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  1. Hi guys :waves:  its been a while since the last time I've come here..real life n health issues happened,so yeah..I've come to nwbu thread n its dead silence,I thought it would be a merrier, guess I'm wrong but nevertheless I say hi there first, n ranted..hahaha..


    Despite all odds,pros n cons surrounded NWBU,I still wanna say my deepest kudos to one n only SHK to potray such amazing chara,HYE..the badass, realistic yet idealist woman at the same time..:coolshades: I see why u choose to do this drama..I feel like u answering all the doubt about u with this drama n that u already move on from your past n u won't budge just from haters saying (it just my interpretation)


    KYO,you do you,just do anything that makes u happy,we as a fans will cheer for u from every direction..n I hope your genuine work will becomes SONO that will be heard, appreciate n remain in the heart of others,so when haters try to bring u down,your SONO always be heard over n over again until their saying buried by many people that reply your SONO again n again..u deserve to get many appreciation,n u will..


    I won't say much this time,will wait for the glory, so until then,I think I won't be too active for sometime,maybe just be a silent reader or come by just to say hi :sipsboba:

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  2. Hi,guys..happy to be back again..for these past few weeks,my real life calling me combined with health issues so I hadn't have a chance to come here as often as before.. guess its been 'quite' here eh,no wonder tho..its understandable :sweatingbullets: 

    I share same sentiment with,maybe the majority fan of this drama, hahaha..nevertheless,I still wanna share my 2 cents bout this drama n don't worry it won't take to long n details..


    NWBU,stand between yeah n nah for me at this point..a yeah when it comes to acting wise from the cast especially the main leads,SHK,JKY,KJH,CHS,PHJ n SNM..n mainly SHK,JKY n PHJ..I have a problem to contain my tears,when scene have them..for some maybe SHK acting its the same,but for me it holds more depths,the subtle yet delicate emotion that she potray as HYE amazed me,JKY wow, would say u are a chef kiss,your ability to potray YJG I don't have any complain whatsoever n PHJ hats off to her,no need to say more..

    still a yeah,HYE n YJG chara.. I love their chara so much..how mature they are,the way they love n support each other its different in so many ways..n I think a badass chara for women has to shift n see differently now,without u have to raise your voice,without a badass martial art,without a 'aggressive' demeanor n cold attitude etc,u can potray badass women (it just my opinion,n diff in every genre I suppose),but its like a 'mandate' that a badass women have to be potray as above (according to the drama that I already watch or half watch).. HYE per se,she is diff badass for me, she's not cold just both realist n idealist at a same time in her life..

    Say yeah,for the OST..no complain at all..

    Yeah,for the costume department,so pleasing to the eyes..

    n yeah for many good phrases..


    For the nah factor..storyline as a WHOLE package,I would say its frustrating..from 1-9/10 epi I'm still enjoyed it as much ,buuuuuttt if I could cut the scene in part,YE n JG scene,MS n SH,the three ladies friendship,n YE n her working life were the one that sold n kept me to watched..

    The lack of romance from our gukha cp n how the PD lack of imagination to potray how a cp should do in each other present,no,I'm not saying that they have to intimate everytime,but its a about the lack of variety..the PD could direct them to variety of hugs, variety of kiss, variety of touch,even pat on the head,fixing YE hair,wiped her tears,kiss her hands etc its enough,not just monotone hugs, monotone hold hands,,those little gesture its lacking..not just spend the time together, talk,n have each other back n emotional support ,I know everyone have a diff love languages,but for time to time little gesture is needed..n tell them to loose their nerve around each other,I know they plan to 'break up' but it doesn't mean they like guarded in several scenes..oh n the ending,not my liking,its like happy end with open ending-esque type n their distance not help at all..


    I think its enough for my ranting :onfirex:. Hahahaha


    But,above all, still I wanna say thank u for all the hard work the cast n crews effort,its not easy to make a good work n pleasing everyone,no?there will always X factor that kept the viewer around..so keep the good work for the cast,see u in another projects,I applaud u guys :loveu:


    PS: literally I have a gasp when chansung 2pm became cameo n I thought that he was YE new lover n saw sudden change in JG face,his became sullen when chansung came around,n became brighter when he knew chansung already has a GF,so hilarious,oh god :cries3:,his cameo its unexpected n there is a hoax come around that time that lee dong wook became cameo instead when they still shoot,hahaha..


