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  1. About their airtime I wonder why SBS always did this with SJH n JK, there have reason something fans don't know? First i just think SJH's fan and some JK's fan misunderstand but now i understand after note many ep and see SBS RM page delete their photo Just want know guys's opinion and who can tell me how to upload photo here from phone by not type of link?
  2. Hi everyone i'm read this forums for long time since start be SA fan but today is first i post here, sorry for my english After watched MUD last ep some part is interesting we all know JK's mom like HJY so much but in this ep when SDY ask who's better between HJY and Sayuri JK's mon answer her opinion about what's she look for in Daughter-in-law not important because the person who will live is JK, this made me think JK might say something with his mom? because since MUD ep 103-104 ended i note JK's mom not special reaction for HJY's name even got tease by guests In my opinion belive they want get married and agree with comment told they just wait for RM ending, i not see any signal just feel that it will come for next year or 2020 because JK will out from MUD in 2019 he not necessary keep status 'single' and Other members not young as past, JSJ also have limit ,it so sad if that day come but it will good for everyone if the show not long more than 2020 (of course this just my private opinion it might can true or wrong, nobody know real except themself )
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