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  1. More GIFs from ep 450 https://www.weibo.com/5815928682/HsO8ZmwhW?type=comment#_rnd1557054086229
  2. @kookiemongg @spartaceluv98 Thanks to the both of you for taking the time and effort for the Korean translation. Much appreciated
  3. I have edited the following line from my original post: I am not sure of the purpose of this conversation. At first glance I am wondering if he is trying to clear up any rumors with JSM (like he cleared it up with HJY) Because after reading the Soompi article, it translates what KJK said as "Anyways, So Min's mother is now my avid fan", which is different from what I saw in the Chinese subs "But no matter what, the first thing is to enter Somin's mother's heart" To be really sure, I think we should get someone to translate directly from what he said in Korean.
  4. Two things which stand out to me while watching it The on-screen text saying "Chosen to be Somin's partner?! Had a shock finally because of "age"... leads me to think that the person who finally failed KJK to be JSM's partner is JSM's mother. But I can't decipher what he is trying to say by "Age is a little too big but no matter what, the first thing is to enter Somin's mother's heart"
  5. I'm watching the particular part of the opening in Chinese subs and try to translate it here (on-screen text in brackets) <!> It will sound a little like broken English because I am trying to keep as close to the Chinese subs by translating word for word without changing the meaning when translating to English <!> Since this is just about the opening segment and does not reveal anything about the outcome of the race I am not putting it under spoiler HH: Didn't Somin's mother come too? (At the time when Jaesuk is radiating impulse, the "impulse" mother and daughter appears didn't Somin's mother come too?) KJK: Somin's parents both came! JSM: Both my parents came (The source of impulse and talent, enjoying the concert with her parents is "impulse" So-body) KJK: Both her parents came JSM: Because both of them are fans KJK: Aunt [JSM's mom] is too beautiful, I was surprised (First time meeting, JSM's mom is really beautiful) JSM: Thanks YJS: After seeing Jongkook's performance, aunt is a little ... ((Aunt) After seeing Jongkook's performance) YJS: Is a little....to Jongkook, be our son-in-law (Chosen to be Somin's partner?! Had a shock finally because of "age"...) YJS: Finally because the age gap is a little.... KJK: Age is a little too big ("Aunt, I will be a good oppa in "My Ugly Duckling") KJK: But no matter what, the first thing is to enter Somin's mother's heart YJS: That's right YJS: Why is it recently Jongkook likes to leave comments in Somin's SNS (Looking at it this way, Jongkook is recently concerned with Somin's SNS? There's no way of just brushing past [without doing anything]) JSM: Particularly happy, oppas are constantly leaving comments KJK: There's no way of just brushing past [without doing anything] YJS: Ahh, cannot just leave it as it is KJK: <nods> Yeah, one essay after another (Somin's SNS how should I put it...?) LKS: Jongkook hyung is particularly not accustomed to seeing this style (Attention emotional essays = style which is particularly poking in the eye) YJS: Jongkook's character is he cannot carry on seeing/reading KJK: Somin tends to have themes which attract critique (SNS which attract critique(Fists?) VS SNS is my creative space) JSM: It's sort of my creative space KJK: What did you write? What? YJS: When I become someone's world, that will be spring (For example, uploaded this type of emotional essay...) YSC: (tapping JSM's arm) Did you write that? JSM: Isn't it cool? I wrote that KJK: (reading from YJS's card) When I become someone's world, that will be spring (Unable to comprehend what is this about?) JSM: What is the message of the writer? (Let me explain) JSJ: Who is the writer? JSM: That's me, that's me (To say what the writer(=me)'s message is) JSM: The purpose of my creation is, the real spring isn't the spring that comes after the cycle of four seasons JSM: (screen turns to flowers) it's when I fall in love, and become someone's world, then that's the real spring. Isn't that cool? (Between lovers, if they become each other's everything, the world would turn warm like "spring") YJS: But here kjk76 says ... (But, "kjk76" who came upon this post) YJS: What are you talking about? (kjk76 what are you