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  1. It's been a while since i saw a kdrama trending worldwide on twitter. The last time i saw it was DOTS. Hyun bin, MOA, PSH all trending on twitter tonight. How large MOA fanbase are. Sigh..what is done cannot be undone. Pray for them to collab once again. HB has been working 2 years non-stop so i guess, i might not see him on small screen in 3-5 years. Uri PSH, let's kickass on your next project! Let's meet a good writer next time.
  2. LOL, The whole world is angry right now. All of them cursing at SJJ for gave us a shitty ending. Yes, curse her more and let her reflect! I need to sleep to calm my heart so when i woke up tomorrow morning, i can only recall the beautiful encounter between JINWOO and HEEJOO in granada. Only things that matter.
  3. My heart still hurt for the ending, i watching this drama more than 1 month, with a feeling of awe cause the writer's brilliant ideas, park shin hye and hyunbin visual n great acting, hoping for high rating, but in the end the writer betray me. Btw, thanks to HB-PSH for your 7 months of filming. The dedicated and thank you for carrying an excellent acting for 16 episodes of MOA. PSH, I hope she finds projects that deserve her and treat her right in the future. She's a treasure and an excellent actress. HB, when will i see you onscreen again? Patiently waiting for both of you. I'm still clueless about jinwoo. Is he died, or alive or live as NPC in the game.
  4. What a tragic life of JINWOO. When i thought he deserved all the warmth, comfort, being loved with someone like HEEJOO, this writer gave us some richard simmons. I dont even bother to call it an ending. Haaaa, hoping for another production to cast HB-PSH again cause this drama didn't utilized their chemistry to the limit...yet...
  5. Yeah you said that! This writer should utilized both of psh and hb name cause they're have a huge fans following. Have i mention this? PSH specially have that ability to drew people watch her drama. No matter how bad the heirs was written, pinocchio, hyung, doctors.. knetz will definitely watch it. Cause it's her... If only sjj tried hard to put them more on screen, i bet the ratings will scoring even higher. HB..I love this ahjussi so much. He barely had any drama. Maybe because he is too picky. When will i see him again on small screen? This drama is on my "never watch again list". Well, maybe I watched it again, but...until episode 12..Where my OTP having fun teasing each other.
  6. SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!! The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever. Where are you SJJ?
  8. MOA start out okay, fresh and i like the cinematography. It's a pity that the writer didn't knew how to extract the story line, plot and making viewer confusing all over again. 2 episodes left is when you should wrap up all the mess not making another plot twist and left it cliffhanger. Anyway, i'm just gonna stick until the final. Hoping for the best and low expectation to both my HJ-JW ending.
  9. I'm having a mental roller coaster here with the plot twisting and how they gonna solve everything tomorrow? I just cant adapt with this writer style. I'm never getting over Emma stabbing Jin Woo. Never! It came out of nowhere and was downright disturbing. The last thing Jin Woo needed after suffering so much for a year is to be stabbed by someone who has the face of the woman he loves. Have mercy on us please..a happy ending for this two. Can’t believe we didn’t have a scene between them & there’s only one episode left. Why did he stand up in front of her house and didn’t dare to go see her? Why do he keeps torturing himself when she is the only peace in his life?
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