    So guys,if u still around n read this,sorry if this too long..n hope we could have discuss again when the glory come around..

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  3. I'm still enjoyed all the scene n characters, though Im not 100% melo person but SHK melo its a major yes for me including this one..:eats: 

    melo in the past its way more depressing n more slow pace rather than now..even with EC that called slowwww pace,I still feel its more fast than AIMH n AIMH its wayyyyy more depressing than NWBU..


    N I demand writer to stop misook to drink,like hellooooo u r sick girl, u need a medical treatment,its like she give up on everything, u need positive attitude girl,show it to your daughter that her mama its a warrior..now I'm pretty sure the writer will make misook dead in the end,hmm oh well..


    The pattern always the same,friday rating will go down,today will be up..

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  4. 19 hours ago, gladcraze said:

    Omg!!! Hwang Jinyi just dropped in Netflix but I'm soo shocked barely a little into the show. Now who says SHK only take same roles?!?! 


    I duno if I can continue watching though.



    Yes,u should watch it..I like her acting there.. if I'm not mistaken, actually this role for other actress but SHK got this role in the end..I love her in hanbok, her elegance radiated so much..n from there, we get those legendary photoshoot for Vogue korea..n she's become the first korean actress that grace vogue korea

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  5. Her agency UAA established by her long time manager,Mrs.park..n her agency well known by fans to be lowkey,very much :sweat_smile:  I understand how frustrated kfans are, cz SHK personal affair has been attack,about her divorce,her past tax case that already been settled yearsssssss ago thats not her fault at all,being accused to have sponsored from china n a far as called her a who** n many other thing that we i-fans maybe not aware of..


    Yes we can't really do anything about fake accounts or account that came from other countries,but what I really understand about their actions that they want agency to hear them to protect their artist at least in Korea,so what ever hoax being spread,not spread much futher ..


    We live in time that information spreading really quick n they don't wanna false accusations n hoax news being spread by this haters that can be pick up as a 'truth' by media that want to use her name for clickbait n their own benefit..her name alone is big enough to make these so called haters wanna read it as 'truth' n make futher damage for her name if not being clarify fast..so they want to minimize the damage that will follow after, ASAP..me personally support them n I hope UAA would listen cz in my country, every news about her, the haters would swarm in comments said many bad things n its only happens in SHK news only not every celebrity but when they being called not to do that,they played victim in the name of so called opinions n said SHK fans its a rabid fans?how ridiculous is that..


    When I see a celebrity sue people that spread hate comments n hoax news, in my mind tells me that 'ah,so there is possible that news its not true' kind of thing,rather than not do anything about it..even SM entertainment have been accused by fans to neglected their artist when a problems handle poorly by agency n it happens many times..


    N its not a lose cause at all I think,she often wins again haters in the past..n its warning sign for haters not to go agains her,if they do it again,she will sue them again..

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  6. Even in Hollywood between male n female paid rate become a probs too.. the paid rate between Hollywood n SK standards may differ,cz maybe Hollywood has been seen as a standard of achievement all these long so,of course the rate of their celebrities is different from other countries,who knows?n I don't know if they play in Hollywood movie,their paid rate increasing or not..


    N that payments only in dramas,not when they play movies, usually they paid more higher when they are in a movies,right?or no?

  7. Yeayyy..its confirmed it will start shooting in January :loveu: SHK maybe preparing for her role these days,cz she already finish shoot early..but LDH still shooting,right?wonder if he has a time to prepare his role for the glory.. hopefully his ok,its back to back afterall..


    don't know how the actors or actresses prepare for a new role for each project, but I feel exhausted if I were them..its not easy to immerse for one role to another, especially when it comes to complicated n delicates one..I hope their production will go smoothly..


    After VIU now I have to subscribe Netflix too,oh well :kaching1:

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  8. Hopefully at the rest of episodes our gukha couple will have more screentime..becz they already in the relationship stage, so their togetherness has to be their highlight now..n their problems together will be more complicated than ever so its realistic way we will get the both of them most at the rest of epi..arghh,need their lovey dovey n that tension of love again between them..like epi 1,3 but much hotter please :onfirex:  ,this is PASSIONATE love story they say,so we will get more of it right?


