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  1. She looks like she could also be the one that was trying to get to ML and baby in that one preview where it shows a woman coming after ML when she had just given birth.
  2. SO true! Even if the Emperor got to be Emperor because of a decree than that should be that. His ties to the last Emperor and ED end there. BUT to say that he shouldn't acknowledge the man who is biologically his father...who raised him... and I believe at this point in the series- the man the Emperor also buried- it's just outrageous if people believe that the NOW Emperor should give his deceased father who nurtured and cared for him since DAY 1 the title of Royal Uncle! Give that to the dead Emperor. It's not like the new emperor went looking to be Emperor. He even tried to avoid and deny that he had anything to do with the RoYALTIES!
  3. Unfortunately, SHENG father is one sad man. I think he feels regret over wasting so much time on Molan's mother because he found out a little too late about her backstabbing schemes. At the same time, he is conflicted because of the experience of being betrayed and being adored by the same woman. He invested so much into her only to be "face-slapped" by her lies. I also believe that he really found a soul-mate with Molan's mom because he was a concubines son and she was also a concubine. Sheng must've thought that maybe with time everything will eventually smooth over and all would be forgiven. His reaction towards Minglan showed how he is still in his own little world of DENIAL.
  4. Can someone explain the exchange between GTY and the old lady that looked like she was at their place to deliver a concubine?
  5. When the concubine issue started to come up (like a day after their wedding) you could sense that ML was VERY uncomfortable. I understand that it was a "common" thing back then to have the main wife and all others, but a woman in "those days" is the same as the woman "today"... one man- one woman...I mean like it would take some EXTREME self-control to not be hurt or jealous that there is another woman who is waiting for your man in another room (and that it's OKAY).....as the topic of concubine became like an ongoing thing for her "elders" to try and force her to accept--- I can't help but feel that although she is all smiling and happy and saying things like " as long as it is someone I can get along with- I'll accept her" ---- that deep down ML is about to explode with jealousy and she has all the right to feel that way. She hasn't even had her General to herself and here people were trying to make her share =D
  6. Given ML's track record with the others who have tried to win her heart and her feelings towards her own father... the accumulated pain and disappointment has taken a toll on her fragile being. For the first time, she sees things in GTY that she had so desperately wanted to see in the men that were in her life before marriage. Now that "it's" in her hands and staring her right in the face... it's a miracle she hasn't run away already. What episode is this please?
  7. I am not familiar with weibo...but how accurate is the summary there??? I followed your link and found in sooooo sadddd that it makes me not want to watch the remaining episodes!
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