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  1. I kind of wonder if LH is aware that SN set him up to read that passage. If yes, I worry he’ll become more controlling next episode I kind of could see him - being the psycho he is - preventing her from leaving her corridors and then WB, feeling bad for her, setting up the star display outside her window to cheer her up
  2. Did anyone else feel conflicted about the Princess Ari scandal this episode? ED perhaps put an outrageous spin on the hitting but Sunni isn’t exactly blameless. Also, I was kinda touched that Sojin clearly still cares deeply for Ari. I hope the two make up come the end of the series
  3. Ooo I wonder what the papers were that LH ripped up. Divorce papers? Something to do with Yoon? Man, CJH is such an good actor. Such expressive eyes in the preview.
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