    Hope CSxDH love life will be determine n become couple, n so Misook probs too,the sickness n a cheated hubs will be finish in this week epi..


    So happy that in taiwan the response its very good..:approves:

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  9. @Pitchoum u seems pessimistic :sweat_smile: oh,u don't have to feel sad for her though.. regardless of everything,NWBU being love by many,by koreans n international viewers too,its become trending n news everywhere,thats how powerful they are, especially the leads JKYxSHK combo, its a perfectly match in many ways.. n in the process she's happy,very much n don't forget she gained many close friends too.. that's matter  the most,no?

    NWBU doing great,so lets enjoy this show until our Gukha couple stick together in the last episode..


    Autumn in my heart is a melodrama,but hey guess what?its the one that made korean wave become more recognizable..n then followed by winter sonata its a melo too..so wheter haters say melo become outdated they couldn't deny that the first foundation of korean wave is a melodrama,they like it or not..


    Oh,I search that that today is time for taiwan will broadcast NWBU,I hope they could feel the same excitement as we do when we first watch it :fullofhearts:

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  10. There's an odd ball theory by fans,that said what if SW really still alive?that only YJ know the truth about it..IF this theory is right,I will have my 'HUH??what,why?!!!' kind of moment..not a fan of bringing people back to life troupe,if they died,just died already..

    What kind of nonsense is that,for 10years u absolutely lied about your death to your fams n YE, sounds ridiculous plot to me..


    About SW phonecall,JG n YE will talk about it..both are straight forward n mature person,so they most likely straight to the point n say what it needs to say..their relationship its too fragile n new right now,so most likely they would try to minimize n sort out their problem ASAP..maybe what make JG upset its not about YE,but he has a rough idea who did that to phone n texted her..


    NWBU has a tendencies not to dwell in one problem too long but they will give us 'some problem solve,here I give u another one'

    I think next week we will have scene where JG wear brown jacket, YE with black blazer holding a bouquet n JG holding her hand tightly,take a photo with YE parents n maybe that scene where they are in photo studio,with YE with pink shirt


    Oh,YE already changed her wallpaper but she still not erase SW phone number??hmm it would be more dramatic if she erase it n when SW called that time only numbers came up n YE maybe remember or not his number,pick it up..

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  11. Yoo jeong-ah are u psycho or something??your grudge,how long n how much its run so deep like that..just becz u can't have SW u do that?its clear for me to see that YJ really love SW n maybe before SW told his mom he wanna canceled the wed with YJ becz he love someone else,YJ beat him first n told SW mother about YE,the ugly thing must have been told by YJ to his mom..aishhh

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  12. I think bad habits never easy to get rid,don't u think?drinking,play with men, treat your friends like sh** etc,the epitome of toxic friend that u could get..CS behavior its absolutely being treated as a 'PASS' for a long time by her fams,friends,even her father seems to be hopeless about her..

    But still,I reallllllyyyyy have a tiny,winy hope that one in this 16 episodes she could do a decent job for once,for her own career or for her friendship..really wanna see  when they take a picture together,the 3 women together..wanna see if in that moment CS really change her behavior a bit or not..

    5 hours ago, ximas last said:

    Its not just because of promo i think, the genre of the drama itself plays part too. Melo is not really everyone cup of tea so its understandable.


    SW characters is really fishy. He doesn't seems to be an honest and trustworthy man. Either he betrayed Yoo Jung or he cheated on YE still unclear. For sure YJ not going to let it past easily. YE is having enemy all around her now.


    Agreed..this genre, really not for not everyone..oh well,with his face,SW really could 'deceived' any women,no?n don't like his fickle attitude..


    Oh,who knows when taiwan n japan will start their air time for NWBU?

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  13. @Pitchoum oh yes,I mean 'his'..hahaha..the consequences when u already sleepy but u want to text something..so that's what u meant about mother in law,I think we just have different perception n meaning about that than..


