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  1. Ep 13 episode is one of the reasons why I love Lee Jong Suk dramas so much; I barely ever have parents to deal with there lol. Manager Lee went exactly as I predicted and ended up helping Soo Hyun in the end, I’m glad that Choi guy is gone good riddance I didn’t find this episode quite as bad as people did. There were so many cute moments and the fact that they are now at a stage where he can just randomly show up at her house and they can cook, clean and snuggle is just so cute. I loved their conversation about her divorce because it’s something I had been hoping she would mention at least once. I still wish they would communicate more but they already communicate 10 times better than most drama couples so I’m not too upset about it anymore. I also really liked Sec Jang’s development from always worrying about Taegyong and opposing the relationship to telling them they suit each other and even cheerfully passing on the syrup to Soo Hyun. She really is SH’s friend. From the previews, it looks like she went and told Mrs Lee which is a step in the right direction as she is confiding in one of their main cheerleaders. I’m hoping for more cute scenes and a resolution to the mama drama in ep 14
  2. I’m curious about something. At this point, JH has introduced SH to all the important players in his life including Dae Chan, Miss Lee, Jin Myung and he’s about to make her official with his family as well. However, HI is supposed to be one of his closest friends. How come he hasn’t even made mention of her to SH?
  3. All caught up. Another Amazing week Jinsoo I’m obviously in love with this couple. I love how she finally told him that she loves him and I also love how he already knew that because even though she hasn’t been putting her heart in her sleeve like he has, she’s been showing how much she depends on him. I truly believe that SH and his parents can become good friends. I loved the conversation between JH’s appa and SH because there was a deep mutual respect. In this scene, SH held her own by confortably also asking the dad to root for them. I can’t wait for the family dinner, I’m not too sure about mum but as others have stated, she’s a really nice person, she’ll come around. The only one problem I had was the sacrificing without telling the other person. Don’t get me wrong, I understood why JH lied but I really wish they had spoken about it and he had given her the go ahead instead. If SH has actually gone to the memorial, she would have been in the news headlines and the family might have found out about it anyway, which might have affected their impression of her. I didn’t really like that he would put her in that position even for her sake without telling her. Is it just me or was today the first time since he asked them to stop their ‘some’ relationship that he’s referred to himself as her boyfriend and he did it twice. Both times, he was putting himself in a position to conmfort her by buying her a plant and food. I think it was another way for him to be like ‘babe, I’m here now, you’re not alone anymore.’ HI This episode made me like her even more. I love how this time, her first instinct wasn’t to tell him to leave SH but rather to reassure him that none of it was his fault. Seeing her break down was just heartbreaking About her relationship with JM, I’m not feeling it too much. Yes, they get along alright, but she’s very ambitious and good at her job whilst he’s a little bit immature. It might be something she might need now but that kind of relationship gets tired so fast About JWS Yea... I don’t like him at all and everyone has already stated all there is to say about him. I just hope that he gets away from our couple somehow and rots in a hell of his selfishness
  4. Yey!! Finally all caught up. This episode was so bittersweet sweet. Yes, there was just cuteness overload but there was also an undercurrent of foreboding as to what’s to come next. I kept on thinking that something would go wrong because they are just so happy but the big bad is still out there and they are plotting heavily. Finally, Jinsoo couple met each other’s parents- well sort of, it wasn’t anything official but it was pretty cute nonetheless to see both make such an effort. JH was so eager proclaiming that he’ll show up whenever he’s called for a meal and CSH sending gifts and just trying to do everything to make them as comfortable as possible. Its kinda cool how them being so open about their relationship has shielded them in a way. We saw that with the Sokcho employees but also in this episode. For example, if the situation with the cleaning lady had happened whilst they were dating in secret, it would have turned into such company gossip whereas they in this case, the lady just laughed it off as a cute young lovers thing because them being together isn’t even gossip anymore. Even the restaurant manager wasn’t side eyeing the special treatment given to JHs parents and was trying his best to be helpful because of course she’d want to treat her boyfriends parents as well as possible. Can drama couples date this openly and healthily from now on please? CSHs dad is amazing for the sacrifice that he made, but is is just me or there might be something more to the story? I smell skeletons but maybe I’m just getting ahead of myself Our Jinsoo couple!!!!! They had me up in my feels today. I love how open she was about how insecure she was with the relationship. I could tell that it made him sad that she felt that way but also happy that she loved him that much. The date in the woods was so cute. Is that his scarf she’s wearing? Hmm.. the rings, I love how in accepting them and declaring them better than all her jewellery, she was also assuring him that he is more than good enough for her. I refuse to think there’ll be any ending other than a happy one no matter what foreshadowing is going on. I have a theory about the shady manager from the PR team. Throughout this episode, we see him really down. It’s like he’s becoming disillusioned with everything. What if he ends up going over to CSHs side. Yes he’s a snake, but he if he can be used then it’s good right?
