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  1. Dear @Kasmic I found it! Finally someone knew it! Yeah. I'm going to search another one, Little Prince female version. Yayyyy
  2. @silvianage it's on itunes since monday @axerine_1 Vacant Sorrows? When does it play--what scene? I think some dramatic and sorrow songs are in the full album. You can check it first on youtube.
  3. @Kasmic yes that song! And also BGM right before that song. That BGM also played when Heejoo was preparing herself to meet Yoo Daepyonim, when they're going to a date. That BGM definitely a special one since it played everytime they're going to meet. Hope for a miracle to find those songs. I'm going to tell ya
  4. Yes.... I've heard it... but some songs weren't there >,< Anyway, thank you for your info. It means a lot
  5. I saw the link. Someone in Youtube also uploaded the album. When I listened the songs, I couldn't find that song Also, if you recognize the last part of ending, you'll hear 'Star' without Locco's voice. It also not included in album >,< Is there any possibility another album? Like... there's two posters right? Could it be there's another?
  6. Thank you so much! My fav one played during Heejoo was chasing Jinwoo shadow scene near ending. Omo the cover too...
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