    Hmmm, although the main story about the love of JG n YE,but the side story that revolves around them, I still enjoy it in certain degree..n I think SHK(?) said before,that its not only love story bout JG n YE but also story about friendship of three woman n their life..


    CS with her journey to find love n appear dumb for the sake of man,Misook with her journey of married life n parenthood (still sad to see,when misook got home n doesn't have emotional support that she needed the most) I wanna know if Misook died,what kind of turmoil will happen in YE n CS life then..


    There is, that kind of parents like HYE mom somewhere out there..don't u think? parents that sometimes relying to their children even for simplest thing n not in suitable time :sweat_smile:


    Sometimes what bother me is,the 'full throttle' pace that they gave us from the very beginning,don't get me wrong,I like fast pace story but somehow there is some kind of missing 'link' in the story that I felt not very engaged for some scene,,ugh I don't know how to describe it,it just that what I felt sometimes (hope u understand my poor explanation):partyblob:


    My 2 cent for the ending of CS n Misook : CS out from the one n live for the life she want to,Misook I think I would see her died in the end


    Oh n I wanna see,how YE will react when she knows later,SW that she love dearly for 2months,already has soon become wife before they met..will JG told her that,at the time, his bro already engaged when they were in Paris?cz its impossible if JG doesn't know about his bro marriage arrangement,but its not made any sense if he knew,why he suggested his bro about YE to choose come with him or break everything up?

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  14. I don't think she is her mother in law..she is literally her mom but not biological mom..we have discussed this,that SW n JG dad have a history of cheated from SW mom,so its logical if JG came from other woman if this cheated theory is really true..


    CS n DH its like reliefer for me..they r funny in their own way..so it still acceptable..


    Work place really is scary place,we could see a realistic way how they portrait people to do whatever it takes to take down your own co worker

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  15. Waahh this episode there's a lot crackling moments,hahaha..its enjoyable..


    I think its become pattern that's in friday it will go down a bit but tomorrow will up again for sure.. nevermind,I'm happy with this epi..


    I won't go on detail about today epi,like it loveable moment between YE n JG n of course our CH who much better sibling than her sister I guess..he always on YE side ofc..then I laughed hard when I think CS misunderstood DH about his sexual preference?n then they made me cry in last scene,ah really JG u are a real namja..


    But there is question,so when SW went to Paris,he already engaged with SJ?so he cheated on her?wow SW,if thats really happen, u r so d*** b******


    Misook-ah wuaaahhh your husband really :Fist1:

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  16. LDH in talks with other drama?hmm I haven't heard bout this..


    I've never heard melancholia finished their shoot too..maybe they shoot SHK part n her bully first..cz from my understanding the male chara will come in SHK chara life when she already become a teacher so it will be later part..IF, LDH really accepted this role,maybe he has  ample of time to finished his shoots for melancholia n after that join SHK n the team..but who knows..many could happen :idk:

  17. @daisyflowers yes,it is JG flat..since the time SW brought YE into that flat, I already guess that its JG, cz with so many cameras around n at that time I wondered why YE won't curious enough to asked SW about his fams..but now I got my answered..she asked n he literally not told her about his fams :Fist1: but now the question is why he won't told her?is it becz his afraid JG fall in love too with YE?its ridiculous though cz I'm can't picture JG as a someone that could steal others girlfriend especially its his brother..or SW afraid that JG knew that he's dating 'maybe' somehow YE is JG crush at that time?hmmm,not likely..or it just simply he didn't wanna told JG..I just feel there is something more than that..


    Actually I have a some ridiculous idea surrounding their fams..its like it could be happen in real life although ridiculous..so I will just put it in my head :1646639759_ezgif.com-gif-maker(1): 


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  18. I think its quite common for a production team to kept secret about the cast etc.. especially when it comes to household name, KES, SHK plus director AGH..n maybe becz it still in NWBU air time,they don't wanna make to many news,they want viewers to focus on NWBU..it just my guess so I hope after NWBU finish airing,they will start to leak everything though..


    I have a hunch they already have script reading n start shooting as scheduled.. especially when they say first season will be broadcast in first half of the year,so they will definitely start already..


    Lets just wait :partyblob:  after NWBU arise The Glory,hahaha

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