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  1. Hello fellow lurker here! I’ve really enjoyed reading all your comments, and I don’t think I could express my feelings any better than what has already been said. I tried to keep my expectations low and they got my hopes up. So I tried to stay positive til the end (despite all the warning signs) but that led to disappointment. I think Born Again is truly the drama of 2020 because it started out like nothing we’ve ever seen, then crashed and burned like nothing we’ve ever seen. I stopped watching right after HB/HE date that’s all I needed to see. I just wanna know why JC and HB’s promises were significant enough to carry out in their present lives but not HE?? Her vow ended up being up for debate like it was a multiple choice question. I know the real reason is so the writer can carry out the love triangle. But it truly pains me that HB and HE suffered like that in both lives. It’s unacceptable. I’m in the deepest state of denial because it blows my mind that someone could write this and think yeah this is worthy of broadcasting and called it good. I don’t have the heart to finish the last episodes, but does anyone know if they addressed why JC died ten years after HE and HB? I must've missed that or did that detail fall into the endless abyss of plot holes? Sorry for the long rant. This drama properly messed me up.
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