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  1. http://program.m.tving.com/tvn/touchyourheart/15/Board/List Text preview for ep 11 Stalker Lee Gang Joon finally appeared in front of Jin Shim and Jung Rok! Together with Jung Rok,Jin Shim try to overcome the horrible effect of Lee Gang Joon stalking, but it's seems like it's not that easy. Jung rok who pretend to be fine in order to ease Jin Shim mind,prepare a special date for her. When their feeling for each other getting stronger, Lee Gang Joon who feel really jealous, start to threaten everyone around Jin Shim. Since comedian Soo ji will be a cameo in the next next episode, will it means 3 month of Jin Shim working in the law firm come to end? or it could be she taking a break because LGJ..
  2. The song in the beginning~ Ost part 5 by Sewon-Good Night to be released tomorrow 6pm kst yayyy♡♡
  3. http://program.m.tving.com/tvn/touchyourheart?rcnt=1 EP 9th preview. Jung Rok is full of sweetness in front of Jin Shim. Jung Rok get to know that Jin Shim have been attacked by a lot of malicious comment when she was active as a actress. In order to help Jin Shim to overcome that, Jung Rok prepare a special date for her. Meanwhile, a video of a student who get harrased by a middle school gang get surface in the internet community. The victim accused Eunji (secretary Yang) daughter, Jini. Aww Jini story I wonder will SW and YR are the one who gonna take JS case with the stalker CEO..I mean since JR is her boyfriend, is there any banned for lawyer to defent his girlfriend hahaha A support notice for asking a director cut n bts dvd is up, if any of you have interest to join have a nice day everyone http://m.cafe.daum.net/touchyourheartdvd/
  4. I am having fun reading everyone opinions and spazz~it's awesome, thanks everyone So it's seems like the CEO indeed Jay from Trax! Everyone start point it out after the 9th episode preview come out~ why there is no article yet about his character though Agree with knetz opinion about second lead couple though, they need to add more background story for them..otherwise the other cast are GOLD! my favorite is the lawyer CEO, he is so funny
  5. Actress Hwang Bora to cameo on this week episode! Another cameo from WWWSK cast will other come too haha
  6. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=312&aid=0000373460 그룹 공원소녀(GWSN)의 메인보컬 서령, 레나가 데뷔 후 두 번째 OST 도전에 나선다.26일 소속사 키위미디어그룹은 “공원소녀의 메인보컬 서령과 레나가 참여한 tvN 수목드라마 ‘진심이 닿다’ OST Part.4 ‘마음을 담아 (Be your star)’ 음원이 오는 28일 오후 6시 공개된다”고 밝혔다. Ost part 4 by GWSN Lena "Be Your Star" will be release on 28th 6pm kst~ yay the song from the end of the 2nd episode where Jim Shim fall asleep
  7. Rating 3rd episode 4.2%, hope the best for them^^ https://m.entertain.naver.com/tvBrand/8733768/broadcastInfo/ratingCard
  8. Thanks you everyone for the update ^^ food truck support, work hard filming until late night,hwaiting for them oh chen ost is up to 4th melon real time search after the scarf scene is airing ^^
  9. 3rd episode text preview http://program.tving.com/tvn/touchyourheart/15/Board/List
  10. oh it could be like that too probably later JR will give us a reason why haha
  11. Watch second episode and laughed how the CEO and everyone in the office being sarcastic to Jung Rok after he lets Yoon Seo fall on the floor drunk also knetz point it out that when JR search YS naver profile in the first episode that written : Oh Yoon Seo (Oh Jin Sim). Jin Sim is her nickname 킨심 means - have genuine heart & mind, sincere, probably refer to her image as a actress before the scandal. So yeah he choose to called her that
  12. Hello new to the forum ❤ watch the first full episode and snippet clip of second episode and like it ❤ the chemistry is definitely on! the reason for me to continue watching the next episode ^^ Curious about the drug scandal, cann't wait until the story get there! also wondering what happened to Jung-Rok 5 years ago? seems like there is a behind story of it too since the CEO talked about it. I read some comments in tvnaver and want to share, since it's trending there^^ https://tv.naver.com/v/5295185 ~ crazy heart flutter ❤ ~ seeing today ending, I decided their chemistry is great ~ so she cann't see the abandoned poster T.T (he cover it)..Kwon-lawyer is tsundere T.T ~ "This time I don't avoid you" I feel so excited/heart fluttered T.T because two of them looks good together, I feel more excited T.T ~Two of them really looks good together ~This is the first time Lee Dong wook smile in this drama. When in goblin " do I look cute (when smile)?" Jung-Rok please smile a lot ❤ my heart flutter because of it ~Omg.. the story is so fast paced, please kept like this in the future ~Since two of you already hug, let's hurry date each other our pichi couple ❤❤ ~please upload behind the scene too today T.T ~"don't avoid you" I love you Kwon Jung Rok T.T ~ From today it's wednesday again (hurry up to wednesday) ~ahhhhh....T.T T.T "don't avoid you"
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