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  1. i found it weird. If Seju’s level is 94 then why JW has to save him? JW currently is L91. Before entering Alhambra palace he was 90. Who the hell is master actually ? I can’t imagine MOA to have happy ending for JW and HJ. Pity JW, luckily he has Sec Seo and HJ who always trust him. I will cry a lots if JW die T-T HAPPY ENDING PLEASEEEEE T———-T
  2. at one time i think, HJ will know about the truth, why JW bought Bonita Hotel, get angry, she tries to save her brother, and that makes JW heads back to Granada. Urghhh my imagination just getting wild. excited for episode 7 but i dont want this masterpiece to end soon . can we have another collaboration for PSH and HB! their chemistry just out of the world! Before, i watched HB previous work and i knew a bit about his acting style, he’s good of course and always good but there’s something about his acting that.. sometimes at one point i dont really feel it. example in confidential assignment, he was great! but in certain scene, i believe he can give more energy. So i dont expect much from him, maybe another Joo Won from Secret Garden. But he proves me wrong! In MOA he just so damn good, too details, his expression seriously the best, no one can do this character except him just like PSH mentioned. HB also said that, the energy he gets from PSH, forced him to do better and that’s what i like. this pairing indeed God’s work. (sorry for my english, i’m a non-speaker)
  3. i remember Hee Joo bought something hugeeee from the antique store. is it classic guitar? Maybe she is the Emma we’re looking for ?? All the teaser pictures?
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