when VIKI gets this (putting in a request daily, haha), they get the TV version!
  10. @frostflower14 Thanks for that recap! @arcchidus @DontEatMyKimchi Could you share the link of watching the non-cut versions? I have no idea how to search for dramas outside Youtube or VIKI. I only know to post the previews because I was annoyed with the weirdly cut Youtube rips and somehow found uncut previews googling.
  11. In a very small way... I'm reminded of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. Anyways, here are next week's Monday's previews: Preview 21: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av44221331 Preview 22: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av44226484 Is the acting the best? No. Is the script/editing top-notch? No. Am I enjoying this? Heck yeah! Sometimes I just want some angsty melo and intense male-lead devotion with a HE in my drama-life.
  12. Previews for 17/18 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av44012727 https://www.bilibili.com/video/av44014378 Welp, I'm ready for my heart to bleed.
  13. Thanks for all the helpful comments, @arcchidus! I'm watching raw but I have... elementary Chinese at best. I joke with my parents that my Mandarin will improve but I'll start using historical terms instead of modern ones, haha.
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