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  1. I'm glad he's out of management predicament and glad to know many good exposures coming up. It's crucial time for him to strike while the iron is hot and build his stand steadily. Hope his marketing team do a good job at it. Earlier, I couldn't help but ask my hubby what these anti-fans criticise about him . He said mostly his personality, like he is fake person. I was like 'Eh', who among us really show our true self to strangers. I certainly don't. Unless they have a piece of his work with subpar quality and affecting character he played or he is morally flawed, they are all just haters. So I agree with you on fan issue wise. Just be there to endorse him is enough for me. Btw, I love his fanbase nickname, Xiaolongbao. I cross border once a month to eat that at the best shop, in my opinion. Love you guys.
  2. Yes. I haven't watched his movie yet but I do think so too. Shen Wei character is his breakthrough and brings his fame to soar exponentially. He may be getting similar romance plots with his pretty face. Producers like to join this type of band wagon especially when the money is guaranteed. I'm very glad he did Clown and choose to do current drama of lost tomb though. Hope he'll have similar growth path like Leonardo DiCaprio who started out with Titanic (romance/pretty face) but made very good pieces like blood diamond, Catch me if you can and The Wolf of Wall Street.
  3. I know, right? I really hope his movie comes into oversea cinema. If his first movie happens to ve romance/family/comedy genre, I'd still watch it to show thanks for him not letting Shen Wei character dead. I hope it'd be my type (supernatural/crime investigation/action/science-fic). I'll give it pass only if it is horror/thriller. My delicate heart can't take it. With his skill, it'd stop my heart immediately. LOL
  4. Although entertainment industry in any country has this messed up situation, I really can't bear to see him suffering like this and turned into a "Cash Cow". Hope he gets a better management which allows him to grow into much more complex roles. I really wish to see him bring different characters to life. Such a dedicated actor comes with handsome face and good attitude as an icing I certainly don't condone cyber bullying behaviour. Can it be reported to police? Doesn't China have law to prevent this? I hope his fans won't be subject to such treatment in long run. I can sympathise them since I also take a liking to ZYL. I'm going to install weibo international version on my phone just to follow him.
  5. I see. I love The King's Avatar anime and novel so much so that I used machine translation to read it before I found translation on webnovel site. I'm already very doubtful about creating Ye Xiu/Ye Qiu & Su Mucheng's romance in drama. I know nothing about Yang Yang who is staring Ye Xiu/Ye Qiu character. Hope he didn't destroy it. If he did, I might start giving dislike to all his youtube videos I can find.
  6. Hello there! I'm new member here and would like to thank you all for this thread. I just chanced upon Guardian a couple of weeks back by my hubby. It happened to be supernatural genre which is one of my favourites. I was really impressed with 2 lead actors from ep 1 but hand to stop around ep 10 plus to really get what the story about by reading translation, now ch 70 plus. I get back to watching it and really appreciate Zhu Yi Long's acting skill in bringing life to Shen Wei as well as Ye zun. Even my hubby who gave up after 3 eps of Guardian (supernatural is not his type) appreciates his performance in Clown. His skill is superb, especially in the deleted scene of Yezun disguised as Shen Wei and killing a student. I felt disgusted at his expression and wanted to strangle/stab him. I'm so glad he is finally getting the attention he deserved now. I also watched him saying his choice to act Zhao Yun Lan's role in an interview and I immediately thought of The King's Avatar, a translated novel that I'm reading. I was introduced to animation work of The King's Avatar by my hubby and hooked immediately and started reading the translation. I also noted on youtube that the novel is being adapted into drama with romance between Ye Xiu & Su Mucheng. No idea why director wants to add romance into something that is already a masterpiece without it. To spice up the plot and attract more viewers? Seriously? For someone who treasures the original story, I'd rather see Zhu Yi Long bring Ye Xiu/Ye Qiu alive, like he did for Shen Wei without romance plot and Ye Xiu/Ye Qiu's character is somewhat similar to Zhao Yun Lan. May be he'll get this chance one day Anyway, I heard he is working on The lost tomb Reboot and it happens to be my cup of tea so I'll definitely be watching it once it is done. Thanks again to all contributors here where I get a lot more info of him. I also wish I can see his movies in cinema one day and I'll bring along my hubby to see my actor, Zhu Yi Long. Hope that day comes sooner so that I'll not be seeing Donnie Yen only in the cinema in future
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