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  1. Sorry for cutting your post, but i just want to focus on your opinion about hee-joo's character. I agree with you, i think hee-joo purpose in this drama is to emphasize what will jin-woo do next. Or to emphasize decision that jin-woo make. Because if you watch it again after jin-woo have some talk with hee-joo, there will be a decision that made by considering the conversation they had before I hope we will got more interesting story in the next year episode. Enough with the mystery, we need some settlement now writer-nim Happy New Year Everyone!
  2. I totally agree with this. I think this is the most reasonable theory that could happen in this drama, seeing how the condition is now
  3. Yes Mr. Cha is dead, because we found the body in episode 3. But i don't think se-ju is dead, since we didn't found his body yet
  4. I've beeen lurking here for a while and i think i will start joining the discussion now. Can't wait to see the next episode, finally we got some "sweet" scene from our otp. This 10 episode is worth waiting indeed And also are you seriously have to be so cruel like that writer-nim and kill our cutie loyal secretary seo I hope hee-joo will step to the game in the next episode to help jin-woo, since jin-woo doesn't have ally anymore now. You shouldn't leave alone your-bride-to-be waiting like that jin-woo yaa
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