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  1. @gumtaek @willenette This is my thoughts... I don't know if every celebrity has stirring up / receiving so much attention but from what I observe during PBG's past dramas he has been like this and there is always a lot of buzz about him and his projects. Adding to this - people / fans are all anticipating and waiting for his future projects so the tendency is a high "expectation" from his ends. I think it is so hard for Bogum given all this is happening. The attention this movie is receiving, be in print and telecast and the buzz it is doing in SNS is piling up for a greater expectation. Other celebrities need to guest to many VS to make buzz wd their upcoming show or movie but PBG projects are always highly anticipated by the fans( I think we will see him with GongYoo in many VS to promote the movie. Yeyyy!!! ) Even this Seobok has been in talk for two years is highly anticipated by the fans and always the topic in SNS. However , given the situation of expectation and it is sometimes "suffocating", we know PBG that he is competitive, hardworking and always giving his 101% to every project he is doing. I/We just hope that the shooting will be always in good condition from start to finish with all the cast and the production team and it will be a box office hit given the GumYoo Bromance or Collab. Let us pray/hope/wish for the film all the BEST.
  2. @Boj I love the story how u got immersed with our Bogummy... We all have our own unique stories about how we met Bogum and YES thru his acting with his dramas - we've been kidnapped. We have been kidnapped first because of those roles but we tried to just stay with our kidnapper Bogummy because he is not only handsome but has such an upstanding persona and a very talented actor also. He is truly a rare gem. We always hope for him the BEST in this World.
  3. Joining your conversation --- @rahma92 @gumtaek I think and believe - The fact himself he is "PARK BO GUM" is equalizing to being the top hallyu star. Pointing and emphasizing about "PBG is bigger than his dramas" is I think a correct statement also because based on what we observed even after two years of without drama or movie he still proved himself to be in Korea's Forbes Power Celebrity List because of his full schedule of endorsements and although he became low in standing but still he was there. On the other side @rahma92 about having a big hallyu drama in his pocket is I think and I also believe MDBC is a big hallyu drama in his pocket already . Wiki described it as "domestic and overseas hit" and the press referred to its influence as the "Moonlight Syndrome". When I read the Reception Part of MDBC Wiki it stated all there how it was, I believe became a "top hallyu drama". This drama has branded him as the "Park BoGum genre" or "Park BoGum is a genre" based on Kim PD of MDBC interview with Yonhap (The article is about Park BoGum snapped into role two months into filming: PD said). In terms of rating it has a pretty solid rating although compare to DOTS highest rated episode it is lower but still it has a solid rating. R88 is a big hit also but it has a group casting and a group story. So I think in MDBC as the lead actor he already proved himself as top hallyu star in one way or another. My analysis and observation of your past statements about 'top hallyu drama in a pocket" (correct me if I'm wrong) here is you are eyeing for PBG to be in the list of the renowned Screen Writer Kim Eun Sook. If in the future he will be chosen by this great SW it will be an honor to his part because of the record of KES and since acting is not a problem with him anymore this drama "to be" would be an excellent collaboration between PBG and KES. Who knows, even SJK with DOTS is not the first choice of this project. Lots of great actors declined it already before coming to the hand of Ki. I hope this collaboration will be materialized in the future because we know the caliber of this screen writer. If that collaboration will happen in the future and will become a HIT domestically and Internationally then it will become an ADDED LIST of " top hallyu drama in his pocket " I hope for Bogummy to be recognized in formal award giving body like Baeksang or Blue Dragon not by being popular but because of his excellent acting ability because he has the great potentials and we know that he can do it. He just needs to choose a suitable and challenging projects that would bring him to the stage of recognition.
  4. I understand your feeling but you need to read the whole thread before you give your damn opinion because everyone in this thread is positively loving the drama.If you don't appreciate it and feeling some miscasting about the drama then I must tell you this - you are not welcome here,dear! Create your own thread that will support your sentiments because we enjoy our stay here doing and writing positive comments about our beloved drama and until now to be honest I miss them so much , my JinSoo couple. And if happens someone is dissing it here in their own thread that is created for them then I can't allow that because I can't be able to sleep. It just happened that you dissed my baby drama and I am not allowing it. If those lines u were quoting about the dialogues of Encounter - let me clear about this - lines or dialogues become powerful depending who delivers it and even if those dialogues are delivered million times - PBG ans SHK delivered it differently . They delivered it with perfect portrayal of their roles, and within the context of their roles and scenes. One more thing, if you just watch it you will know that Jin Hyuk is a man in his late 20's and in his early 30's so In sung, Ji Sub and Dong gun is not fitted for the role since they are in their late 30's and early 40's and to say about your so-called chemistry - We all here see, feel and love the "Explosive Chemistry" of Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo. They are the right actor and actress to portray in this drama. Sorry for answering you like this but please don't take down the sanctity of this thread because we love this forum and we only want to spread positive remarks with each other about Encounter. This is my first and last answer about your comment. Sorry Chingus!
  5. The guards are so, so lucky. They got to meet and feel Bogummy so near with them while guarding him. This is the time I want to wish I were a guard. Lol
  6. I was just so fascinated how many faces Bogum has. In the drama his face becomes matured enough, handsome and manly enough in the latter episodes to suit with SHK but when you see him during airport moments or in the concert you would see the cute Bogum... Sometimes,I can't believe and asking myself when browsing twitter - is this the Bogum I watched in his drama Encounter? Was he the Kim Jin-hyuk that kissed Cha Soo-hyeon passionately and intimately? Like what one commenter said "in the drama he was like 30 years old but now he aged backwards" - we have the same observation. He is like a chameleon that has ability to change colors. He fits his face well and style to whomever he is partnered with and that ability is really a skill for an artist...He is a skillful artist. He will be more highly regarded in the future just maintains his attitude towards work but I think he is exhausted this days since it is manifested in his Japan TV appearance/interview that he was so tired. He needs rest.
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