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  1. Has anyone brought up the Jenga piece? My bet is on YS showing up later with it, demanding that KR keep his promise to do what she asks. If this doesn't happen, they missed a great opportunity. The Jenga scene was so cute. It was just the OTP enjoying being together... stupid noble idiocy.
  2. At first, I hated that JR and JS were having so many problems in their relationship. I'm so used to the formulaic Kdrama's where the OTP start dating, and everything is cutesy. But on second watch, I can see it's b/c they're both new at dating. JR is slowly learning to read JS - I loved when he analyzed that her voice and facial expressions changed when she was upset. I have to say, am I the only one that hated that JR made plans with YR without checking with JS first? Now that they're officially dating, I think she would have appreciated if he had told her 'hey I'm spending one on one time with a girl, is that ok?'
  3. Knowing that JR did not actually confess to JS, it looks like he DID NOT send her flowers. My money is on her agency. And since JR is also 'slowly moving' is it possible he isn't making her finger hearts through the office window like we thought? I hate that he didn't actually confess in eps. 6, but I am happy that they are treating this as a natural progression. JR ill come to realize his love for JS, and that will make it all the more beautiful. #fighting
  4. First time posting in this thread! I absolutely love the slow build for our OTP! Can someone clarify... Did OJS lie to KJR about her manager? Did she tell him it was her cousin? I think KJR knows she is only there for 3 months...but is CEO the only one who knows it's practice for a drama role?
  5. Hello! First time posting here. I absolutely love SolKyol. Has anyone else been struggling with the costume designer's choices for the characters? I love that Sol Kyul's clothes have evolved as he's gotten more comfortable with Oh Sol. Less suits, more casual wear. I even wondered if earlier they had him in layered suits with stripes to show how uptight he was. However, I don't understand why they keep putting him in these huge, long bulky cardigans. Am I the only one who thinks it's strange? Also - Is Oh Sol purposefully dressed a little tomboy-ish? Her character is adorable, but I don't understand why she is also in big bulky sweaters. I'm used to Kdrama leads being in very stylish clothes, so Oh Sol is different. Not trying to fan the flames. Just really confused on the clothing choices.
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