talking about?) JSM: Oppa oppa! (Attack of ice water, destroyer of emotions, ID: kjk76) YJS: Don't know who it is! (Freedom of being anonymous, don't know who it is! Don't know who it is) YJS: Born in 1976, kjk76 says (K J K 76 Kim Jong Kook is born in 76) YJS: What are you talking about? YJS: Also, you entered into my frame (Also, in another one of Somin's emotional post) YJS: Here, kjk76 says "Ha~~~~" (kjk76 ha.....2nd wave icewater attack) YSC: Is it with that kind of tone? The tone (Seems to be familiar, is it with that kind of tone?) YJS: Yes yes, isn't it obvious at first glance? KJK: I'm too lazy even to say it (kjk76 confesses I'm too lazy even to say it) YJS: Ha~~~ really, really not accustomed to seeing this (Emotions out, replacing "words" using the "body" to the full, is kjk76's SNS) YJS: But, kjk76 and our Somin (But, kjk76 and Jeon Somin) HH: have great chemistry YJS: Have great SNS chemistry (Jongkook&Somin siblings, SNS reverse chemistry, although they haven't followed each other for long) LKS: Although haven't followed for long JSM: Really not for long, one month (Reverse of critique chemistry, we are one month SNS companions) JSJ: Got close together very quickly (Full chemistry on SNS and real life, in this harmonious atmosphere) PD: In this harmonious atmosphere, Running Man, today we have some guests Since I haven't watched the rest of the episode yet, I am not sure of the purpose of this conversation. (NOTE: I have deleted the following line because I am not sure):- I am not sure of the purpose of this conversation. At first glance I am wondering if he is trying to clear up any rumors with JSM (like he cleared it up with HJY) 
  6. Some SA moments GIFs from today's ep 449 https://www.weibo.com/5815928682/HrK3XbtjR?type=comment#_rnd1556449725537 https://www.weibo.com/5649310760/HrK6WsQCR
  7. @spartaceluv98 I am sorry I just read your post now, I noticed someone has already done the translation. Hope I can be of help in future. SJH best one minute again for so many times. This time its 7.1% best one-minute for ep 448. Article as follows:
  8. Some GIFs from 448 https://www.weibo.com/5815928682/HqGcl8lhz?type=comment#_rnd1555862088363 Some photos from 448. According to Weibo user, KJK pops his head out to try to get a good view of SJH dancing https://www.weibo.com/3172389104/HqFhC9DAS?type=comment#_rnd1555862388250
  9. This is KJK's concert yesterday. 19/04/2019 at GS Shop Company Festival at Elysian Gangcheon Ski Resort. Am I hearing correctly? I listened to the first song in the video "My Childhood Dream" Tried again for the second time using headphones and i heard it again. Could someone please listen and confirm? What is more important is the "Song Ji Hyo" bit. CMIW Thanks. Seem to hear KJK saying "Song Jihyo" "Song Ji Hyo" twice before Jung Nam starts his rap Jung Nam said "Jihyo" during the song ( I know there are some Korean words which sound like Jihyo)
  10. Nielsen were unable to provide the ratings for the latest episode
  11. How can he/she not be talking about my analysis when she is quoting my post and replying to it? I too want to keep this forum peaceful so this will be my last reply on this topic
  12. You are saying that I am "too exaggerated" which makes me sound like I am delusional or lying., If you do not like my analysis , feel free not to skip my posts in future.
  13. This is proof that I saw what I said I saw. They are both in the front seat. If you don't try hard enough sorry you are not going to see it. I am not lying. 24:18 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PIGnHP9BN6dwem2ADLrN47nR4tqDM5cD/view?usp=sharing 24:22 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U_65z4wkgz3vNK-ykjyePUq_fMHyQZRa/view?usp=sharing also 24:22, after the previous frame https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y7qunVuDiaP7_kKxS6WnBqvqHycNb51P/view?usp=sharing Thanks, @Regita M. P I nearly looked like a liar there. Went through all the trouble to ask a favor of a friend to post the above links for me because I dont know how to do it.
  14. I don't think there are any cameramen in any of the three cars. There are only cameras at specific locations in the car. 24:22 - 24:23 it's only one second. I went back several times stopping at every frame before I saw the movements between them. I really saw them holding hands. Perhaps you could try again? Thanks.
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