  5. The girl went through a rough marriage with abuse from the mother in law and then a divorce that was messy in the public eye yet she did not cry once according to Sec Jang. However, before they were even anything the thought of having to separate from him made her cry out in front of sec Jang. As soon as she arrived in Cuba, she did go out of the way to look for him scouring the streets like she was going crazy. This is not even the first time for her. From the moment she finds out who he is through him working for her, we are shown that she just can’t stop herself. She’s shown to be jealous of his phone call and proceeds to go to the playground even after insisting to herself and to Mr Nam that it’s not necessary to go there. She is the CEO but we see that from the very beginning he has always had some pull over her. SH has been super crazy about this guy for a while now, even if it wasn’t for the tea lady, she was eventually going to crack somehow and go see him as proven when she went back to the painting and also when she went to go see him after her business meeting when she had already told him she couldn’t make it. Thinking about it, our SH has done her fair share of chasing too. It’s just been subtle and subdued due to her having been so reluctant yet unable to help herself
  6. Whilst I disagree about the methods mentioned, I totally agree that they should have a serious conversation about this as she knows exactly what they are getting themselves into. I think it’s high time they sat down as a team and discussed a game plan but I also believe that they will work it out. So, I tried following everyone’s example and rewatching everything. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much time so I was satisfied with just clips for now. One conversation that struck me was in episode 3 when Mr Nam and JH were coming back from Sokcho. Mr Nam told him not to worry about her as she was used to being alone and he responded by asking whether she was truly used to it or was enduring it. Honestly, if the dad had eavesdropped on that conversation, he would probably be planning their wedding now. I also think with that one sentence, JH turned Mr Nam’s ship into full blown support because JH was proving 1) how much he already cared about her at that point to the point of being worried 2) how much he had already figured her out even though they hadn’t known each other for long 3) how invested he would be in her happiness ie, she would in good hands with him. Couple rings I was thinking, would it be too weird if she’s the one that buys the couple rings instead? I’m imagining a scenario where she’s having a conversation with Mi Jin about how she wants to say I love you back but doesn’t know how to reciprocate the whole Cuba hotel gesture and then getting the idea to have couple rings instead. That’s just my thinking or am I pushing the whole gender reversal thing too far. Finally, cool dad and the boyfriend meet. I was wondering when it would happen but I’m happy with it this week. Now I’m just hoping for SH to finally meet his parents. If not yet, more interaction with cool tea lady please. SH did express a wish to visit more often after all. I feel like JH is good friends with Mr Nam so it’ll be quite helpful for her to be friends with someone in his world too, and HI is kinda out as she’s proven that she’s not too supportive
  7. Hello everyone, I’m new to Soompi in general and only discovered it because of this drama. After about a hundred pages, I have finally decided to get out of my lurk mode Thoughts on this week 1) HI is selfish and out of line, but the difference between her and WS is that she thinks in terms of JH’s best interests. She will never force herself on him and as evidenced earlier when she remarked on how cool CSH was for standing up for him, if she sees how miserable not being with Sh would make her friend, she would support him 100%. I think she’s a great friend 2) The scene where CSH asks whether he was upset about taking a break really touched me this week more than anything. I’ve watched kdrama for a while now, and it’s rare to see couples this upfront. I love how he rebuked her for not trusting in his courage and love for her in the most JH way possible as it was such a soft disapproval yet it carried the double meaning of reassuring her that he is into the relationship as much as she is and will handle anything with her. 3) on that note, how great is it that we got angsty separation for a good 25mins instead of it dragging on for 1 or 2 episodes like we see elsewhere. This is why I always side eye people who apparently can’t get into the drama because the pace is so slow, like where?? 4) someone mentioned making little Jinsoo’s after Cuba. As cute as this would be, this is just the worst possible timing. I wouldn’t mind if they got married now even with him just starting out his career as people do that all the time, it would give them a little ammunition and she can more than afford to take care of them financially for now; screw gender roles (my aunt has been married for 30 years and their marriage started off with her supporting him through school). However, they are both just about to enter into a battle zone with Taekyung group and it will be hyper stressful. It’s just not the time to be thinking about kids so please Jinsoo, be safe in Cuba juseyo 5) It’s funny how I was not onboard with Jang Dae Chan couple but the break just mellowed me so much. I wasn’t too big a fan of her before but as another user said, she really hasn’t tried to end the Jinsoo relationship ever since SH confided in her about how much she likes him. Yes, she’s still cautious but I love how she asks “what do we do about Jin Hyuk” after the mum visiting Sokcho incident instead on insisting that the relationship be over 6) This couple have got it so bad for each other it’s so cute. I loved episode 10 for just showing them as a couple doing mundane long distance couple things. I just love how the stages of getting to the Ssum stage was so long and slow but they didn’t even have to have a sit down and decide to be official, it just happened and now they are at the I love you stage. I know JH would love to hear it back but I also love how well the couple know each other and they are both aware that they are madly in love without having to say anything. I also love how the conversation here moved from everyone being happy with the prospect of a bittersweet ending and now everyone is just like nah, they have to get married, have babies and celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. I’m sorry that ended up rather long, but thank you for this community because you’ve made the experience of watching a great drama even greater with all your conversations and insights
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