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  1. Now He's agency has released an official statement regarding the actor recently being arrested for sexual assault. Kang Ji Hwan is currently starring in the drama “Joseon Survival,” which has canceled this week’s episode and reruns.!!! Kang Ji Hwan will cancel all scheduled activities and diligently cooperate with the police investigation.
  2. Sad news today!!!!! Really?? https://www.koreaboo.com/news/korean-actor-kang-ji-hwan-arrested-sexual-assault/
  3. I just watched Real men 300. “Real men 300” is a reality show that Kang ji hwan is a member there. Kang ji hwan fanclub should be watching. Not sure that It’s a first reality variety show? I not see him in variety show at a long time. I just start watched 3 episode very funny and he so handsome without makeup. And you can see him in several moment that you cant see in the drama. Let’s watching! https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/10/matthew-douma-pentagons-hongseok-kang-ji-hwan-ahn-hyun-soo-bring-out-their-extremely-competitive-spirits-on-real-men-300
  4. Hello anyboby know KBS drama award 2018 have live stream? Today? And what’s time? I hope to see Kang ji hwan& Beak jin hee come together and hope this drama will get a lot of awards❤️
  5. Hi everyone i’m a new member. I really a big fan of this drama and i come to see every post of you guys everyday. Now i want to join with you guys to first post. i want to analyze in “word of LRD tell to KJH?” i see you guy think her angry KJH and blamed him but i dont think so. I rerun this scene about 5-6 times. I think first she dont understand why KJH not tell about security guard before KJH answer her “i hate BJS” after that her think(her’s face isn’t feel angry)...i guess her think KJH use to be a good guy who help everyone, kind, thinking positive but now he hate someone because her then(her’s face feel decision)she tell him “i have anything to tell you”....... ( i think she break up relationship with KJH) this is just in my opinion may be not in the drama. Waiting for next episode....❤️
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